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An average girl Joy suddenly becomes the target of super powers due to her generic trait that she never knew before.
Moowon, a highest-level super power, is sent to protect Joy.
However, Joy's gene makes him strongly attracted to her no matter how much his rationality resists it.

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Yes, Joy, you are right... you don't love each other.
Only the guy MW genuinely loves you. Why?
MW overcomes his hatred towards zero carriers and saves you many times.. he returns to his family roots...he becomes a caring guy.
and you, Joy.. You don't love him at all because if you do, you won't betray his're doing what his mother has done to his father... you will awaken his hatred towards zero carriers once again.
You might think that by breaking his heart and going to another guy, he would be saved... but in reality you're the one who would actually kill him.
Have you forgotten that you already decided to change yourself? Didn't you train to be an agent? You're still acting pathetic like when betrayed by the professor. You easily give up; you didn't change at all. 🙄 it's already season two, girl..😑 retrograde? 😓

Either way, MW will end up as the heroine who loves the hero, stay with MW and let him die in your arms instead. If you're together, I believe there will be some miracle or power awakening or something (like some anime i watched).. 🤔
It's not being reckless or arrogant. It's trust. Build your love by trusting each other. 🙄😶

(nah, I started ranting again..😅)
Tyja T.J. Lawrence: You are totally observant and outspoken you literally took the words out of my mouth and like the way you express your feelings and thoughts about the heroine of the story. Thank you I loved the feedback
siskadwisartika: update asap please
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Don't you just hate it when you're walking along with your evening's groceries, minding your own business like always, and you walk right into a conflict you didn't even start for once but that either involves super beings or movie special effects because damn...but then a super hottie kisses you for all he's worth and promptly disappears? It wrecks your evening and messes with your equanimity is what it does. And any pears you bought definitely did not survive this malarkey. Know the worst part? The authorities don't give a darn about your poor innocent food.
Sam5353: Bro I deal with that everyday
Beautiful Jin: I can relate this happens to me aLL the time
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🍧Anonymous Yoghurt🍧
but i feel kinda like the roctor/rupert kasaiten. i mean.... all the male character in this story had fallen so hard for our MC for the same thing right? even moowon have lust to her too... why should i hate rupert and welcome to moowon because of that? i know that moowon is have a kindhearted heart not cunning and scheming like rupert... but... but... our MC said that if that time rupert who safe her, maybe he will fallin for him and not moowon and we think about logic, everything will gona be safe for our MC if she choose to stay with rupert, even moowon before ask her to choose the most strong and scary person to be her spouse so nobody would dare to harm her... and we know that rupert ist the strongest character in this story, right?

and rupert is same level 0 which mean that he was fallen harder for her just like moowon. i kinda respect that he hold himself and not forced himself to her. im sorry if you disagree with me, im just feel confuse with my mind hahaha maybe because i always adore the villain who have strong character and make the story turning great
LEmeilleur monde: @Queen read carefully , he didn’t use his grandpa’s body he is the grandpa itself just his body remained young, that’s all
Nurul IkaIqa: i actually would like to believe that when moowon lost his power for a moment, he genuinely lost the attraction towards Zero and he actually likes her for real, and only struggle to control himself when he got his power back.
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