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Hara Na
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Lady Scheherazade
👉 Did his mother never ever thought about the possibility of him getting caught during the honeymoon? 😬
👉 I think they were friends before (based on the photograph) and Ed liked him that's why he's against with the marriage haha
👉 I want to see the next episode. And I hope that the grammar and the conversation will improve. (please consider this as a constructive criticism. I don't mean to offend. 😊 just wanna help improve your work writer. The art and the plot are good.)

fighting! 💪

Claire Abaton
what a sad story her daugther is sick her husband is dead what will happened to them😭😭😭😭
Kayla Brown
He’s cheating with that same woman his mom spoke of or I’m wrong whatsoever
Kayla Brown
That’s where he he’s playing his sister because something is wrong with but still...😭😭😭😭😭😭
It’s so sad this can’t be the ending for him no but I fell sorry for him
Kayla Brown
I wanna punch jerk you will regret that Edward just watch
Your Entire Stock Please
If you hurt him again
My baby bat will COVID you out of existence
Kayla Brown
Damn couldn’t he just smile a little
💖my lovely aivy💖
you also regret it if arya suiced in front of you
when will this comic update?😢
zyl jayme123
when are you going to update this comic?
zyl jayme123
imma staple his damn mouth
Srishti Kohli
update plzzzzzz
it's been long you updated this comic
Ash Pikachu
is it Arya in the photo
Hitomi Von Allen
update plz
Tari Asta
Up please
Ada Wong #15
Update!!!!! Update!!!!!
sparkling eyes
he is so handsome😍😍😍😍😍
Kayla Brown
That son of b$$ch
Kayla Brown
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