Boys’ Love

The Greatest Villain

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When Sawoo gets bullied in high school, his only friend Kido promises to teach him how to become the greatest villain.
But Kido goes overseas after teaching Sawoo only two of the three rules.
Faithfully following the two rules, Sawoo writes Kido many letters in the hope that he will get to learn the last remaining rule but Kido never replies.
One day after four years, Kido shows up in front of Sawoo, thinking those were love letters.

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Boys’ Love
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Park gracy
a pig becomes a handsome boy umm🤔🤔 lol I was also get tease by the boys in my class they always say that I'm a pig when I was 12 🤔🤔 but after that I really worked hard to slim down n finally I'm little slim now hahaha
claire the patoot: naol beautiful
Be_you_tiful🖤: do you know the most beautiful person in the world?
read the second word
total 2 replies
the epilogue killed me 😍😍 soooo cute!!!

I'd love to read a down-in-the-mud dirty revenge story tho 😆😆😍😍😘😘

you are amazing!!! please please keep up the good work you are so talented and it is shown in all your work 😍😍
claire the patoot
if you see this you are cursed and your parents will die in five years if you want to break it you have to copy it and post a 5 other manga I'm sorry but k don't want to risk since I'm too young to lose right now
Abby IsSerious: Lol this won't get me you stupid f9cking assh0le
total 1 replies
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