Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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Unforgettable Love Of Mine

Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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Since 47 is put back, 48 is pushed into the next updating window, meaning it will be released tomorrow (Friday EST). If you find the latest update on Friday is something you have read, please go back to 47 to check the skipped chapter.

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Jeon Suxtar: Authorrrrr where's thee 71 episode it has been weeek u didn't updateee we wantttt ittt
baby sanha: hey MT, is there no ep71 its been more than a week and it's not coming...what happend??
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I honestly don’t like how manipulative the ML is and how he’s forcing her into these all the time. I feel so bad for her and the way she and her original boyfriend’s relationship ended was very sad and tragic.

I don’t think the ML has any respect for her or her privacy and is gonna continue to tie her by contract and force her to do whatever pleases him. Sigh I’m hoping she’ll successfully escape him but I feel like that’s not gonna happen.

Tbh guys, I know this out of topic, and I feel like most people won’t care, but I’ve been having a really bad day lately. I Just need someone to talk to, I’ve been bullied for a month by someone on this app for 3 comments that I made. I know I comment on a lot of mangas and I do get an immense amount of replies from people, mostly positive, but I feel drained, some of the hate has been getting to me recently :(
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸: Keep spirit. I'll always for your comment updates.
Chimi Kimari: I'm sad
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“omg why does she hate me so much?”🤪

LMAOAO WHAT!? Maybe because you r@ped her, abused her, tortured her, held her captive as a prisoner in your home!? What kind of STUPID question is that!? How can she not hate you!? 🙄

I don’t understand how people can blame her so much but defend this garbage ML’s behavior all the time 🙄 If you think him “being in love with her” gives him a right to force her to stay, abuse her, and hold her captive against her will, then you are simply beyond delusional.

And IMO, That apology was so freaking FAKE and insincere and the way he blamed her saying she killed their child was disgusting on his part. She didn’t miscarry the baby on purpose and AGAIN would any of this have happened if you have just treated her with respect and didn’t abuse her!? of course Rui Chen would blame everyone else except himself for his disgusting actions as per usual 😑
X: Well said! & you're always stating nothing but facts about this story 👏
Nadeishko: OMG you are so right!!
It's all true!!!
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Wiji 🖤
just when i see this and remember their few Happy moments though they bicker i feel more uneasy.. the loss of baby and accusation and going through all this she'd lose her mind but luckily at least she still hang in there.. and him he should know already she'dnt do a harm to their baby she's a woman, she was a mother to be how she'd do smt like that.. just when i thought he's smart but turned to the stupidest scum who let another woman meddle in their affair and choose to leave our girl i'd understand him since he also lost his unborn child but to not trust her when she dun have any coming good from lying and hurt her feelings thats no good, he should learn from his younger bro ..
he disappointed me !! surely gonna regret it again Misterrrr
im Heart broken for her for reaaal she went through alot of s****
This love is hurtful if he doesnt do smt right it's just an unhealthy relationship
he loves her and she loves him but ntg right Come Out of this hopefully something good happen in upcoming chaps
Queen Elsa
Ouyang rui is responsible for all of this situation.. He imprisoned fei fei like a psycho person... Is it a way of showing and expressing of your love???? You have pressured her so much that she was scared of you and tried to escape from you for many times.. Yet, you did not understand her. You are just selfish. A selfish person who cares about nothing except himself.. If you let her go, the situation would be different today and fei fei would not suffer like this..
And fei fei acted like a foolish girl at the last moment. This was good you wanted to escape. Fine!! Escape!! But why did you trust a strange girl whom you did not know very well??? You could you use your own intelligence to escape.. You should have not signed the contract ouyang rui. Although he would find a another way to imprison you but you could show your strong attitude by saying "no".. You should have tried harder to escape by using your own intelligence when you have known that you were pregnant.. Now, you have lost your unborn baby.. See!! The result of trusting an unknown girl!!!!!"
This chapter actually made me mad, like I can’t believe the AUDACITY this asshole has to call the FL the heartless one and then BLAME her for trying to leave his abusive ass 🙄

She didn’t miscarry the baby on purpose, and none of this would’ve happened if you treated her well. Would she be so desperate to leave you if you didn’t treat her worse than a dog? She is heartless meanwhile you were the one that held her captive against her will while abusing and torturing her? Not to mention you r@ped her as well!?. If she is heartless then you are EVIL and worse than a dog! 🙄

It is dangerous out there for her, but she is not safe around someone as abusive as you. It’s funny how he’s acting like he is a safe haven for her when he tortured her and almost killed her himself. I absolutely hate how he’s acting like he wasn’t the major reason why all this tragedy happened, he is selfish and a narcissist.

