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Under the Neon

Sky Tree
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In the need of money, he made up his mind to be a male prostitute; Thinking about his beloved girlfriend, he hesitated at the gate of the filthy world… a sexy and elegant woman stared at him and said in a cool but realistic tone: “If you are even the tiniest bit qualified to say "No" to money, you can leave anytime.”What would he choose?

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how do you force a guy that faithful to cheat and still fail him. dudes probably mentally wrecked now from guilt. hes better than me cause me and 90% of other guys would have no problem cheating on our girlfriend until she finds out. not during it. that's rare.
Ken Kaneki
at last , you did it my boi . I was waiting for it for 12 chapters . from now on don't be a dik and do the work . I also hope to see more than just shoulders and legs .
Ken Kaneki: thanks for your approval sir . 😂
Spitcho Tokyo: I Approve This Message !
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Shin obi EX3
naw he passed. remember she said " let me tell you my conclusion", not the other girl. Second why say she has a hunch just to send him away with a fail. I believe she's going to say something like "i can make you into a great PR man".
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