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Angel's Bakery for the Canary

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Qiyou, an Italian enterpriser was crazy about Angel, the man who once comforted him and took away all his pain and sorrow with his excellent baking skills. However, Angel disappeared out of the blue someday and no one has seen that coming! Luckily, everything comes to him who waits. Qiyou managed to reach his Angel again… But wait!! What happened to the adorable and sweet Angel!? That’s no way this brutal and rude guy right here would have anything to with his lovely Angel!

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Boys’ Love
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Am I the only person who finds Kenneth obsessive and intrusive?
He is not letting him have any personal space. He is rather I feel is making his life hell. Coming to his work place, his house, outside his house...m I the only one finding it very Suffocating?
Addisyn Hernandez: I think this is true he doesn’t really give him space but i bet he misses angel, a lot. He is person he fell in love with and he changed I get the clingy behavior but he wants to know what happened and maybe try to help. It’s like a child’s crush you like them right? But what if they changed into something completely different? You’d want to know what happened. The nice kind uke that you loved turned into a e-boy, a rude e-boy(lol) and yes it’s your opinion but this was made by a hard working author and maybe this is what they like..
Cereus Solis: Nope, he's obsessed and intrusive and has every screw in the brain loose, true. And if you don't like him, it's fine. That's your preference and personal sanity talking. However, this manga being a comedy and the loyal puppy type partner being so popular, there are probably more people who like him for the clingy cute behavior. To be honest, I just like him to see him cry. (My preference)
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Kiersy Torrés
i really don't like the blondie guy it feels so suffocating even though i'm not that guy i feel suffocated like everywhere there he is. he doesnt know what privacy means and he only think his self. it irritates me everytime he's acting like that. i hate his attitude that instead to ship them my ship is sinking. i can't feel the love just him being obsessive,suffocating and intrusive.
Too many drama in one chapter TT
First the parents with narrowed mind
Second, his world was destroyed by some scums
Last, his buddy died and he still feels guilty.

I know I think he changed so much and so cold toward blonde haired but compared to what he has been through I think I can understand him.
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