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Stockholm Lover

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Stockholm Lover Comics Online. Jian xi, an ordinary girl who leads a simple life works as a common office worker. Not a single time has she imagined to have something to do with danger and richness. But that day a gang surrounded her searching her bag and found a bomb in there! What's more, the young master of that gang kidnapped her and said she was his fiancée! And she has to act as this rich and domineering man’s fiancée and comfort him...

MangaToon got authorization from SaDongMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Stockholm Lover:
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Kinseyboi 02
For the people who is talking bad about him I think you need a recap of the story or at leats a couple of the chapters they fell in love she tried to run away from his father so he decided to go with her leaving everything behind but she betrayed him and knocked him out and put him into enemy hands and he probably almost lost his life then she erased her memory cause she couldn't handle the guilt they met again falls back in love she regains some of her memories then to his knowledge shot his father then she regains all of her memories and then puts herself in danger to were he risked his life to protect her and even if he did lie about having amnesia it was so they can be together even if it was for a little bit and she won't feel as guilty cause he wouldn't remember so if anything she is in the wrong and until I see him do something wrong I'm on his side
JackFrosT: Im a guy but i love stories in which the boy cause a very huge mistake to the girl and because of that mistake the girl got an accident i dont care if the girl gets blind or will have an amnesia again lol and then the guy will feel very guilty about it to the point he will do everything just to ask for forgiveness and the girl will play hard to get until she gives in XD... a very cliche story but very romantic and i hope this is where the story goes hehe.... If u have already read stories like that please recommend something for me hahahaa have mercy im only a teenager 😂🤣
Neha💕: but he is hiding something about baby birth !!
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No one
I'm exploding
at first i became really sad seeing the grave thinking it's feng's, but then i was relived knowing it's her parents which is also sad but at least it's not feng's

then she started talking but family thing with that police officer ming

and then an engagement ring on her ring finger...then I was like "WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT???!!!?"

and at last i saw fend all alive, living with her, same engagement ring on his ring finger too, and no more hatred and all those

i mood went like "sad happy sad happy sad happy "
now finally I'm soooooo happy😭😭😭😭😭😆😆😆😆 finally it's all over and they are together
hope nothing bad is in the way
Ok most of have a prediction so here is mine.

Let us say that he didn't tale the child cause if he took it she could easly find a way to get it back but think about this scenario.

What if she lost the child and was either told or saw him kill her and when I say saw him I mean someone looking like him. That would be a perfectly good reason for her to want to kill him. Cause if the child was alive we would have known or maybe not. He is lying and we know it and he is lying to her even though he told her the code.

i think she will lose the child and she will worknher way to kill him and not only that but will also find the killers of her parents and deal with them and then come after the idiot.

what do you guys think
ShiaKaye: yep, u have a great point but gosh the two of them are like double edge sword
krystalgem rose: I thought this was ment to be romantic?
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