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Pharaoh's Concubine

Zhiyin Animation
i read it for one day and read it twice.. tragic story but it pulls me keep reading till the end.. what they have is true love and even in their next life it brought them back together. since they cant change history, if two souls meant to be, any God will help them back together, even though how many lifetime or generations..
viea: season 2 please ......
Mashal Khan: A C F S Z 8
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Ok first of all how did I checked out this comic ?? I was like wow is this about the Egyptian history
Second it’s the first comic I read here talking about The Arab world especially Egypt (Cuz I’m Egyptian so excuse my exiting)😂
Third I really adore my country’s history and culture especially the ancient history (the pyramids,tombs ,the pharaoh and a lot of things)
And I was reading the another comics about the Chinese and Japanese history and enjoying it a lot cuz I really do love history and learning about the another countries cultures
So I’m so thankful for the author of this I know it want be the same as the real Ramses ll but it’s totally fine I would love to read a different story in the name of him
So thank you I know I’ll enjoy my reading
Loey: معاك حق 😂
Loey: I’ll be happy to be your Egyptian friend
And I’ll gladly answer any questions you need to know about
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Such a Lovely Story Ever... My Favorite. Thanks MangaToon and Author. I hope there's a season 2.. and I want them to see a them have a kids.😊☺
❤ M.L Player ❤: What is the title??
Celia Su: There’s actually a book 2 and 3 about this manga and it was originally a Chinese novel series. This manga is only book 1 but I have no idea if book 2 and 3 will be turned into a manga. U can currently read the other two novels in English but there is currently no manga.
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Manga Editor
Finally the Pharaoch's Concubine is here✨Yahoo🎉🎉🎉
We hope every MangaTooner enjoy reading, exchanging ideas and making friends in this small yet harmonious wonder land❤❤❤
We will try our best to bring more interesting comics to you💞
Love you all🌟
Sunshine: lol😂😂
Iron Man : Hahaha
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Dang ! This is crazy ! Super crazy ! I actually had read this comic in other comic site and patiently waiting for an update. They stuck in episode 42 and now, just now, it is completed here in MangaToon ! And that’s crazy ! Oh my ! I’m so happy !! Anyways, it’s super nice comic. Time travel story. Good art drawing. Fushigi yuugi feels ! Kyaaaaaa
Saidah Nafisah: Hi jim wifeu thanks for reply 🎀, I think ziyin animato is the translator. I’m trying to find the comic painter. I do some research it was Misha. I love the drawing so much, I want to read more of her comic. I found one comic name : 1st KISS, the drawing look the same ....
Diya Pradeep: thanks got it
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I'm emotionally broken down😭
Tho it's my third time reading this series.... it still remains amazing 💕😍😍✨
Yeah..... I agree the ending was sad!
But at least better than other diasters made by ppl❤
The manga wasn't stretched without a plot.... it was precise n not that long!
I'm glad that they met each other in the modern era😢
I wish we could get a season 2..where we could see the Pharaoh search for Nefertari and they live happily 😭
Dwii Whiie MareTha: how can to be a translator this comic ?
can we choose a comic or random by aplication ?
Sadia Islam Khan: where did u read it???pls tell me!!!
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Kim Taehyung's Illegirl
to the author, as an author you are to make books/stories to touch the hearts of the readers. in my 2 days of reading this manga it showed me the culture, beauty, artisry, government and many more about egypt. not only did you make a wonderful story that touched our hearts deeply but you also did imply knowledge in our minds. This i could say author, you are one of a kind and this is the type of author we are looking for. i love the story, the design and the amount of chapters and the length of chapters are. you considered every point what this manga will show and you also put the idea of you being the author and thinking how can you make a manga this perfect this is what i coukd say from what i have read and i loved it but i just got its bitsy very suuuuuper small tiny problem, the ending, i mean i liked it a lot but king ramsees II awakening from his slumber and his reincarnation with memphis and the other one ( lapis was it? white haired guy ) and then remembering everything except for the 3,000 years ago ramsees II, the future of them hugging ( sese + ivy ) i mean i like it but it felt incomplete i'm not saying that i don't like it but it just feels like its incomplete. anyways i hope there is a season 2 for this manga 😉 and i know if there is one it will be great like this manga. thank you so much if your still reading this far way down 😆 and just wanted to say You Are A Great Author😀😄 and thank you for making this wonderful manga.
Lailatul Mukarromah: perfect manga... i love this story, and ill wait the film/drama based on this story... thanks for the author... good job...
Adila Yusuf: wowww...
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so it's season 1 done.

