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Collide Comics Online. An average girl Joy suddenly becomes the target of super powers due to her generic trait that she never knew before.
Moowon, a highest-level super power, is sent to protect Joy.
However, Joy's gene makes him strongly attracted to her no matter how much his rationality resists it.

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Ireis V
her: because I like him, thats why, they're my emotions, and they're sincere.

him: pfft. what about with ethan weren't thery sincere then too? blah blah... and another thing I learned that ur still very young and naive. thats why u think ur brief experience are everything. Ik u and that kid adore eachvother but many guys like if you were in the same situation with any of them you would've felt the same toward them ... he isn't special! its a temporary emotion resulting from a bunch of coincidences. dont think itll last forever what matters is who's left at the end..

her: yeah thats right blah blah... well said MC...

(But if it were me ill add something in ur sentence)

me: *laughs hysterically* coincidence? yeah ur right if I were to experience similar things with a different person I would've felt the same but do u know whats the funny thing about it and why his special... its because its him! among all the people in the world its him that i end up with to experience those stuff together... coincidence or not... what's special is its him and not just anyone... if it were u i might felt the same too but *laghs hysterically* it wasnt u wasn't it... its him... notbu not anyone but him... cant u see the difference between u two no matter who's powerful I still end up with him instead of you... coincidence or not why him them? instead of u why did I end up with him! because his special and his the Male Lead u asshole... * laughs hysterically*
Maria : when will spear and Portuguese
Stephan Castillano: pppppppĺpp
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Akshu Akanksha
my mom kept on telling me to focus on talent and curiosity in myself and not the upper beauty which everyone and we ourself have created to judge that how much we read capable till date I wasn't able to find a live example and make sure I have this ability now I guess learning how this author which I have never seen may be I will know this person ever in my life left such an impact just by his work and endless hardwork Idk why I can feel like how many endless sleepless nights u would have worked how many evenings u would have spent on this or that story instead of enjoying the free time idk if I m wrong sorry If m I know I m not supposed to write this big para also I couldn't help my self telling u author that I thank u and appreciate ur work a lot I learnt a lot just not I spent good time but I learnt when u have some thing on ur mind cont u can't stop working hard u can restrain your self also I will remember u 💕 please accept my thanks for ur hardwork and sorry for long nuisances 😅
A̶̢̛̬̺̬̮̝͓̮̘͗̾͆̈̍͝n̸̢̦̝͐͛̐̏͋͝o̸̢̢̫͆͂͆̐͝͝n̵̢͕̪̱̞̻̋̓͌̃̅̍̕͜y̸̡͍̫͎̫̣̬̆̄̄̎ṁ̴̡̰̺͈̗̯̈́̄̾̀̾̚͜͠õ̵̢̢̖͕̝͎͖͜ŭ̶̡̗̟̹̥̬̞̔̔̓̏͒͌̚͠ͅs̶̨̰̹͕̘̲͛̀́̏̏͝ ̵̡͔̠͍̱̤͈̀̽̓̀̆̈́̀̃Ỷ̸̜̣͖̀̓̓͋̒̕o̸̜͓̤̰̖̳̭̥̰̐͂̍͗̈́g̶̨̧̬̪̖̮̹̲̪͐̀̎͆͛̀h̶̟̫̗͆̀́ú̸̧̝̟̜̫̙̠̲̤͆͛̐̂ř̶̨̡̢̡̛̪̦͇͙̱͐t̴̠͇̝̣̠̹̽́̀̉̚
When Roctor said : "She shouldn't have met anyone of us"
at first i think he will commit suicide, and bring moowon die with him.

I never think that Roctor will manipulate the time and bring back eveything in the point O, when everything begin. Althought i like Roctor for being out of the box thinker, i can't bear that all i read, everything that make my emotion feels like tornado in all 230 parrlt before, was vanished just like that. Because all of their story, good or bad, sad or happy, romance or brokenhearted, thats the the core base that make they can become someone who can stand up with strongwill like right now

But i believe the author always have a good plot, have more twist which full of surprise!! I believe in you author. Thank you for your hard work and for such a beautiful story ever!
Lina Ahmed: please guys whoever read this please pray for me ,i love someone but he hates me now please pray so that i get married to him soon and he loves me dearly,l have become ill because i can't contact with him for a long time,please pray so that he loves and marries me
A̶̢̛̬̺̬̮̝͓̮̘͗̾͆̈̍͝n̸̢̦̝͐͛̐̏͋͝o̸̢̢̫͆͂͆̐͝͝n̵̢͕̪̱̞̻̋̓͌̃̅̍̕͜y̸̡͍̫͎̫̣̬̆̄̄̎ṁ̴̡̰̺͈̗̯̈́̄̾̀̾̚͜͠õ̵̢̢̖͕̝͎͖͜ŭ̶̡̗̟̹̥̬̞̔̔̓̏͒͌̚͠ͅs̶̨̰̹͕̘̲͛̀́̏̏͝ ̵̡͔̠͍̱̤͈̀̽̓̀̆̈́̀̃Ỷ̸̜̣͖̀̓̓͋̒̕o̸̜͓̤̰̖̳̭̥̰̐͂̍͗̈́g̶̨̧̬̪̖̮̹̲̪͐̀̎͆͛̀h̶̟̫̗͆̀́ú̸̧̝̟̜̫̙̠̲̤͆͛̐̂ř̶̨̡̢̡̛̪̦͇͙̱͐t̴̠͇̝̣̠̹̽́̀̉̚: yea but right now we can read the new part, thanks god
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