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Jeanette May C. Mira
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A daughter of the Phoenix and the Heavenly Emperor was sent to marry one of the Princes from the Empire of Li.
Choosing her husband-to-be caused chaos among the entire royal family as the princes competed for the hand of the Heavenly Princess.

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loli love miss😢😘😍
I'm still waiting for the updates
It's only a friendly advice but there is not enough description for example when the two kissed and the looks of the characters are not described I'm disappointed about those things but I like the overall story
Please make an updaily😇
jeanette may mira
Hi, I am currently taking a short break because I had to take care of my daughter first. And I haven't found time to write. I hope my loyal readers would wait patiently for the next chapters. I was thinking of cutting this novel short with just a few more chapters left but I thought this was my first ever novel that gained this kind of positive attention so I will be extending it more. But as of now, I hope you do understand that my daughter comes first before anything else. I will be back by Tuesday next week with 5 new chapters.

See you the soonest :)
رحمه على: I did not get it
jeanette may mira: 8(__(_+++±⅞78
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jeanette may mira
Hi! It's me again. Chapter 21 is already under review. Thank you again for those who are anticipating for the next chapter. It really does hype me up. But I really do hope you subscribe and like my novels, it adds to my motivation. Thank you and I love you all! When chapter 21 gets accepted, I'll upload another chapter.
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