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Love Stronger Than Death

Ashymar Ashymar
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Nathanael was born with strong divine powers. In fact, he discovered them as the world became more and more subject to the assaults of demons. He was then seen by many as the savior of Arcadia, and so he began his journey with his assigned bodyguard, Gall. And there they are, going on a long yet exciting adventure that will be an opportunity for Nath to control his (for now unstable) powers ... and to learn about his mysterious ally...

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i personally like your artstyle. it's cute. it has a something that makes me want to read it more. i love the whole existence of this comic. i love you too author. thank you God for blessing us with such a wonderful author. i know im exaggerating but im not afraid to be proud of what i like. also, DAB ON DEM HATERSSSSS. 😂😂 Good luck on your journey author.😊
I love this so much. And for the bonus episode I can't really decide witch one I like the most... :A Nath x Gall or a fairytale... I love both of the ideas... T_T can't you do like both at the same time? I don't know... by the way I love your drawing style ❤️
hailian arumpac
upgrade the drawing.. make them a lit bit larger and clearer.. i mean, its a bit shabby.. i don't want u to feel down on ur work but.. maybe u know..?? hehehe.. though, u made it really cute but it will be more interesting if u could've just make it more real hot anime look like.. hehe😅😅 i really like ur story.. if u really are more comfortable with ur artstyle then its fine.. keep it up..!!!
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