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Hero is a Girl

Zhiyin Animation
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Hero is a Girl Comics Online. In an accident, his spirit and life went into the body of the goddess before he realized that his body was burnt to ashes in Luna’s funeral. Then, he was recognized as Luna. However, a mage Youyu kept following him, calling him the hero. He hoped to go back with Yang Chuan to defeat the Devil King and rescue the world. However, to save his father and change back to his male body, he has to go to the alternative world to find the oracle. When he returned to his world three years later, he discovered that he became the Mister Hero. His spirit went into the body of his love. A handsome boy became a pretty girl, and his life.

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really love this manga! I thought it has already be my favourite after when I just into otaku.

even there is have so lot of confusion,I still love to read's okay to me because it is just name of characters keep changing a lot and that causes of some confuse some of chapters..then I take to read it back to first chapter and it's working to improve the confusion slowly

the art too I'm loving it keep it author fighting yeahh

NEED Update Update Update >~<
Elaena Mariano
i have a feelling that the hooded man is the white haired guy that is also similar to how yaoyu looks... because "he" kept saying "pet" so im starting to be suspicious about this person ...well kinda..but i also suspect that it was the Leader who has black hair /purple hair because remember in the last episode he said something about loosing someone you loved andd he also said he hates the church ---becz at the last episode the white haired guy killed his brother which is "his pet " soooo...he actually beg foe mercy but they never granted his request...soo i have a feeling it was tellestia (or i dunno the speling forgive me..oof)))
Miyawaki Chaeyeon: 🌐 zaáaq
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so what I've gathered so far is that their names keep changing, the ML and FL became one person, and the ML is in charge and is the "Hero" and is transported from the normal world to a game like world now?? Sounds a little like the anime Sword Art Online lol
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