Captain's Tender Love
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Captain's Tender Love

Captain's Tender Love
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
I swear where can I find a man like this only look at me and f**k me the whole day honestly does these guys available in real life
RORYMERCURY : yes yes indeed
nanami ななみ: both anime and shoojo manga is created on it
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JUST MY THEORY.....I think she is the original owner of the virgin of the sea and that she used it and got such great results that she looks this young but something happened and she lost her memories and she's not the daughter searching for info on her biological mom, but that she's searching for herself and doesn't know it.
Haroon Sherani: just like when she turned 9 she didn't remember anything after 9, so if she turned to a baby she naturally will be like a new born.
lizzie__devilchild: i think she is one of the lost fam member of the virgin of the sea
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andrea apilado
I really don't know but i always have something on a manga male character who is wearing glasses or has blue eyes. Thry could look innocent but at them same time dangerous 😍😍😍
💜0w0💜: Omg same~
Saeng.guuu: Hey guys, check out my novels in my account. BONUS: I have new fanfic, BTS taehyung's fanfic
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it's me
hey guys would you please read the first episode of this novel I'm writing and give me your opinions about it. it really would mean the world to me it's called "I believe in love" and thank you so so much beforehand.
it's me: yes thank u so much
Jana Tarek: is it in this website
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This girl needs a Psychiatrist cos she is loco. No way Hanyu will leave Feifei who for some reason is an expect of biological sciences (even more than me and I've been a student of biological sciences my whole life) for an old hag like you!!
nanami ななみ: hey buddy if you dont mind can you read my chat story " CAPTURED BY THE NATIONAL HUSBAND!" ....
i hope that it will make you experience the emotions and feelings that most of the reader searches for in a NOVEL or CHAT STORY....
find out that whether this chat story is a COMMON ROMANCE GENRE....or...
what's the definition of LOVE?...
what's the definition of TRUST?...
what's the definition of FEAR?....
what's the definition of HATRED?....
I hope you get the answer as you read it till the recent update of episodes...!
any sort of reviews and feedbacks are accepted.....and if you like the chat story you can subscribe it!
and rate it all 5 STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!!
i hope you give it a chance to grab your INTEREST...!!~
thank you...and I am sorry if I disturbed you....
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₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾
wtf gurl you just broke up with your bf and now you go and blush when you see another guy? girl wtf also guy wtf r you doin? boiii why tf would you dare steal from a girl even if ur a soldier police or whatever where tf did you get that courage/braveness from?
Madison Olson: So? You can think someone is attractive and blush when you have a boyfriend. As long as you don’t intentionally go out and cheat with the person.
Izzy Lu: Who blames her he’s hot
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Woahh why hanyu is cool
toonlove: Yes he is getting handsome and handsome every day
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love the female lead...she's so unique and so perfect she's smart, wise, has a good attitude, beautiful, elegant and the most important of all she is not Weak and not to emotional that makes their relationship with the ml strong.....not like other female leads tsk(no offence
Jian Mo💔
Omg some MLs are so perfect and so handsome that it feels like there is no one in this world who deserves to be their partner.... Hanyu looked like that in this chapter
Jian Mo💔
90% of the love stories in the mangatoon starts with the word "interesting" and with the boyfriend of FL cheating on her
🌼Wild flower🍁🌼: tbh it's annoying
PapiLeonardo: soooo truuuee
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Al H: They’re actually really supportive. I like this change in character traits. Can we keep? No? Dammit.
Kars: I really do hope they become her friends
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Fengmei Zeng
Honestly I think this is the best one I have ever readed because every episode is rom... Most of the story I pay for it gets more and more boring ( my first comment on story's ) work harder don't give up *^* ( Crazy update please ):)
Akabane Karma
This is one of the best manga i have ever watched 🤩always surpasses my expectation
how this woman called herself a "best friend'' when she want to steal Hanyu, our sweet, brave and angelic Feifei's boyfriend?
The Nice Little Girl
I wonder if its the effect of the necklace. I mean, isn't it the reason that she didn't want to get it lost?
wikapedia: I was thinking it was the ring but then the necklace thing sort of makes sense too
B Gamer carolina: No she just made that up.......I think
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Kathleen Sacluti
Perhaps she was pretending to be her bestfriend all along! She never was and never is one esp. if you plan to steal someone else's man/love! Somebody take her away!!!
That's cool, Hanyu and Fei Fei figured out who that blue haired lady was. awesome episode.
Cassandra Arcega
damn she can make a boyfriend and husband so fast while I don't even know how to talk to guys , she makes me look like a peasant
Monica: 😂 LoL
Phoenix: I can't do anything unique so that's out of the question
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Jian Mo💔
No one can fool you get it.....emperor Ross or one
snow cruz
I have been thinking, the first time they meet she already had the star necklace, but why now she didn't wear it and Hanyu keep on searching 🤔🤔
at: but where is it noww??
Sarah : Same I have been thinking about the necklace, I couldn’t understand where is it now
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