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my vampire prince

jaya tejaswini
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this shows the love story between a human girl and a vampire prince. the story deals with a girl named Rose and a vampire named Zen. Rose life is full of adventure. she and her friend works in a organisation which support peace act between vampire and human. will her peacefully life change with the enter of Zen? what will happen to Rose, will there love be succeed?.

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School life
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Amalia Azucena Rua Urbaez
Names are similar to another story based on special scholars, magic and also reading the first two chapters I have the impression that this is the first time the author is writing a book, regardless I will keep reading just to check how the story get its track
there may be few mistakes but i am try to my best to change words as i am writing story ending part of story, i hope that you all will support my first story, the next episode will have alot of twists so please do read it
jayatejaswini: thank you
Soni Shrestha: i love this story
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the sentence in the dialogue we go according to plan,i will clearly the way for you and zen to escape,.....
the word clearly does not suite the sentence it should be just clear and sorry if this bothers u
jayatejaswini: it alright, thank you for your advice
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