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Me, Secret Agent, Reincarnated In an Otome Game

Dreamy Moon Dreamy Moon
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don't let the bad comments get to you, it's your art and it's okay just as it is, even though the art isn't the best i REALLY like the story it's getting MORE AND MORE interesting, please don't let others comments get you down, because there are enough people who enjoy reading your story
also it doesn't have to have the best art, in my opinion the story is really really great and it wouln't be the same if the art would be made by someone else
it's amazing that you took the step to decide to publish your work, i'm really grateful for being able to read this story
so, please hold on to your curage and don't let others comments get you down!
the story is fine the way it is and if the art would be on the same level as others art, it would get boring, because everyones art would look the same also i don't think your art is that bad, i know how difficould it is to draw that much in a short time so JUST KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK AND DON'T LET SOMETHING GET YOU DOWN
I really look forward to reading your next chapters
Stardust: i wish i'd be able to think up a story :/
but well, even if i'd be able to, i don't think i'd have the courage to show it so anyone
that just so like me xD
and even if i 'd had a story, i'd have to improve drawing a person from head to toe xDD
the head is the easyest part of the persons for me
but i can't draw digital xD
i always draw with paper and pen ( example of my drawing: my profilpicture)
i 'm really looking forward to reading your next chapters
but don't hurry, just take your time, i'll just wait till the next chapter is released even if it takes long :))
Stardust: you're welcome
i really enjoy reading your story :)
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Dreamy Moon
Guys, I'm not going to release a new chapter tonight because I had some family issues. I know you are very disappointed. But soon, you'll have some updates (or many 😏)
Paul ❤bad girl Larisa❤: What size you use for the,,paper"...when you draw...and what app...Thank you
akagami: we are waiting for your return , hurry back
I really miss the updates
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Fattie Akatsukie
I really like the story :) hope there will be more updates soon
It been more then 3 weeks I can’t wait
Otakureader UwU
The art is fine but still it is great,and the story is getting more interesting.I.Love.It.
Antonio Delos Santos
Daily pls
Jennilyn Lopez
make the drawing more clear
Angelnoir pie🐦❤️🐈
please make it daily I'm going to cry!😭😭😭 because it's too beautiful
thanks for the update :)
you've improved a lot, keep at it, it'll only get better
it's really a great story, i like reading it :))
Otakureader UwU
I like how the art has improved but the dialogue....(still good job I enjoyed reading this so far👌🏻)
PijuRadiya💖V: What the name of the manga in your profile picture ?
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please pay more attention to the drawing... im not trying to be a bully but its quite confusing and the dialogue too
Dreamy Moon: Sorry, I'm trying to fix that.
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in some panels the art is good but in others the caracters seem deformed
Thou i want to go further the story, just can’t help bu scroll back to those abs and that sexy smirk! Demmmmnnnnn. 😻👀😍
nice nice, the only thing I can say is that this is only getting better and better!
😎Larisa Maria😎
Thank you for update ....i like it...☺🙏🙏🙏
Djenikha Jeanclaude
I need more fast😭😭
Oseanna Findlay
another 3yrs before 1 short chapter release
chocolate role
seriously then don't fall for the fake one ,fall for the fl ok
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