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Battle Through the Heavens

Zhiyin Animation
Moriancumer Ruiz
its more like ohh.... i forgot the title😑 but it has the same story but at that story his father lose and then his whole fam became a clown and he met a very beautiful girl and....................lost his virginity by accident😑 and that girl is so powerful. he asked to marry her but she didnt agree but she gave him a chnace but he needs to be strong and
..... he has a stonw with a qhite haired guy inside it... just like this one....
Asia Last: you know the different is, this one's more funny
Jerald Cabaluna: update plsss
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Azi (Light_Sect😇Elder)
Hello, Im The Elder Of The (Light_Sect😇) Has Come Here To Recruit Some New Member To Join Our New Established Sect.

Available Positions Left

6. Elder
3 Guardian Elder
8 Core Disciple
30 Inner Disciple
100 Outer Disciple

First Come First Serve
please state what position do you want and have discord or not
our main chatting centre is discord
Ethan : Guardian Elder
DaniaL: can't wait for xiao Yan, Lin dong, and Mu Chen on the same panel
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Nashrima Adion Macadaag
I wish Xiao Yan notice Xiao Xun Er, she's always there for him while others criticized him, treating him as a trashed, idiot, useless, while Xun Er treat him the same, even protecting him from anyone. Don't let that girl go, that's true love man, she doesn't see what you don't have, she sees the man she will loved no matter what. "it's the world against of us"
Galiano López: It’s not really an harem, there are lots of girls around him but he only likes one
Nashrima Adion Macadaag: oh no! please continue reading it :< it's a good story! yet yeah, it's a harem
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Saratu Musa
yes ,you tell her ,there's no reason why anyone should insult the whole family because she doesn't want to marry somebody, there is always a peaceful and respectful wayto put somebody down gently ,so beat the crap out of her ,crush her and teach her a good lesson ,😈oh that is before she realises the one she loves is you 😜😜
Yagnesh Cochi
“Flame Emperor Xiao Yan” joins MangaToon along with his brother “ Martial Ancestor Lin Dong “ and his junior “The Great Ruler - Mu Chen” . Tian Can Tu Dou novels are quite good to start with . By the way The first novel I completed is this one “Battle through the heavens” And I’m happy that it is now available in MangaToon. Here I welcome you all to this legacy of Flame Emperor
Rosemary Clarissa: So coil
Joshua Folarin: You can read the full story on wuxia world
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Justina Eze
I'm glad his brothers are not jealous of him, with his talents. And glad that they don't hate him for his mischief. And glad that the parents are supportive and doesn't love them for their talents but because they're their children
Jay Soco
dear author and all the staffs making this comic...i thank you for the crazy updates......reading a good comics such as this one really helps me unwine after a hard days of work everyday......i could never really express my gratitude to all of you..... thank you really from the depths of my heart.......

this damn it is going to get his ass handed to him, lmao I'm out of breath. And the last panel with the ice emperor just makes it more epic.
Damn author I give this comic full marks. 😂🙌👏😘😍💖
Cecelia Valletta Tepes
hmmm...what's her secret !!! she's really rich too and she loves him a lot!!
Cecelia Valletta Tepes: aish u guys!!!
Yagnesh Cochi : You’ll loose interest if it’s spoiled so it’s better to read the novel yourself to experience it tho .
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Wait, I just thought about this but how did the little girl happen to be, I mean they said the snakemen are lustful and stuff but how could they have ahem you know "violated" a human girl since the whole bottom half of their body is a snake tail.
Dewansh patil: yeah u mean the snakemen have a half body having zip to open and close and hide the "ahem" in the bottom
Black Rain: no one shows ahem that in open's hidden
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how do you feel sweet heart. he is the one you badly rejected, just because he had no powers. This is what you get for being heartless, selfish and arrogant
Jay Soco
i love the way this mangga keeps me excited everyday...heheheh i sometimes have some troubles sleeping at night knowing theres a good update tomorrow...hehehehe...thank you author and staffs.....
Kim Hanna
Ooooh My Dear ML please do rejects her,as she does not deserve you or your love cause she rejected and left you when you lost your strength/power.And do remember that Our FL is still waiting for you so pleaseee rejecteeeee her🙏
Anjorin Daniel
Damn!... He really gave her those lashing words.
Omg! Can't wait, can't sleep, can't eat, well! I'll eat but. My mind is popping out.
Jim Davies Daniel: haysssstttt cliff hanger.... eisshhh
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Praveen Rohit
this manga didn't complete 25% of it in this app .it has atleast 600 episode's it still Long way to go
naykant mohanty: but i like the LN more than the manga
the manga is funnier but the seriousness is not that prominent compared to LN
Erwan Ros: yeah where do you read it or you buy half the manga
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Kim Hanna
Dear Translator, while they are fighting,can you please give Us crazy update, I mean atleast their end of the fight, as I Can't Wait by thinking what will be the next moves.
Is the princess related to xun er because their names are close and it is the same last names?
Anar: of course not
Kitten: come please 😢💔
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Siti Khalijah Abidin
i miss his master dearly. i miss how they tease each other. more than ever, i just miss how they were together. I'm hopeless. 😔
Ash Night
I can't take little ice emperor seriously whe he said that last panel it's just cute calling himself ice emperor while in kids form lmao
Nazri Ari
I finished the novel.. I also do read the manga.. the translation quite slow.. plus I don't know how many years it's gonna takes to finish this manga hahahaha
Nazri Ari: The master gonna be fine.. after mc rescue his master, he rebuild a new body for his master and let his master directly become a bang sheng(half saint)
Lili CN: Thanks!!!
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