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Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter

Yoolook Culture
Ang ganda, bravo bravo, super, addition ulit ito sa mga most top kong story na uulit ulitin kong basahan ang gandaa, sana yung season 2 ganyan din kahaba, at medio mabilisan ung release din hahah para di ako nabibitin mag basa hahahah
Raised by wolves
Mom:why is there water everywhere (mom sees me crieng)
Mom:what's wrongs did anybody bullied you
Me:(tells why I'm crieng)
Mom:(knocks my head)
Me:ouch! What was that for!
Mom:that's for crying for a stupid anime
My god im tired of all these where is the baby questionssss!!! like we answered it already then some people still be asking questions about it the baby is in an incubator THE BABY IS INSIDE AN INCUBATOR TO SAVE MIKO......
Unnie kitty
Lol I remember what he asked her' between love you and marry you what will you choose?' If I were her I’d say I prefer both but I wanna marry you, if not ppl will gossip about me:))) honor is important too I mean honor is more important than love in my country.:(
ZaneandRachel Yancey
Um... Han those two things are supposed to go together marriage and love. How do you expect your children to feel love from you if you don’t honor their mother by marriage. You basically want to make them illegitimate kids and their mom a mistress meanwhile Kiki and her child get to be legal wife and look down on them. Come on! Get your brain out of your ass! Manman stop thinking with your heart and think with your brain. Do you want your kids living that way? 🙄
Toka Saphira : thats true only until the parents actually get married, then they become legitimize, at least in most cultures. Though most people now agree that your biological child is legitimate regardless of martial status.
Maryl: Well, they are illegitimate kids because they were conceived out of wedlock.
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dear author
Thank you for making this wonderful comic I know this is a verry late comment that because I was busy of school works and the 1st comic I could ever thought of is this comic and what I leard from this story is no matter how tough life can be Manning and Han still fight for their way there may be ups and down in life yet they do their best to protect their love ones and continue to live on no matter how far the journey will lead them to their l♥ve is too strong that no can can break their barrier, so I am really thankful to be one a thousand readers that read this wonderful comic

-sincerely by reader♥
Mr. Bad Sandwich : name just you want a lovely name
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I’m getting mad at Han😠. Why don’t you let her explained why did she do that? How did she do that? And when you get mad at her only a few minutes you dare to marry others girls? I’m so disappointed of you even Manning too!!!
Luh, mga baliw para kayung bipolar kanina galit tas ngayon okay nanaman, gulo niong dalawa, mag ayos na lang kayu para di na kayu mag away nu bayan hahahha magpaliwanagan kayu ng masinsinan para wala ng misunderstanding potek hahahaha 😁😁😁
Kuyaa gulo mo, pag explainin mo kase si manning ng maayos, tamo to ohh, ngayong gusto sia balikan ng ex nia ayaw naman nia bitawan, kaloka ka eh hahaha, magusap kayu maayos may dahilan naman si manning sa issue about sa map ehh hahaha
ahh I badly want to jump in this manga and say he is ur child and u r his father
ITSRM: Yeah 🤣
exo _kyung: he know sis
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O. m. g I hate noan sun y can't u let her he he blocking everything and he acts so pathetic I swear if I was Manning I would of been so vicious towards him and told handling to keep if far from me
Yewon Han

Noan tries to find manning again and tries to break the relationship of them. But when he finds out that now manning doesnt like him he decides to let her go
Raised by wolves : Well that was really helpful
Hello _Friend: Well that's just sad
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Luzviminda Go Quintinita
dahh mao ka han basta ikaw mo love og lain okay ra nimo pero og si manman gani dika mo sugot nya og naay mo gukod niya di sad ka mo sugot pero og ikaw mo gukod okay pas alright pwede ba give us freedom kung dili na gani ninyo love ang usa ka tao buhi na kahibaw mo sakit raba basta ikaw ra mo gukod sa tao nga naay gihigugma nga lain
Raised by wolves
This is I'm ganna say to you nuan its too late if you make a decision you can't turn back to what happened first you have to think about it before you make a decision that's how life works nuan😔😔😔
Uhm nagawa na ba yun cesarean? Naka incubator na ba ung baby nia tapos na ba?? Or wala pa gagawin palang? Or dun muna sila sa tatay ni han ung marrow donor, medio nalilito lang ako sa part na yun???
Thank U, Next Bitch

Season 2 of this manga is going to be about Miko and her childhood sweetheart! (Its a brown haired boy) Season 2 is going to show that Miko has grown up. There are about 5 episodes (I think) in season 2 and it's released on the Chinese version of this app (sad part is that I don't even know what they're are saying in the Chinese version :'( but I look at the pictures lol).

Anyways I hope that you all enjoyed the spoiler and comment if you want spoilers for other mangas on this app!
Thank U, Next Bitch: the 2nd season is going to be about miko and her childhood lover
Thank U, Next Bitch: I don't know what it says bcuz it's in Chinese. Check the chinese version of this app.
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Nurul Aliah
FINALLY I FINISHED THIS STORY!!! although it got many plot twist that make me mad for it but then, it's a good story!!! i love it!!!❤️❤️❤️ I NEED ONE HAN NANKUNG IN REAL LIFE ASAO 😂😂
For me? Manman is the stupidest leading lady in manga that I've ever known. Why don't you just tell Han about Noan? And if you don't feelings like you claim to for Noan, why not face him? If you don't want him, he doesn't the choice but to let you go. It's not like, if you see him you two will be together again. Duh! And stop apologizing and wooing that Jojo girl. If she really is your "best friend" she won't be stabbing and cursing you on your back. Damn. I like the story and all but the cast are all dumb.
Camila Elise: I completely agree with that
Mazikeen: Why don't you keep it yourself? @Yukina if you don't want to read an unbiased opinion, don't read it okay?
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Kamen Rider Decade
"should you tell the kid that you are their father? does that mean the mc already knows that han ready realized miko and chaim are his children?
Hana Rashwan: I..I don't remember but when he first knew and asked her to make sure she said yes
Kamen Rider Decade: what panel/chapter?
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I hate that best friend! It’s an unspoken rule that you never get together with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend💩
I will eat your cake UwU: Yah Its in the Girl code.A unspoken rule but a powerful tool
Heven Hortelano: it's GOLDEN 😂
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