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Angel's Bakery for the Canary

what's the point of writing out the comment that you're only here for points? No one ask you to justify why you're reading this comic. Seriously, they couldn't care less. If you just want points then leave it on the first page and go do something else for 10 mins. Leaving hate comments on a perfectly good comic because you hate a certain genre but are "forced" to read for points just shows how attention seeking and closed minded you are as a person. You don't even have any opinions on the arts, the story line, or the dialogues. Judging someones hard work only on the genre, wow, get your self righteous attitude out of here.
Smol depressed bean : I totally agree with you, never judge a book by its cover, honestly why do people go- "oh ewwww BL manga! why do you like that?" it pisses me off, thanks for posting this.😊
Sam13ARMY: hmmmm🤔🤔🤔..hi alll
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say " Si" guys if u also think that the creater is a " BL " fan.....n you can say " Si "... if u al BL....or GL fan
Sam13ARMY: I'm cool..too
RM21: How are you??
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I mean I know Kelly must be really hurt but if she really love Edward as a friend, shouldn’t she wish him the best? She holds Edward back from his beloved baking for who sake? I’m sure her husband didn’t want this too, so it’s just to compensate her feelings and that’s so selfish. If Edward didn’t care for her he would still bake the bakery but he left right away even it didn’t his fault, not at all. If she want to be angry she should take it to who ever stole the recipe or the one who make car accident not Edward
lovely _RM
if ur really are loyal to ur boss leave them alone . gurl ain't nobody want u to get in there relationship so B.A.C.K T.H.E F.U.C.K O.F.F!
Mayesha Rohella: totally
✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) Yeet: It tis big deal boi
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Diamond Aries
in other words, he's scared of losing another love one. I just feel Jelly wants to be Angel's girlfriend, but Canary is there first. Then there's Kelly who I just feels wants to keep Angel from being more than her. That's why what happened to Ryan keeps popping up. And his parents gave him the boot too. A lot of issues going on here.
4 chapters and i'm out. While i have to give the author credit for an unusual premise, I find the caracters unlikable enough that I don't actually care about the plot. The art also isn't helping. While I don't mind the style,the constantly crosseyed appearances are incredibly annoying to me.
Yourfellowotaku: The author worked really hard on this book how dare you. If you don’t like something you don’t have to post in the comments about it just leave! Imagineer you made a story and you worked really hard on it and you see this comment. That would make you really mad and pissed at how hard you worked on something. Also learned grammar you misspelled the easiest word ever, character.
Clear: Please never say anything like that ver again, sure if the authors alright with it than be my guest, but if not would you mind shutting your trap!
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jelly stay in your lane man, I don't wanna start disliking you if you come between the ship 😫
Janet Tanko
since I have reading this story I don't understand why will a man b begging another man so much even when you refuse is too much what kind of love is this that's not love is obsession
Sana : You are right
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Oof Jelly...I really like you as a character...but I swear if you don't stay in your lane gurl-Voy a golpearte el culo
girl 🙄 its okay just to admire him owkayh please dont try anythinq funny!
Resa Nisa Axini
If ur seeing this u r cursed and your parents will die in five years if you want to break it u have to copy it and post to 5 other manga, I’m sorry but I don’t want to risk since I’m too young to loose my parents
Angelina5555551: If you see this u r cursed and your parents will die in 5 years if you want to break it u have to copy it and post to 5 other manga, I'm sorry but I don't want to risk since I'm too young to loose my parents
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Hallo kakak" cantik dan tampan maaf mengganggu sebentar numpang promosi Novel. Bagi yang suka baca jika berkenang mampir ke novel saya kakak" cantik dan tampan yang berjudul.

•LOVE SPINES (duri cinta)

dan jangan lupa like, isi kolom komentar, dan jadikan favorit
Shinja Kogami : can you write of english please I dont understand you
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Omg this is so hard for me to readddddd but I want to keep reading cause it will get better UAHDJSNSIDHDJ
Im Gay
ahhh I love how he says amore mio ❤️
Im Gay: cute...
Mayesha Rohella: italian for
love you
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hope this time Mr. kenneth have serious talk with angel ... I really want to see their seriousness talk n little closeness between them n love to😊😊😊
hahaaa really i thought he gone start serious talk but look at the end heheee... master is always master
Kira V
ugh idk if it's just me, but I really hate that they anglicized the names... it's much simpler to leave them as is, isn't it? Changing then totally destroyed my reading experience and the flow of the dialogues
you see him
you like him
you want him
can't get him 😂
Shinja Kogami
He had a heart in his hair (the guy with black hair)
and Flower in his Face😂
ok but he hold the flowers a Minute before he take the Stone
that is a signal
and he think about this Situation
kenneth baby...your to childlish!!!
be mature for a bit atleast!
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