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Love Stronger Than Death

Ashymar Ashymar
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Nathanael was born with strong divine powers. In fact, he discovered them as the world became more and more subject to the assaults of demons. He was then seen by many as the savior of Arcadia, and so he began his journey with his assigned bodyguard, Gall. And there they are, going on a long yet exciting adventure that will be an opportunity for Nath to control his (for now unstable) powers ... and to learn about his mysterious ally...

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Hey, author here. I usually don't comment and talk to all of you by the author's moment. But I felt that I had to talk as quickly as possible. It isn't my fault for the three weeks delay. I sent this episode last week but it tooks a whole week of verification and publication, I was really mad of the time it took.

I hope you still like LSTD, and thanks for your supports

taniya m: hi... don't worry dear ashymar it happen sometimes ...don't stress yourself...thank you for your hard work.. I like your story and art please keep on and do your best, we support you 😊❤
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Ashlee The Princess Gacha gamer
MMmmmMmmMmmMmmmmmmmmM I'm looking for gall
taniya m
tnx... this chapter was so cute and nostalgic (Alis in wonderland )... my favorite story in my childhood ... owo ❤
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