Bitter Sweets
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Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets
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Bitter Sweets Comics Online. Being a nurse sounds romantic or even sexy in some people's view but only when you are in that uniform yourselves, can you learn that don't judge a candy by its wrapping paper. A lovely young nurse working in a top hospital in the city, is relied on heavily by her parents for financial support. She's working hard but so unlucky that she keeps bumping into distress in work and bullied by a chief nurse, which turns out that the chief nurse is jealous about her relationship with the handsome doctor...

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Victoria Powell
I really hope there's going to be a sequel to this or there's more to it this is serious cliffhanger so please don't lose weight and suspense let us know if there's going to be a sequel or more to this one please and thank you I love the art and I love the storyline I love the characters in general so please if you can let us know if there will be a sequel to this or if there's more to this coming please and thank you keep up the wonderful work
エン エン
The Head Nurse and Dr. Zhang will go upstairs in his wife's room, Head Nurse will drink the tea, Zhang asks her if our FL is taking leave, then she says yes, and she told him that she pitied our FL that she been through hardships at such a young age, then Dr. Zhang started asking her about the ML's conditions, the head nurse refused to answer him saying its her dignity as a nurse not to disclose patients condition to other people other than the patients and patients relative. Then she stumbled into a casket(coffin) of Zhang's wife, he then told her that his wife's skeleton is beautiful, then he added yours too (referring to Head Nurse skeleton) but your flesh and skin are hindrances, then he's going to tie her and do the surgery of taking her or skinning her "alive".. He actually told the nurse (when she stumbled and asks if that's his wife's skeleton, and he answers back "yeah isn't it beautiful?") she can have what his wife have and she can even accompany her,,
Belle candle: Ohhhhh serial killer..
Poor head nurse...
Alaiza Jane Balindres Reyes: incomplete
total 5 replies
Lianne Mendoza
is the story was incomplete?!?
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