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Angel's Bakery for the Canary

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Angel's Bakery for the Canary Comics Online. Qiyou, an Italian enterpriser was crazy about Angel, the man who once comforted him and took away all his pain and sorrow with his excellent baking skills. However, Angel disappeared out of the blue someday and no one has seen that coming! Luckily, everything comes to him who waits. Qiyou managed to reach his Angel again… But wait!! What happened to the adorable and sweet Angel!? That’s no way this brutal and rude guy right here would have anything to with his lovely Angel!

MangaToon got authorization from Foxtoon to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
Boys’ Love
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what's the point of writing out the comment that you're only here for points? No one ask you to justify why you're reading this comic. Seriously, they couldn't care less. If you just want points then leave it on the first page and go do something else for 10 mins. Leaving hate comments on a perfectly good comic because you hate a certain genre but are "forced" to read for points just shows how attention seeking and closed minded you are as a person. You don't even have any opinions on the arts, the story line, or the dialogues. Judging someones hard work only on the genre, wow, get your self righteous attitude out of here.
•Inky• •Eclispe•: MMMMM okay so how do i explain to what seems to be an immature child (you) that complaining is a form of nagging and continusly be bother some and nit picky about something while arguing is a form of speech used to debate with others to make a point.
Anonymous: Wow you’re still going on about this
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I'm super frustrated and annoyed with this... Angel will never going to stop hitting Kenneth and Kenneth will follow angel no matter what he does to him's getting in a fixed pattern angel annoyed by kenneth abuses him and Kenneth keeps following angel just like an idiot... Well he's an idiot beyond imagination...just fed up of this....
✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) Yeet: Yeah I can see how that is frustrating
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Angel at first when you beat him up I thought its funny but you keep beating and abusing him like every single time he shows his love for you and it's not funny at all... And it's not the way to treat the person who loves you so much.... I hope now you'll understand the importance of Kenneth in your life when he'll be apart from you...
SummerNeverEnd: I agree
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