Yes, Joy, you are right... you don't love each other.
Only the guy MW genuinely loves you. Why?
MW overcomes his hatred towards zero carriers and saves you many times.. he returns to his family roots...he becomes a caring guy.
and you, Joy.. You don't love him at all because if you do, you won't betray his're doing what his mother has done to his father... you will awaken his hatred towards zero carriers once again.
You might think that by breaking his heart and going to another guy, he would be saved... but in reality you're the one who would actually kill him.
Have you forgotten that you already decided to change yourself? Didn't you train to be an agent? You're still acting pathetic like when betrayed by the professor. You easily give up; you didn't change at all. 🙄 it's already season two, girl..😑 retrograde? 😓

Either way, MW will end up as the heroine who loves the hero, stay with MW and let him die in your arms instead. If you're together, I believe there will be some miracle or power awakening or something (like some anime i watched).. 🤔
It's not being reckless or arrogant. It's trust. Build your love by trusting each other. 🙄😶

(nah, I started ranting again..😅)
Tyja T.J. Lawrence: You are totally observant and outspoken you literally took the words out of my mouth and like the way you express your feelings and thoughts about the heroine of the story. Thank you I loved the feedback
siskadwisartika: update asap please
total 4 replies
Don't you just hate it when you're walking along with your evening's groceries, minding your own business like always, and you walk right into a conflict you didn't even start for once but that either involves super beings or movie special effects because damn...but then a super hottie kisses you for all he's worth and promptly disappears? It wrecks your evening and messes with your equanimity is what it does. And any pears you bought definitely did not survive this malarkey. Know the worst part? The authorities don't give a darn about your poor innocent food.
Sam5353: Bro I deal with that everyday
Beautiful Jin: I can relate this happens to me aLL the time
total 12 replies
🍧Anonymous Yoghurt🍧
but i feel kinda like the roctor/rupert kasaiten. i mean.... all the male character in this story had fallen so hard for our MC for the same thing right? even moowon have lust to her too... why should i hate rupert and welcome to moowon because of that? i know that moowon is have a kindhearted heart not cunning and scheming like rupert... but... but... our MC said that if that time rupert who safe her, maybe he will fallin for him and not moowon and we think about logic, everything will gona be safe for our MC if she choose to stay with rupert, even moowon before ask her to choose the most strong and scary person to be her spouse so nobody would dare to harm her... and we know that rupert ist the strongest character in this story, right?

and rupert is same level 0 which mean that he was fallen harder for her just like moowon. i kinda respect that he hold himself and not forced himself to her. im sorry if you disagree with me, im just feel confuse with my mind hahaha maybe because i always adore the villain who have strong character and make the story turning great
LEmeilleur monde: @Queen read carefully , he didn’t use his grandpa’s body he is the grandpa itself just his body remained young, that’s all
Nurul IkaIqa: i actually would like to believe that when moowon lost his power for a moment, he genuinely lost the attraction towards Zero and he actually likes her for real, and only struggle to control himself when he got his power back.
total 5 replies
dear author san, you can take any break as long as you want we won't complain. although I know it's going to end soon, I'm still really sad about this 😭 thank you for all your hard work. I have to say this kind of comic is really well-thought and I don't just say this to any comic. The unique plot story, the gorgeous art and the development of each character is really far more than what I can ask for. Anyhow, I will surely miss this comic when it ends
Feeling Dinosaur
People hating on her just because she's not listening. I mean, how would YOU feel if suddenly no one remembers you anymore? Not your neighbors, not your friends, not even your family. I get that it was for their protection too, but let's admit it, she wouldn't have been so hard headed if they actually explained everything to her before thrusting her in their world. They literally waited for the mc to find things out the hard way, then they talk to her when she's still in shock and denial. So really, who can blame her?
Valerie Sacaguing: she has to see it herself in order to believe...
total 1 replies
I want her to stand with him. To fight with him. Instead of letting Roctor control her. I want her to be stern and stubborn and do hardwork. Because in actuality, choosing Kasaiten is the easy way out and it’s the selfish choice. Some people may get the illusion that this is being selfless but it’s not. She’s thinking of what she wants. She wants Moowon to live. But is that what Moowon wants? Moowon wants to fight for her. And if he could, he would die for her. If you really love someone, you have to make BOTH ends meet. Fight Roctor. Together. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

But Author, you are the author, and your twists and turns make us readers think. This is no ordinary story, and I think maybe without these dilemma situations like this? We won’t be able to reflect on ourselves, and think what if we were on a situation like this. We owe you that. Like, A LOT. We love you authorrrr!!!
Laie2me: i wish she was not that typical damsel on distress... Joy has a power she has not tap yet
.... I believe she can use that to manipulate and eveentually destroy rupert..she has that age old power used by women to destroy or make a man...
Sushar: I totally agree with you. From the start I find her annoying. If you love someone you'll fight for them. Together they can win against Roctor.
total 2 replies
Anne Strauss
so the wife of moowons dad (the white haired lady) has the power to switch her consciousness into other bodies. because she wasn't a zero (like the red haired lady) she thought her husband (moowons dad) didn't love her anymore. so she transfers all of her mind into the red headed zero so that her husband would be attracted to her.

