The Inbetween
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The Inbetween

Mabel Wang Mabel Wang
The Inbetween
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oh my gosh he looks so much like Sehun from kpop group EXO!
hello l connecté for you
Byun ShanLharl
he actually looks like sehun if your a fannn you'll instantly know lol ahahahhaha
Khushi Begum
update pls
santa u gave us so many gift but forgot to pay the tax~😠😵 #ashtae #merrychristmer
ur art style is unique!!!keep it up
Silviya Godatwar
episodes pls. .. . 🤗
Ayano aishi
is this sehum or jin but i will vote for bts
Shit Face
why the hell that look like Sehun from EXO
Kang Ai Ra
Kang Ai Ra
Kang Ai Ra
oh my god
Sneha Gowda
Story went too fast
Pinch me
Why does he look Sehun of exo and Jin of bts? 😂🤔 What kind of sorcery is thissss
Kang Ai Ra: me too haha let's support the author
Kiara Nangoy: 😂 I was thinking the same thing
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he looks like sehun
kitty can
I've only read one chapter and I've already fallen in love with it I love your art btw Jace looks like Jin from BTS 💜 idk maybe I'm just dumb but keep up the great work 😊💗
Kiersy Torrés
i want to have his power. like you can achieve anything you want but it's bad to take away others :<
college im coming😆✌✌: yeah right ...and i finally knew the secret of the one top in my class😤😱😱 he must have powers like jace lee touching books and getting the best marks😠😣 ... just kiding😂😂😂.....aaahh i really wonder how do they get the 1 class😑😑
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the art is fabulous, don't care what others say, I admire your art cause like my self here I can't draw a thing.i really like the comic too, it's great and all u people out here that is being rude STOP!. even if u don't like the art just keep it to yourself the world don't have to know that u don't like the art, how childish of u guys? do u know how much efforts the creator put in the work? u should appreciate what others do, and not what it looks like. I am literally fed up all u'all bull, just try to be nice the world don't of to see your sh*tty side, and neither does the creator, u guys should be more appreciative, thankfull, grateful, of what this creator has done, him/her probable stayed up all night to finish this art work. I LOVE YOIR ART WORK #GOODJOBCREATOR
BTS & EXO fangirl 😍😍
he is looking like SEHUN 😘😘
Akime Yuko
I'm so sorry but this is the worst art so far .....I can't
No one: Nah,Its a little bit cute but author needs improvemen on eyes and mouth shading author should not make it look like real cause it would not reach the improveme
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Anshika 💐
It reminds me of Edward Cullen how he can read everyone's mind except bella
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