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Collide Comics Online. She thought she was just an average girl, but why did that mysterious yet handsome man kiss her at first sight?
Still reeling from the titillating eventful night and completely clueless, she found herself thrown into the world of vampires, who seemed obsessed with...her blood?

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Meroz Reyes
wow!!!!! this story is amazing, I can't believe i avoided this long ago coz i see it has so many lock episodes and i hate playing ads. but finally i got a guts to start reading this and it is worth those ada playing for every episodes is worth reading for.. i love it super! it's incredible all characters you will love it for their own personality first time that i ship fl in to many man lol even ship the fl to villain 😅.. the whole story is unique as itself they may have some story with super power some story with such a fantasy but combining science fiction fantasy and romance whaaaaaaaaa.. such an amazing art work.. thanks author wannnnnnn you're so good. 😍😍😍😍

it gets me too excited even if it's already done...😊
Aditi: Please check out my novel too it's called Forgotten or Forgiven
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Meroz Reyes
the spy has two sets of DNA, were it is actually can happen in real life this case a person has to sts of DNA called chimerism or chimera. on the explanation given the spy has twin when they're still in the womb but the other twin vanished and it was absorb by the other twin which is the spy that gives her a characteristics of a person with two sets of DNA/genes hers with ability and the other DNA normal from her twin that she absorb when she undergo the analysis the DNA sample they and is from the DNA normal in her body that's why she passed.. what a brilliant idea sounds difficult to understand but it is actually interesting the author gives me a chill from a former biology student i already forgotten DNA and all about science 😅
Aditi: PLEASE check out my novel too it's called 'Forgotten or Forgiven '
[Y U M I]: From as far as I know.
"Weathering with you" is still an anime.
But I would love to.❤
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Jason Leong Shang Ming
And now we know, why Zeros have such powerful genes but they don't seem to have powers... they don't just create lust in others, they make others care about them too. Makes sense. Level 0s are pressured by reproductive instinct in their DNA to make babies with zeroes? Well, zeroes have self preservation instinct too. In a sense, zeroes are at the apex of human evolution. Why have the power of "being strong" when you can have the power of "Making the strong want to protect them"
Vanlalhmangaihzuali Sailo: Seriously cannot stop reading!! This is the best manga I have read so far. After reading this I cannot even take interest in other stories. Kudos to the writer Well done!! How I wish this could be made in a movie
Andreea G.: This manga is everything!!! I love it! At first I didn't like it that much but after a while, I couldn't stop myself from reading!!!!
If someone knows some Mangas as collide pls tell me!!! ❤
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