Flowers in Distress
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Flowers in Distress

Flowers in Distress
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So they both questioned each other's preferred sexual orientation?! Gosh, I wish that they'll fix their issues right away so peeps here will stop misunderstanding them most especially Sherman. I almost laugh at that one comment in the previous episode saying Sherman tried to make the group of Polly broken which is not even true. He just wants Polly to stay away from Hyun cuz we all know Hyun is in a relationship with him and that he is insecure of Polly cuz society will only accept it if Hyun will be in a relationship with Polly unlike to their relationship, many people will judge them and will be against it so.. Try to understand his side first before bashing him. If only Polly did not force her feelings to Hyun or just keep her feelings to herself. then they won't need to fight, am I right? So what if she just want to confirm if Hyun has feelings to her? She knows Hyun is in a relationship, she should've waited, when Hyun is single again. Why? Because what if Hyun really have a feelings towards her? What will happen to Sherman. then?
Bluesky: umm if polly told anyone about their secret ,it will be invasion of privacy when they themselves didnt want anyone to know and she found it accidentally. and can feelings be changed in a day? its not like she is disgusted with them instead she's trying to understand what should she do as their friend that doesn't harm them coz it is a sensitive thing.Not being able to set aside her feelings and trying to ruin them coz of her feelings are totally different things which the latter is harmful.🤨🤨🤨
Waenginamugagu: She's supposed to do thay, bruh. And when did she helped them? By covering up their relationship but still she can't even set aside her feelings towards Hyun? 🙄🙄🙄
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Sometimes mutual feelings is not enough. you know? But still, I want you and Sherman to be together till the end. Break up, okay. But don't forget your feelings towards him and don't replace him in your heart. This story won't be BL anymore if you'll be with Polly. Aside from that, in the genre says "BL, GL, Romance" but I don't see any GL up until now. Hmm..
Jennie kim
I think he shouldn't have asked Polly to comfort hyun because he knew things would turn out like this. It's sad when you think people care about you when they don't. I can understand Polly because everything gets confusing when your friends start lying and being fake ughhh btw I don't even wanna know the backstory of them anymore
i STILL dont like sherman.. he is still a villain in my eyes. whatever history or past events he had in his life, he still has ulterior motives. . . . . . idk.
FUJOSHI 4EVER!: can you tell me wat wrong things he did that made him a villian!!!!
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I hope sherman sabotages wevs Is happening, Hyun finds out and they get into arguementtyy that will be juicy
You guys have to be together, you understand.
I am here just for BL.
FUJOSHI 4EVER!: me too im here for bl!
No one: I'm not here for bl
but still they have to be together
buz polly have to be with that black haired handsome tall guy
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I’m gay
I think the brother of Polly is a cp with the guy that likes Polly. I think that the girl that helps the guy that likes Polly is a cp with Polly. 如果我错,我就吃翔
Softspoken Charliebo
date polly or riot 😒 then let jeon or whatever his name is date sherman... because the one tying to date polly gives off gay vibes
polla holding those slippers are like asian parents when their kids get A instead of A+/A*
Gimme that delicious chicken drumstick glazed with garlic honey! >:C
i want to see polly and polla happenings darn it
yes its time polly to stop , go out with Polla
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Rea Espenida
Is polla and polly will be together?
I like the boys side of view thingy
damn I like where this is going
Yup he does likes u!!!😊☺😘
BTW pink underwear with hearts!💕💕💕💕💕
Jennie kim
I don't like him because he is so selfish
wht the matters this story....?
I want to have chicken too😭😭😭 because of this quarantine shit no chicken not ONLY that #no_meat🥩🍖🍗
emina kay
I pray that Sherman gets injured and hyun start to care for him and Polly feels sorry and yeah it's done....
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