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Worlds Apart [Complete]

Lipsa Nalini Naik
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A simple accident that can lead to great responsibility. Specially when you have super powers and are thrown into a world you never knew existed.
Nothing could compare to the way her gaze made me feel. The flames licking my skin and the raging fire in my veins was way more bearable.

The moment our eyes connected, it was like my body found a new kind of flame.

The kind that only she was able to draw from me. I've never felt my body being set ablaze like this before.

One day here in this new town and I was already losing my mind over my new neighbour.

A really pretty, hot neighbour. Her long, wavy platinum blonde hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes that seemed to stare depths into my soul and keep me frozen in place.

I couldn't seem to leave.

Her pink lips were parted slightly as she tried to catch her breath.

I swallowed.

One step forward and I could hold her.

One tilt of my head and I could kiss her lips.

If only I could have a taste of those lips-

I have to get out of here.

I turned and left, my heart nearly overpowering my brain to stop and go back to her.

Only one thought kept me going.

Who could ever love a monster?

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Luna moonlight
Yayy!!! Thx author for the extra keep up with the good work. You are so talented in making a novel hope more chapters will come
Luna moonlight: Ok thx so much author😊😊
Lipsa Nalini Naik: Sure, it's 'The Huntress and the Beast' and The CEO's Wife'
total 4 replies
Is there Nath's Pob?
bangtansonyeondan: luv ur story
bangtansonyeondan: luv ur story
total 7 replies
that was horrible..... one in the ice and the other in fire...😢
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