It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault but never his.
LOL for that ONEE STAB you guys all automatically hate her so much, but you guys still like Rui Chen even after he abused her, r@ped her, held her captive, almost killed her and even their baby, tied her by contract? And list goes on, the bias towards the ML in this comic and Bossy President is so obvious. Well, I’m not even surprised anymore, women love to blame the other women while enabling the man’s terrible behavior.

And I don’t understand why people think she is stupid for suspecting that’s Rui Chen killed her ex. out of all the people around her, who is the common denominator for her suffering? The ML. I mean he only tortured her and almost killed her, why would she think he won’t do that to other people including her ex? She’s not stupid, I would suspect him too if I were in her shoes. Geez y’all only care about the ML’s perspective but don’t even care if the FL is a victim or not.
Y e s h: The people on here make me lose hope in humanity. People let the ML get away with EVERYTHING just because of their looks and it's soo sick. No one should make this behavior seem normal, fictional or not.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: The people crucifying her and hating on her are HYPOCRITES. You guys hate her for that ONE STAB but still love the ML after all the messed up things he did to her? It just doesn’t make any sense! I’m a woman myself and I’m not even that far up the ML’s ass no matter how handsome he is. That is just my opinion tho
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Ouyang Jue helped Fei Fei to revenge by killing Adelina. What will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 65 and 66)
Alisha Regmi: thanks
Yazz: thnks
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She wanted to go away. Turned totally blind towards his feelings. Killed his child(I'm saying this coz she wanted a abortion badly). She's sucha bad mother. The last time I read about sucha heartless FL was in "Tow in One" which is the most rubbish story I've ever read. But never mind FeiFei has always been excessive. She's living a rich life. What more could you ask?? All you need to do is speak a bit wisely instead of trying to flee in the name of freedom. That's very adult like of her. That's too childish. FeiFei is my second most hated FL after Rachel/Summer
Melody Han: She is in an abusive relationship, (most) all females want to be happy with their significant other NOT being abused in any way. The ml may be rich,handsome has anything but he can’t force a girl to stay by his side if he is just rude, being a rapist, doesn’t believe their “love one”. I give the female a big agree that she want’s to escape him........ but she.......( spoiler, not saying)
Any women with a brain that can think. Want nothing more then to escape an abusive relationship. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself be in an “abusive relationship” then u may know what the FL is going through
Grey Morgan: This is one of the dumbest opinion I’ve ever read.
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Fei Fei has finally left Rui Chen and the mansion. Rui Chen has asked Finian to prepare to launch their attack towards the Kaiser family. What will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 67 & 68)
xXaliciabirthXx: thanks!!
SpoilerBean : Hey everyone! I have already posted ep 69! Click on my profile to check on my moments for it. Also, I think the comment settings are back to the old style where hot comment gets to stay on top! So, please give my post a like and comments so that my post gets to stay on the first few top! 😁😁 I gotta sleep now. Goodnight~~!
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Ok, I get that it wasn’t the smartest choice for her to just trust that blonde girl without any questioning or second thoughts, but the amount of people saying she deserves to suffer just because she wanted to escape the ML irks me so much. That’s just flat out victim blaming and I don’t stan that shit. She is not unreasonable for wanting to leave the ML and she is not unreasonable for thinking the ML killed her ex. I mean he only r@ped her, tortured her, held her captive, etc. how could she possibly think he would ever kill someone *sarcasm* 😒

I would think he’s crazy enough to kill people too if I were in her shoes. That doesn’t make her stupid. As a woman myself I can’t understand why someone would say she deserves that much suffering even though the ML abused her and put her through so much suffering himself, it’s only natural that she would want to leave him, but okay! 😷

Crazy otaku : I'm happy that atleast there is someone who thinks the same as me ......
I was abt to write abt all these things but as i enter the comment box , I saw urs n it made me satisfy to know atleast there is someone other then me who is upset after seeing others commenting that to the FL ..... Just keep it up
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“You can’t even watch over a woman!”