So in conclusion, the white headed ladies mind is inside of the red head ladies body.
Ronalie Fabular: ohh now it makes sense.. I get it now.
total 1 replies
Essence 7
author I really wanna say thank you personally. not many of these stories can actually bring me to tears but this one and another one. *catching breath wiping tears*
I really love you for this story I want you to enjoy your break and please take your time. I know I'm going to hate waiting but this story is too goo for me to stress you out with demand just dont take to long dont forgot about us!
It's not like he wanted to do that!!!! Don't you trust him if you knew the secret all along wgy would you blame him???!!! I know that he is responsible too but........ Why what would you do after taking over the M-clan tell everyone that they were being used like puppets and let terror reign over the world is that what you want??!! It's not like he wanted all that to happen he was forced, he was afraid to get his memories erased!! He was entrusted with that responsibility without even having to decide willfully!! And plus it's not only your sister who suffered a lot of people sacrificed and died in vain too.....I know it's not about being selfish cause i'd be lying if I said I didn't care about my loved ones death but still.........HUMANITY HANGS IN THE BALANCE!!!! Why can't you just accept that she died with honor! Well personally I'd probibly curse those M-clan and Likusis bastards but still......I can't say that they take 100% of the blame cuz..duh they're the reason why you would still be breathing, without people like we'd probibly be dead meat.
kraii15: good point 👍👍👍
total 1 replies
. Actually the idea below is more better I think
****(But it's not more justified from the end of Moowon,.......I think would have threatened Rupert that I will never come to him and told him that Moowon and I love each other eternally...............hence we will live and die together.........If something happens to Moowon I will suicide and his(Rupert's) dreams( to pass on genes) will be dreams.......and his efforts of chasing her will never succeed either way......I would have warned him sternly, rather than fearing by his threat ....................... I would have told the truth to Moowon that Rupert found me and threatened me that If I don't leave you after hurting your feelings, after making you hate me, he will kill you............and I would have told him that what I responded.................In that case the story would have ended either Rupert giving up or Joy and Moowon ended up dying............)***..........then this would have no meaning..........well it's kinda INDIAN ideaological, mythical, imaginary type love,.....-sob-.......that is only found in books.......
BTS Forever
I agree. i mean come on girl, grow up a little. You aren't a high school teen anymore. She should at least realise how dangerous her being a zero can be by all she's gone through, but no she still believe people blindly and be a naive idiot who does nothing productive except for drowning in self pity all the time. I swear if she still doesn't learn her lesson, I might stop reading this comic.
Lama Rizekalla
BOI don't just grab her like a doll
Lama Rizekalla: but still this scene gives me memories of traumatic experiences
Lama Rizekalla: but still this scene gives me memories of traumatic experiences
total 17 replies
Samantha J. Burlo
I just busted through this Manga in a couple days! This has been an awesome journey! I am in love with it and I can't wait for a happy ending between Moowon and Joy. This has been a crazy upside down shit show of awesome twists and turns. I'v never watched so many ads or spent money on a single Manga. Nice job Author!👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
How to enter?
1.Go to mine (bottom right corner)
2. Scrol down to Invite friends
3. Enter code
enter what's between )(
Happy reading 😊❤
Frostwolf: I didn't understand what this was before , but I can't believe it 😊 ! Tysm 😜
total 1 replies
Hello Mr. Author, you deserved to rest for sometime.. creating great storyline really requires great imagination and that is very exhausting.
Quality needs time. 😊
thank you for creating 'Collide'.
They who said bad things about Mowoons mom, what r u thinking?
She is nice n unique 🥰🥰🥰
What will mommy do when she knows that Mowoons uncle made it..
i hope Mowoonie get well soon 😘😘😘

Author-nim, thank you for the drawing n story, please take care for ur health.
We will waiting (im) patiently 😁😁✌️
How to enter?
1.Go to mine (bottom right corner)
2. Scrol down to Invite friends
3. Enter code
enter what's between )(
Happy reading 😊❤.
it's so steamy here~
a Damn hot sexy man every were

Author really did a Great awesome (I don't have a word to it because this is art and story or really so so~) work masterpiece
MeEr NuTz
woowww thus story is really amazing !!! i just cant stop reading... just in 2days i finished 200 ep and i didnt even stop in between to comment anything cuz its sooo intresting💯
Archana Mehta: same here i just cudnt stop inbtwn the story is so mesmerizing it made me feel like sum kind of magnet
tulip75: same here...I finished it in 2 days. the story is just amazing!!! can't wait fr the next episode.....
total 2 replies
BaekiiTaeii 😘❤️💋💖
Whaaaaaat???? 😫😫😫This manga is gonna end soon ?? How will I live then...😭😰.. This was my favourite manga:(( ... Why does ever kdrama and kcomic ends so soon, why don't the stretch the story 😖.... If this part ends soon then we want part 2 too author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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