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Silent Horror

Dark Box
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There is no absolute start and end but the moment of horror.

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moral of the story:
Remember to check one's pulse before congirming of the status of the person
Lunox: Sorry pla lumipat nko sa s manga hi di ksi locked yung mga chapters dun eh sowwy
Lunox: Hillo gudmurning haha
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Chandra Ray
I think she was try to commit suicide by jumping, but her neck was caught on electric wires and was getting strangled. he saw her at this condition, cut her pantie off, put that cucumber in his hand in her, then finally cut the current wires. probably symbolises how much men are apathetic, brazen and shameless. they only understand their own pleasure. would hurt even a dying person for their own sick ecstasy. women should not expect anything better from them.
Debbie Lou Dingal Platon
so here's the story

her sister went on ghost hunting together with her friends. they didn't expect that the spirits would follow them until they went home. one night, my cousin, felt an extreme pain on the stomach she never felt before. as if someone was pressing her down. then she dreamt of a black shadow in front of her. it was just silent. she prayed the lord's prayer and hail Mary but it didn't work. she prayed the apostle's creed. while she was praying, her back is sore but still she continued. after she prayed the apostles creed, the pain vanished and she woke up. she went to her sister's room and didn't expect that they woke up in the same time and have the same dream. because of that incident, there faith in God grew stronger. although the spirits were still there, it didn't bother them just like what happened a few years ago. True story toh mga pare, have a good night 😊
Sankalp A: It’s obviously sleep paralysis.....but if you think it’s spirits go ahead
Angela: Must be Sleep paralysis. I was once experienced that but I didn't do anything. Sleep Paralysis' weakness is a person who can control there dreams, so yeah, I did control my dreams then woke up like nothing happens.
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