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Collide Comics Online. She thought she was just an average girl, but why did that mysterious yet handsome man kiss her at first sight?
Still reeling from the titillating eventful night and completely clueless, she found herself thrown into the world of vampires, who seemed obsessed with...her blood?

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Ireis V
her: because I like him, thats why, they're my emotions, and they're sincere.

him: pfft. what about with ethan weren't thery sincere then too? blah blah... and another thing I learned that ur still very young and naive. thats why u think ur brief experience are everything. Ik u and that kid adore eachvother but many guys like if you were in the same situation with any of them you would've felt the same toward them ... he isn't special! its a temporary emotion resulting from a bunch of coincidences. dont think itll last forever what matters is who's left at the end..

her: yeah thats right blah blah... well said MC...

(But if it were me ill add something in ur sentence)

me: *laughs hysterically* coincidence? yeah ur right if I were to experience similar things with a different person I would've felt the same but do u know whats the funny thing about it and why his special... its because its him! among all the people in the world its him that i end up with to experience those stuff together... coincidence or not... what's special is its him and not just anyone... if it were u i might felt the same too but *laghs hysterically* it wasnt u wasn't it... its him... notbu not anyone but him... cant u see the difference between u two no matter who's powerful I still end up with him instead of you... coincidence or not why him them? instead of u why did I end up with him! because his special and his the Male Lead u asshole... * laughs hysterically*
Anjel Mahat: I 00000000
Anjel Mahat: 8 I ya h h om
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OMG its really the end!! I love every piece of work Wann has done.I truly have read his mangas and they're all a work of art.The mangas I've read so far are amazing so I was surprised it was written Wann as the writer but the art was in colour so I was surprised,I thought he was shifting to a different genre but then it was just black and white writing in colour.
Wann's writing is always makes me such an emotional wreck.I love the stories and how he makes use of the male and female characters and the villains.Each connectivity always to the point!! The only manga which wasn't completed was "What the heart wants".The girl character looks similar so Joy so I had to mention this!! Hahah I love Wann's writings best!! I'm his/her serious fan.I love his worksssss.

I really loved this manga "Collide" too.So emotional and stuff!! I even loved the villain role.Man I loved every bit of this manga!!
Arigatou and Xixi from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥
Medhu: Manga app
Rita Ramirez: where else can I read them?
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Ami Rose
Another thing that I don't get.
In my understanding, Moowon's father didn't touch Lala before Violet take over her body.
Then Violet take over Lala's body, which means Lala is dead even before Moowon is concieved. Lala is just a corpse if Violet conscience didn't take over.
It's understandable if you are want to take revenge for death of someone whom dear to you, but I don't think Moowon has any attachment with Lala other than the fact that Lala is the owner of the physical body that concieved him, he didn't have any emotial attachment with Lala when she was still alive.
It would be different if Lala already pregnant with Moowon when Violet killed her. It would've more understandable if Moowon hate Violet, since indeed the living Lala is the one who is his real mother (Lala's soul and body).
I can accept his hatred to Lady V or Violet because she shoot his father, but I can't comprehend his reason to hate because of Lala's death. I mean, Lala wasn't even his mother and would never became his mother if Violet didn't inject her conscience into Lala and seduce his father.
Do I sound like don't have any humanity to say this?
Jason Leong Shang Ming: That's why moowon directly said here, putting aside the part about his mother, she shot his father, so..l
Sars Limpahan: why is that some chapter are locked??
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