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The Greatest Villain

So, were you guys str8 until you saw an unconscious angel laying on the floor so you thought you’d try it 🙄 or were you always a bunch of closet sissies who were too afraid to try it until there was an unconscious angel laying on the floor 🤨? (no offense LBGT, but I just read another manga and that what they called it 🤷🏽‍♀️). 😂

And you, Piggy... you should be ashamed of yourself! Now you’re a stalker adult who doesn’t deserve Sawoo’s friendship! I’m telling you guys, pigs are bad! 🐷🤬

And now, now Kido... 🤔 Kiling people is also bad! 🚫 So don’t kill them, just put one in a vegetative coma, knock the leader of the group’s eye out, break a few legs, and even do a ramrod on those would-be-rapists so they can see why Sawoo won’t be able to walk home after losing his an*l chastity years later 😖... but don’t kill anybody! Killing is bad!😂😂
OKAY... First, when that thing is still pointing at you, chances are it’s going to poke your leg... and another special place! 🤭

Second, wth... stalk much piggy? 🤨 He’s just a criminal charge waiting to happen with plenty of evidence all around his house! Obsession is NEVER a good thing, especially when the Angel saves you numerous times but doesn’t remember you! Now you’re all thin and still obsessed, but you didn’t make your move for 4 years and now Kido is back! Dude, you’re hopeless! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Kido is going to kick your @ss like he did those other guys!

Third, I’m still concerned about Sawoo walking home after Kido played catch ⚾️ with him! 😂😂
Okay, wait everybody... Does Piggy think he’s a good guy all of a sudden? 🤨 Did he forget that it was actually Kido who saved his “Angel” that he set up in the first place? 🤔 Pigs are bad... I hate that guy! 😠😡

But you gotta love that cosplay! 🤗 Omg, Kido is like, “At least is wasn’t a girls’ uniform”... Well, thank you for not making Sawoo wear a girls’ uniform! 😂😂 Now let’s go back into the house so you can “take off those clothes”... oops, I mean “change out of those clothes”...! 😉🥰

Oh yeah, and they did smoochie for a whole week str8! Poor Sawoo’s back won’t last like that! 😂😂
Okay, I still didn’t hear which one died! They’re all still alive... badly injured 🤕🤕🤕, but still alive... so what’s the big deal? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Heck, Piggy 🐷, you’re the one who got off easy, you 🤬🤬 coward! 🤨 Standing there with your taser 🔦 like a girl instead of fighting like a man! He’s such a 🤬 punk!

Kido is like, “And this is how Piggy died!” 😂😂 Let’s all have a moment of silence for the soon to be dead coward Piggy 🐷! 😔😔
I don’t think being fat was the problem! 🤨 Sawoo just didn’t like you; heck, he barely remembered you and then you go and pull some underhanded crap like that! Keomin, you are a coward... maybe a fat coward in grade school... but now you’re a grown @ss coward, who went to the one-eyed guy to ask for help because Kido is no joke! 😂 Nah, go away, coward Piggy 🐷!

And I told you guys in the beginning... PIGS 🐷🐷 ARE BAD! 😂😂
Anonymous Girl
I love how the author can depict something like a child so naively determined to do something as a adult.
It reminds me of when I was little I heard an adult tell me that “kids are good, great, not teenagers. Teenagers are bad and naughty. You should stay a kid like this”
I remember being so determined to either be a kid forever or become a young adult not a teenager.
Funny thing was that I actually turned out pretty well, no swearing, no rebellious. Lol
The dude with the one eye is like, “I got the sleeves beat off me once before; I don’t need that again!” 😂😂

And poor Sawoo... He had no idea about the trauma the uke goes through when losing his an*l chastity or his first rump around 😱! 😂😂 But now he’s in shock because it was like sweet ecstasy🌟 once he got into it 🛌! Uh ah oh oo... 🤭 OMG This is too funny! 😂 But who’s going to help him walk home? 🤔
Somebody please tell me why the Piggy 🐷 is still there and why he thinks he is Sawoo’s savior or something! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Did he also get hit over the head back then because he keeps forgetting that he set “Angel” up and he was almost gang-r*ped by a bunch of closet sissies, who probably would have had more fun poking in Piggy’s fat @ss cheeks instead of Sawoo’s?! 😂😂. PIGS ARE BAD! 🤯🤯🤯
Oh, just come to America 🇺🇸 where anything goes 🙄! Two men 🤵🤵 getting married 💍? No big deal, except you guys can’t procreate 🤰... which is kinda the reason why you have those naughty parts in the 1st place! 🤦🏽‍♀️ But if you’re just into BL or hardcore Yaoi, you’ll fit right in!! 😂😂
At first, I thought that was Piggy yelling through the door! 😂😂 I was like, “Go away, Piggy! We’re about to see some BL going on!” Then I did the cabbage patch 💃🏽! But then I realized that it was Sawoo saying thank you...☺️ Okay, let’s all do the cabbage patch anyway 💃🏽🕺🏽! 😂😂
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the death girl_😈💀💀: no its his first time cus he would have known as the
The ships are HERE!!!: or Maybe not his first time BUT SILLLLLLLLL
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Kido truly is the Greatest Villain and I love him for it! 💓💓 I ship them! 💘

🤔 But you, fat Piggy... Go away! 🙅🏽‍♀️ Even now that you’re skinny, you traitorous coward, go away! We don’t want you here!! 🛑🤨
Such a ominous feeling during those last reading panes! 🤔 What’s up with the hot brother and killing somebody? 🤨 Kido grew up to look just like him! 😍
Tiffany Kim Seokjin
Dude this fat piggy was acting like he was innocent when Kidoh was the one who saved Sawoo and also the one that made him forget his confession but still
🥰 So cute! Who gives a goodnight kiss with their tongue 👅? Even kindergarteners know you’re only supposed to give a peck 💋 on the forehead before bedtime!😂😂 Sawoo is too greenly funny!☺️
Neha Kumari
tum mere ho per mai tumhere nhi ho saki ye kismat hi h jo hum milkar v na mil paye per haan tum humesa mere dil mai rhoge mere ahkri saans tk NIHAL i love you
Tiffany Kim Seokjin
i just knew that this was the same author who wrote totally captivated similar style and both are amazing stories
The ships are HERE!!!
f-f-formula????? for baby's?????taste good????*gose to kitchen to trie formula* ahhm........AHHHHHHHH THIS IS GROSS REALLY SAWOO I LET YOU TRICK ME INTO THIS, YOU CUTEASS ANGLE 😭😭😭MY TASTE BUDDYS😭😭😭 i regret that 😢😢 *it's like 5:37 am* *hears cat nosise out side* HELLZ NAH GO AWAY MR. SCRATCH I HAVE A WEAPON AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!! *Takes out baby formula* HAHA COME AT ME NOW!!!!
Ryumusuu: Lol.. I used to like it when I was a kid.. Haven't tasted since.. I wonder if I would like it again if I tasted now..
Cinnamon Roll🐾: mmm...
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Uhh... I think Sawoo is enjoying being eaten up by Kido! 🤔😋 He’s been like a carnivore this whole week! 😂😂
Ahh... hahaha 😂😂😂 The siblings planned the dates! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Too funny! 🤣🤣

But that 3rd rule, though!! 😜 Gotta love it! ❤️💯😂
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