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Crazy in love

Megan Salter Megan Salter
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Two child hood friends meet so suddenly but mai doesn’t know until later on that he was her first love. Only jay was the one to notice her however she was different and had gone crazy. Driven crazy by love

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Clayton Wishon
officially top 10 good job with this author/artists this will be a great one I can tell ✌😜
yandere love 4 life ✌😍🔪
I hope I can get a girl that would love me that much 😅 I'm kind of the type to avoid large groups of people and can't really talk well to others bsicly I say stuff at random and not whats on my mind so yah I am not very optimistic about my chances last girl I tryed dating dumped me for carving a heart shaped necklace with her initials on it and no it's not creepy that I used a trees heart wood it adds to the necklaces total character I guess I might have a problem of trying too hard I'll admit it I'm also not the sharpest tool in the shed and I forgot where I'm going with this ok well nice read you guys can't what for next update ✌😜
cicita bxxxa
Nice.... But where the horror is?
Atom 432
the way you draw is cute it just that the people's perception didn't approve of it but for me your work is one of the most cutest thing I have ever seen I would have read this if there was an update but unfortunately you have other planss. well if that's the path you chose we, fans of your will support you
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