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Battle Through the Heavens

Zhiyin Animation
several chapters ahead was about tournament arc.
1. mc will meet 1st ranking.
2. mc will fight 4th rank which result in a draw and both fainted and can't attent the tournament properly. (both become rank 10th on the new power ranking)
3. later xun er will challenge 2nd rank and win accordingly, but xun er was not a participant so she won't get a ranking and she doesn't care.

mc's teacher has a student in the past but took a wrong path. and later will become the next arc where this student will attack the academy.
1. this student will become a quite tough enemy.
2. this student was a holder of essence flame and his purpose was to get another essence flame at the academy.
3. later the essence flame run wild at the academy and mc will sacrifice himself to protect the academy.
4. quite a time past and mc will not show up, most student and teachers believed mc died in that accident and regard him as a hero of the academy.
and... just keep read for further story.
peter smith: Cursed? If u are reading this your family will die in 5 years, to undo this curse, you must copy an paste this comment to any five other mangas Im so sorry
Serafin: for this series, they split one chapter in the original into 2 chapters or sometimes 3 chapters.
and the one in the website was the original chapters count.
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May Jimenez
Archiver: shut your thot ass up and wait like a normal patient person you ungrateful cow
Lady Sakura: did you mean
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Shadow CHAT
Does the MC really a big fool? 🙄🤨(Sigh)😒😔 his ring that is very important to him was stolen ang the money pouch was stolen😑😑the rings that was stolen was given to him by his friends that supported him and he didn't even get it back😑did he even treasure the things that is given to him? The ones that give him the ring make such big effort just to support him😑😑yet here he is, acting like nothing important happens and like he doesn't even care the a bit to the people who give such big efforts to him😑😑arrrgggghhhh because of his stupidity the people who make efforts to support him was gone to waste😑😑
Bryce Amison: well John he's half right and wrong and so are on hims side with the rings when it comes to valuables.but stupidity is another story that he didint even try to retrieve the rings.and your right about him not being that it's never nice to call out someone like that so.i say both of you are 50 50 right and wrong.
John Paul Baraquio: dude he saved them many times stop saying that he's stupid
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Spring Trap
This unworthy useless maggot dares to say that the great Xiao yan is not worthy for the great Xun er?!? This is an unforgivable great and deadly sin! This worm must die slowly by flames hotter and more painful than all the hottest magma from the deepest depths of the Hell’s Core turned into one. It should be slow! And give him great 8th rank healing pills on the verge of death so that he can continue feeling the pain to repay the great sin he did
The Anger of RIVALS
Random Guy
Everyone who started reading this, I suggest you to read somewhere else. Reason 👉 1. Translations are not accurate. 2. Many sentences are incomplete and it is very annoying (trust me you won't understand what's happening). 3. Many chapter are missing half of the pages. (I found it while i was looking for better translation).

I think these 3 reasons are enough to make my point that you should not read this comic here.
Lavender Ann: Haha im only reading this for points cuz i just started this app
Random Guy: I'm reading on Manga dex
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Spring Trap
As Xun er and Yan zi has been reunited... the only thing I am able to say at this rate is..

Shadow CHAT
Arrrgggghhhh how stupid could he be? He was given a ring with many tools that is more important in the store and more expensive yet here he is not even regreting for just a bit, and he has many gold a expensive item in the other ring yet he doesn't care about it....... Arrrgggghhhh I'm starting to hate this!! I was so relieved when the his friends give him a ring with many valuable items yet here he is!!! Not even regreting a bit!! He lost
Bryce Amison: shadow let me be the first to tell you. . .it's called the Savage life
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Asif Iqbal
Xiao should obtain the god like dou and he can share a bit with xun er. Because it's his ptoperty after all. If he didn’t wanna give it to other family that's okay but since he dumb enough to trust everybody specially xun er the most despite his muster warning and xun er explanation I think he will obediently give the power to xun er not become more careful. But he should remember that's his father life in this key. Which part xun er turn it's still unclear but he should be clever and careful to hide or obtain it’s power secretly before saving his father. Xun er comes later.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
of course xiao yan can perfectly control a higher control of flames you idiot! and whats with this "even i can do that" ...who do you think you are? do you think you are a match to xiao yan with that mediocre ability of yours you arrogant fool? lol think twice before i get my shotgun and put it up inside your ass and fire it at point blank range with all the shells exploding!😂
Black Smurf: true hahaha😅😅😄😄
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Mark Anthony Dadap
I want more of this comic is to good .... Can you update just like the last time .... I can't wait don't you know Im making efforts just to be updated to your comic Im waiting till 12 midnight just to read your updated episode... so please......
Mark Anthony Dadap: thank you for the info..... 😊😊😊😘😉
Mark Anthony Dadap: thank you for the info..... 😊😊😊😘😉
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
All hail queen medusa ...all hail her elegance and ever captivating beauty and queenly deamenor! 😍😍😘

and also the last scene ..just look at the master's facial expression hahaha and lol seriously facial cream? wtf😂 hands down to you 😂👏👏
Bryce Amison: did you know a women's milk mix into some CBD and powdered milk can heal your insides!!!
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Dox kun
Guys 1 chapter of BTTH in this app is cut into 3 parts, and the original update is already so far from this, search on mangar*ck where he is already a hero of the inner academy and he’s already the number 1 winner at the pill tower, chapter 271 at the latest full chapter not cut
Mark Angelo Candelaria
Remember when his master was angry about students who betrayed their masters.... maybe this Fa Ma is the first student of Xiao yans master and also the one who betrayed him.... so maybe he is also an emey
Mark Angelo Candelaria: *enemy
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Su Mu Cheng
xiao clan was the powerful family during it's peak even the top 10 family are afraid of it.. the 1st generation clan master cultivation one step ahead to become a god but fail during break through because of ambush of top contender clan after that the xiao clan was erase from history and it's descendants live on remote villages
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
hahaha wtf so hilarious ..this master really loves to fool around with his disciple just like how xiao yan loves to fool around with xiao cai😂 ..but seriously man! damn! medusa is thicc!!
Bryce Amison: thick? um you would be surprised how small Chinese people are comparing us Americans 🤣
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Mark Anthony Eguia Gulagula
he get back to the cave and then they will face the monkey and her pet will wake up the they continue going in the cave and xiao yan will use his skill like vacuum cleaner and put in the bottle when they go out her pet transform become medusa
Blue Moon Bridge
the hell chap 292. this is chap 75 in other source..
now i read chap 280, which mean here will be chap 600 up thats god know where u guys gonna get it lol
Raphael Mayo: Xun Er will become no. 2 in power ranking. (spoiler)
Mark Baniaga: what is site is that.
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Black dragon
Handsome.... So handsome.... I am lost in his good looks...... I completely fell in love..... and I hope the master never dies....
Black dragon: oh. ok.
Mr Fluffy Icecream: Ahhh.... it happens again.
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
thats right its the whole continent's strongest receptarier from the past not even emperor han feng compare to him in terms of making god tier pills lol
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