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Slimy Me

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Slimy Me
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Slimy Me Comics Online. Slime 250, a noisy, slimy and blue kind of BALL, is trying to kidnap a human being from the human world but it turned out that human are so monstrous and powerful that his task fails but moreover, it fell in love with a human a romantic story between a pretty girl with a, thingy...well, it transforms to a human afterwards~

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My thought us is this' a classic story. The three of them are reincarnations and were BFFs; the red one was a demon prince, glasses was a schoolar and our protagonist was the blue guy.

But their happy days didn't last long- a third party manipulated some stuff behind their back that triggered conflict between the human world and the demon world (where they previously lived).

Meanwhile, the blue guy tried to help out only to be framed and blamed by the third party for the massacre of the demon prince's family or friends which I bet must'd been the plan of the third party to take control of both the demon and human world.

The irony is that their fates intertwine with each other no matter their sex or gender so that they met again at the opening day of the university.

Personally for me, I'd like this story to not be focusing on romance (shipping is fine- not to much, ne~) but to be focused on friendship, mystery and adventure behind the plot of the third party that shaped their lifes.

Also, not to judge or display gender stereotypes. I can say even if our current protagonist's sex is female, the gender is male. As we can see and interpreted from his point of view.

If this not make sense to the readers, perhaps it's be wise to research what 'gender identity' is. It'd help to understand and bypass the confusion to help focus on the story inself, not inconsequential details.

Thanks you for being curious and reading this long comment to completion! Ciao [ : P ]
siti rochmah: but the tag is romance
Hardbass School: one problem :

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While I was looking in the blank pages I cannot believe myself my mind went blank with the pages
Theday dreamer
This not how you should end a story with blank pages. Seriously.
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