Flowers in Distress
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Flowers in Distress

Flowers in Distress
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Flowers in Distress Comics Online. How many stages should one experience to be intimate with others? Saying hello, getting along well, making friends, dating and being in a relationship and more...l love him", she's been practising this sentence in her mind over and over again, waiting a "correct" time to confess her love with him, one of her best friends. Thinking it is fate to see him afar, she's just about to say "what a coincidence" when she only found herself being in an awkward distress...

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Bibha Bhujel
This comic reminds me of meteor garden Polly can be shancai n jeong-woo Han can be doming si because shancai n doming si always argue like how jeong-woo Han and Polly argue and hyun can be huaze lei because Polly likes hyun n since Polly would be shancai if this was meteor garden shancai likes huaze lei and Sherman can be jing from Meteor garden because huaze lei n jing we’re dating n Sherman n hyun are dating

Polly- shancai
Jeong woo han- doming si
Hyun- huaze lei
Sherman- jing

This is probably so confusing sry I’m really bad at explaining things but I just wanted to show tht this is similar to meteor garden. Btw I’m not saying it’s bad if it’s similar to meteor garden. Who the hells gonna read this 😭😂
I don't know what Hyun's problem is, but he's being very immature about it. She's trying to be supportive, everything was by accident and not her fault, and yet he's treating her like she betrayed him. It doesn't make any sense. He's going to abandon a friend over an accident? So then, I guess he was never a friend at all. He was just pretending and going through the motions.
GreenDragonSage: Thank you. That did help to clarify his reaction.
Ambitousdream28: In South Korea all men are required for mandatory military service. The thing is that if you are LGBT you're ineligible, and if caught will while serving you'll be discharged. it was the same in the U.S till 2011.

a couple chapters ago Him and Sherman was talking about how he'll probably serve soon. In Korea a man who hasn't served or was discharged has brought great shame to his family and a social stigma. Especially if you are discharged or turned away for being Queer.
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Mr. MagnaAngemon
if i am him.. I would do the same... n right now i do really want to tell others about it.. but there's always something that keep me to shut my mouth.. n now i decide to live alone.. so that's other can accept my fake identity
Mahamed Elabe: dont worry I'm here
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