Battle Through the Heavens
Action / Fantasy

Battle Through the Heavens

Zhiyin Animation
Battle Through the Heavens
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
several chapters ahead was about tournament arc.
1. mc will meet 1st ranking.
2. mc will fight 4th rank which result in a draw and both fainted and can't attent the tournament properly. (both become rank 10th on the new power ranking)
3. later xun er will challenge 2nd rank and win accordingly, but xun er was not a participant so she won't get a ranking and she doesn't care.

mc's teacher has a student in the past but took a wrong path. and later will become the next arc where this student will attack the academy.
1. this student will become a quite tough enemy.
2. this student was a holder of essence flame and his purpose was to get another essence flame at the academy.
3. later the essence flame run wild at the academy and mc will sacrifice himself to protect the academy.
4. quite a time past and mc will not show up, most student and teachers believed mc died in that accident and regard him as a hero of the academy.
and... just keep read for further story.
Black dragon: If u don't like it, you should not read it.....
JAW: facts. fuck ppl that spoil
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Alyzza Joy Pascua
Chaosink Marshall: updates are not the readers choice you can keep begging only one person can do it
eufreaks: your welcome. 😂
maybe you stay alive and watch everyone beside you die.😂😂😂
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vedant dixit
wrong when the ring broke all medicine ingredients got refined and enter xaio yan body with its help he subdue fallen heart flame after that he subconsciously did it with Medusa it is written in the novel
Lucky Rementilla: yeah and also I find another kind of plot/ story about this manga but all the characters was the same at first I'm kinda confused but now I know they change the plots on manga plus.
Infernape: novel's story is different from Manga
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Likha Lagac
I already read this from a website, just need points but I'm happy to re-read this manga. why is it that the chapters aren't in sync and they're shorter cuz chapter 277 is the latest not somewhere in the 300s, guess they cut some in half
Tang San: Yep they cut it in half to make the readers waste points. This chapter is supposed to be part of chapter 1.
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medusa should understand whenever a hero gets a tatoo of phoenix,tiger, dragon, cobra and scorpion (especially in cultivation genre)............he become more powerful........ and he do more show off infront of girls
Zothanmawia Kawlni
I'd do the same if i was the MC...
I don't blame him....
Just put yourself in his position, just try to imagine your father who loved you like hell was captured and detained, your beloved teacher who always stand by your side and gives you power beyond imagination constantly suffers...
Even if it isn't the fault of the disciples, it was them doing the actions...
If I was in his situation, not only will i kill them all, I'll let them suffer so much that they'll beg to die...
AlexHD6: Ikr! Straight up facts
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
OH SHIT hes pissed run now dude😂😂 you hurt his queen and his all thes coming for you is nothing but a rampaging father ready to devour you!

feel the power!😎
Erosgaming 071706
look at the second from last panel you see him holding his right arm with his left arm right, well in the last panel that's the arm that's poisoned as you can see in the last panel.
Arnold: yh maybe a drawing error😅
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Mimi Akira
😅hahahah. When he said "For every locked door there is an open window" then I looked around me and my door was locked but my window was open😂😂😂
Fletcher0426: Try 40
Xavier: @Shruti Mishra but the toilet is still open
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○○● SPOILOR ●○○
This soul clan guy will be defeated by mc and will get held by him......he threatens him for information about soul clan......but for all this he sadly will pay a big price.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
What madness is this! chill gurl! xiao yan can cure you! he is the only disciple of the continent's strongest and most prominent receptarier! yup thats right his master who acts like a clown😂
Siti Khalijah Abidin
a capture of protector tie will be essential for xiao yan to further discover the secrets of hall of souls. but sadly, xiao yan has to pay for a high price for that.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Plot twist: the grandmaster of the strongest receptarier organization in the mainland which is the "tower pill" is xiao yan's stupid and funny master😂
Pope Tone: You’re actually right lol
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She's over 300 years old and she called herself young. How absurd could she be?
AlexHD6: Fanny acting “smart” 🤣😂🤣
hardeyhash: That's true
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I just spent 10 coins on accident :c anyways can’t the spirit just revive him? Like he did say that he could if the dude got poisoned from the medicine :v
Allyson Lim
I believe in him and he's not going to die and becoen stronger because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. this also imply to those that are facing issues and they're life and I hope that this message encourage you 😉
emily dearest
tbh shes my least fav i used to like her its just that shes to over like over over protective its kinda weird howd she like whatches him o.o
*DETROIT SMASH* will xiao yan be able to break through a dou god level in the future?...who knows right? comment what is you opinion...sorry for the grammars
Wahida Khan: why do i well like yuner is the you g missy of soul clan
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Trey D
I want to like the chapter like all the others hover how can I like the chapter when one of my favorite girls in the series is saying that she's committing suicide
WolfyLove: I understand, but I still had to like it for as sad as it is it’s still a good chapter - author was successful if you feel so strongly about the characters. I’m praying for the MC to bring her back around to her senses.
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James Gist
why is no one acknowledging the fact that medusa ripped the guys limbs from his body. in revenge for her mans
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