In season 2, Ivy still has the memories in tact as well as her feelings...and the meeting with Sese-alike in Egypt in modern era.

She was sobbing in front of the Sese-like but short-haired Prince Andrew. But the prince has nothing about her reactions. However, he let her do those sobbings in front of him and her talking about going to their palace, see the garden of roses, etc..Ivy somewhat felt shy about it. Then that day, they went in their separate ways

3mons later, Ivy still has those memories, in dreams or awake. She's spending most of her time in her bed (i think).

Until one day, their servants called her and said someone is looking for her. She remembered no one who has appointed a visit to her. Hesitant, she still agrees to go and see the visitor.

Right their where the visitor waitwd, she saw the familiar yet strange shoulders and back. It was Prince Andrew of monaco.

He said he wanted to see those things she said when they met in Egypt. Surprised, she still showed those things to him.

But the prince was just actually having this alibi. After those days, those 100days or 3 months, the thought of her always crossed his mind. He can't forget those blue eyes and golden hair like sunshine. It's like wiered to him that he keeps thinking of her. Because of this, he wants to know the reason, so he visited her. 😘 💝
Anisa Faradiba: season 2 and 3 are just a novel.
neetu: there s an app wch gives season two but it's just a fan fiction ...and it has a lot of confusion and the story s not understandable.... this is the original version guys , the ending cud b a lot better but still in the end they are together dont get disappointed like me reading craps like that... accept this ending and move on
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At first, I thought this has something similar with Fushigi Yuugi– yes, in time-travelling. But after everything, it's different. I really really really love this one!Nice story, the plot twist were superb! The characters were flaunting ancient beauty except of course to Ivy and Yali. And the scenes were amazing! The lines are heartbreaking between Ivy and Sese. But you'll learn many lessons in this story. And you'll feel mixed emotions about this story. Also, I love the ending. I'm so happy they still meet. The heart really never forgets, huh? And destiny really in their favor now.

Though I'm happy, at the same time I'm sad that Ivy and Sese's love journey will go to an end. Still hoping for a Season 2! I will wait no matter! 🙏

To our dearest author:

Thank you for having such an aesthetic and creative mindset! You are such an amazing person! Thank you also for sharing us Ivy and Sese's undying and unconditional love journey! I will never forget them. Please make more awesome works! Looking forward to read those, soon. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

God bless you and your family! 🙏
Lainey B: this immediately reminded me of Red River.
Mari.: Oh, thank you! I'll read those, too! But can you tell me where can I found those works?
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Anshika Kushwaha
can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the art is.., 😍
nurul hanim: why does it takes soooo long until she come out?
AppleJackle123: I agree
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I know this is literally incest but if we look at it from their point of view, they probably don’t think of each other as siblings. They were both randomly told they had a brother/sister and it’s not easy to just accept it. Before they could think of one another as siblings, they fell in love (or at least he clearly did). I personally think this sort of love isn’t right but it’s not their fault if they did fall in love due to the circumstances. However, if it were normal siblings falling in love with each other, I would’ve oofed my way out already.
watermevon: yeah that’s a good point
U want fries with that?: oofer gang oofer gang oofer gang
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Fairy tail girl
First of all , I wanna say thanks to the god and say thank you God , if not being blessed by you I would not have seen this app and downloaded it . I am really grateful to you . Second of all I wanna thank you for giving me such an atturly amazing story to read , just love it , so amazing , true love story , superb plotting.Third of all, after reading this I have fall in love with ancient Egypt , it is so amazing, wish I could go there someday, God bless me . Fourth of all , all credit goes to the author , thank you author , you are the best author I have seen in my life for creating such an amazing story, God bless you , we readers are supporting you .
And last of all , I suggest all readers have some cola and potato chips and in your enjoying this manga . Hope you don't get scolded by your mother for watching too much phone like me .
Good luck. God bless you my dear reader friends . Have a very very sweet day.
Haru Choi
I just finished Reading this and I think I will read it again. the flow of the story is so good... thanks to my history class, I know some of the structures or places they are talking about. This story gave so much vibes. Oh also I've spent my whole night reading I said, It's so good. I love how they love each other... waaaaaaaaaah Sese is a cool man while Ivy is so smart and charming. How I hope there is still a man like Sese in the modern days. The ending was quite tragic but I'm happy when they met each other again after 3000 years. Love...even myself, doesn't know what love is, realize how love can make a person take risks...even if it takes their own life. You will learn more about history and also you will learn how the two people can risks everything for their love. The author of this story, Nice work! I'm looking forward for your next stories. I can tell that you really have a talent. I want to meet the author of this and praise him/her for this beautiful work.
okay guys if your boyfriend in real world asks you to proved your love to them by doing this intimate leisure. stop him bcoz this is not the only way that you can proved that u love him. if he truly loves you he will respect you as a girl and he will learn to wait for the right time. just saying tho.

