Pharaoh's Concubine
Romance / TimeTravel / Completed

Pharaoh's Concubine

Zhiyin Animation
Pharaoh's Concubine
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Pharaoh's Concubine Comics Online. The mysterious power of a serpentine gold bracelet plunges Ivy, a British girl, into ancient Egyptian space and time. At a banquet that hides the smell of coup, she meets the son of Pharaoh Bifei Tu. Bifei Tu falls in love with the beautiful and intelligent girl, Ivy, and wants to make her a concubine! But Ivy, or her Alias Nefertari, is unable to firm her heart and choose to go back to the modern eventually! When the gold bracelet opened time and space again, Ivy found thet Bifei Tu was the famous Pharaoh Ramses II, and history was drastically changed because of her choice...

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i read it for one day and read it twice.. tragic story but it pulls me keep reading till the end.. what they have is true love and even in their next life it brought them back together. since they cant change history, if two souls meant to be, any God will help them back together, even though how many lifetime or generations..
Amsan: Guys there is one more comic Misha is working on. Named as (1st KISS, I don't want to consider you as sister anymore)
What's to say, I can't describe it's beauty with just mere words. In this her art is really eye opening. Just see yourself😌
iiVKoriXii: You can read it fully unlocked on
Mang @ R0ck
(replace 0 with o, replace @ with a, and don't space out the a and g)
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Ok first of all how did I checked out this comic ?? I was like wow is this about the Egyptian history
Second it’s the first comic I read here talking about The Arab world especially Egypt (Cuz I’m Egyptian so excuse my exiting)😂
Third I really adore my country’s history and culture especially the ancient history (the pyramids,tombs ,the pharaoh and a lot of things)
And I was reading the another comics about the Chinese and Japanese history and enjoying it a lot cuz I really do love history and learning about the another countries cultures
So I’m so thankful for the author of this I know it want be the same as the real Ramses ll but it’s totally fine I would love to read a different story in the name of him
So thank you I know I’ll enjoy my reading
iiVKoriXii: I think that Pharaoh's Concubine was
MAYBE (10% possibility) had been adapted off of the black and white Manga (Japanese) series called
"Red River"
also known as "Anatolia Story", that has 28 volumes.
The first volume was released in 2004, and the last volume was released in 2010.

It's actually really different from Pharaoh's Concubine/Sand and Song of the Seas.
iiVKoriXii: Actually, Amer Ra was real.
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Such a Lovely Story Ever... My Favorite. Thanks MangaToon and Author. I hope there's a season 2.. and I want them to see a them have a kids.😊☺
Wint Yamon: best of the best. I really thank the author for creating such a beautiful one to read. 🥰🥰
Uchiha octavia: success love
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