Boys’ Love


Tanzi Mehjabin
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Everyone wants to get rid of a troublemaker ...... but what will happen when the troublemaker committed suicide without any reason? or there really was a reason?
Neo , 19 years old girl committed suicide to escape from reality but somehow she didn't die instead she reborn in an another body as a boy. though first she was annoyed later she started to enjoy herself. also she regretted her action of committing suicide later!..........................

''What I want , is something that I can never obtain" Neo murmured while smiling at Samir.

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Boys’ Love
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Deepika Tomar
you did a pretty good job author .I can almost image that whole romantic/ teasing scene in my mind . Thanks for such a long chapter and this cute interaction of them.
So keep up the GREAT work.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Deepika Tomar
Author !!! are you indian ??? because some names are indian. BTW i'm loving it😄❤️
Deepika Tomar: 🤗😄...
Trash: well ur thought wasnt completely wrong ... Im from neighborhood country...... anyway Im glad u enjoyed the story.....
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not adulting today!!! am I?🤔
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