but this is manhua so lets sit back and relax 🤣🤣🤣
Kaz Ue Chun: In real world You cannot tell that when your blindly in-love .😏😏😏 loving someone is always taking risk.🤭🤭
Cherry Mae Lobos Rejano: but they already husband and wife here, his 25y/o when married and now his 30y/o its been 5years of waiting..
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“Will you please not leave?” — Sese.

This made me cry. He still felt so alone even with all the things he had. Still unhappy even with all the things to pamper him. Still felt unsatisfied with all the women who he can easily get— because it is not his Nefertari. The only girl who could ever complete him. Who he ever want to have.

But we really still can't make someone to be with us even how much we beg them to stay.

She can't be stuck in the past. And that's the saddest reality.
Patricia Lopes: aaaaa 😍😍😍😽😽😻😻😻💞💞💗💘💝
Mari.: No worries! :)
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momose narumi
When you thought the ending changed since you only read only 68 chapters. If you read the n0vel, there's a lot more things that will happen. On book 2, she will choose the ramses from the ancient era rather than the reincarnated one. On book 3, she'll return again from the ancient era. 😅😅😅

The n0vel title is 'the song of sand and seas'. 👌
wannaone: what's the ending of book 3?
Adila Yusuf: really?in english language?
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Nasrin Sultana
I personally thank the author to create this comic.I just can't get over with it be it 5 or 10 times I read.Every time it looks more mysterious than before.During the time of reading I just lost my consousness of my surroundings, as if I am completely absorbed by it,as if I am not just a reader-I am also a character of it.I just feel so helpless to see the biftu getting hurt by his love over and over again that I can't hold up my tears for even a single time.Maybe if I were in the position of the heroine I would never want to leave him.If someday a person like biftu appears in my life ,I,I will never hurt him,never leave him,never let him feel lonely for even a moment.I will share his burden,walk alongside with him,love him with my whole heart.So author let me thank u once again to make feel this love story.
Genevieve: same here and the art is really nice, details and unique too...i love it
Jasvik Sultana: same here thank u author😊😊
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I finished it today for a 1 whole day, At first I thought it's just some of cliche story because of time travel and romance. I really don't appreciate romance, but since I try this one. I totally regret by not reading this earlier while having no interest.

It was a tragic story that makes my heart aches as I cry like as a river.. I felt the love, a true love they say.. I like the humors but the part where really moved me is that knowing a two person with a different world fall in love, and does not meant to be together since they can't change history. Cause only she can just time travel with a gold bracelet..

But if there is a Reincarnation then their two souls are must meant to be, so it will help them back together..

So awesome and really a realistic imagination.. I like how the plot flows.. I really appreaciate reading this. If I have a friend I would like to share this. So live well author, you have a great talent.
hey guys, did anyone noticed WEIWEI's mom looks like matherfutur ?!......or whatever her name is...
Blackpink 𝒬𝒰ℰℰ𝒩𝒮🖤💖: Yeah, ikr?
What?!: I feel like her mom is the reincarnated version and her from ancient Egypt plus they both come from nobility lineage
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Jorizza Kaith Cando
I will never forget this story.. I really love it,the story goes well, its tragic and it makes the story even thrilling and exciting, but im really hurt because i saw the season 2 at and its bot translated in english i change my language setting but still written in chinese, im going crazy because of finding the english version of it and then charaaann!! I saw it but its novel, i dont like to read it because it has no images its more exciting to read when it have pictures like season 1, now im really hopeless bacause there's no way i will be able to read season 2, thanks for writing this beautiful story but its unforgiveable author!!! The ending is not what i wanted to happen it's not enough for me i want more but it wilk not hapoen anymore, i guess this is the end i love it and i hope the next story you make is satisfying, good job author you make my heart beat fast and at the same time break it...

Love all of you this is the end😩😣😭😭
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