🙄🙄 THIS is proof that the ML does not respect the FL and thinks she is inferior to him.

“I thought my ways would earn her happiness”

This ML is honestly so self-centered, almost like a narcissist. Could he really think holding her captive, binding her by contract, and forcing her around by threat is the right way to “make her happy”? 🙃

I honestly can’t blame her for wanting to leave this abusive asshole, but at the same time she shouldn’t have trusted that blonde girl and waltz into this trap either. I still can’t consider her STUPID though, he only r@ped her, abused her, held her captive, etc. how could she possibly think he would murder someone? *sarcasm* some of y’all are too much on the victim blaming in your comments. He honestly deserved that stab for being the abusive jerk he is. I’m all for her leaving that man until he learns how to RESPECT her.
Omg I CANT ANYMORE!! I should stop reading the comments on this one and just focus on the story instead 😣. The comment section here is literally CANCER, same for bossy president.

Why do females love blaming other females even if they’re victims of abuse and assault?

She is not stupid for wanting to leave that ML I cannot repeat this enough!!!! Sure, she shouldn’t have trusted that blondie, but she was DESPERATE to leave him because HE WOULDN’T STOP ABUSING AND TOTURING HER!! I would’ve done the same thing she did if I was abused and held captive for that long!! You guys don’t blame the ML for abusing her but you guys blame her because she wanted to leave the abusive ML!? Like wow, the double standards 🙄
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: How can people blame her so much!? If the ML didn’t treat her so horribly, would she be this desperate to leave him!? I cannot blame her for this at all, she is completely reasonable and I understand WHY she believed he killed her ex and why she wants to leave him. How can people be so heartless 😣
Let_me...: wow! finally, someone witj the same opinion as mine.
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OMG FINALLY he let her go! 🙄 Unlike Aubery Kung, he actually has a conscience!

But honestly he still has NO RIGHT to call her the heartless one. If she is heartless then what are you!? Takes one to know one 😑. Maybe if you actually treated her with respect and kindness she wouldn’t have been so dead-set on leaving you all the time! Nobody’s fault except yours.

And it’s not her fault for not trusting him and wanting to escape him. Would you trust someone that has taken advantage over you so many times and has forced himself onto you!? Don’t think so
Angela Yi
Some of you people are so DISGUSTING! Nobody deserves to be tortured and abused the way she did, doesn’t matter if they’re stupid or not! 🙄 How can some of you people even say that she deserved it!? You guys are messed up on a whole another level if you think someone deserves to get r@ped, abused, and held captive just to end up losing the child at the end for trying to escape their abuser. God that made me wanna throw up I was SOOO CLOSE to wishing the same thing would happen to some of y’all. I lost faith in humanity after reading the comments on here, Bossy President, and Pure Girl I’m out! 🤮
Queen Elsa: I agree with you...
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Ok one last thing to finish off my last comment on this chapter. Honestly why do some of you guys blame her so much?

Would she have tried to run away if the ML treated her nicely?

I completely understand her point of view and I find her VERY reasonable. Even though her trusting that blondie without a doubt was not safe decision on her part, I understand why she did it, because she was so desperate for freedom and so desperate to leave her abusive captor that she took the risk without a second thought. People make dumb mistakes every once in a while, that doesn’t make them stupid. I don’t find her stupid at all, but that is just my opinion.
Yen Wu: he finally actually properly apologized for his misunderstanding and wrongdoing. but as the girl who has been wronged so many times, she did it to him too now, feels kind of like a hypocrite.

we'll see in next chapter, i hope they just properly talk, move on together searching for the bad guy instead of more hate and misunderstanding. i'm prepared to rant about ML if he blame the girl for losing the child.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Well neither did he show any remorse for almost all the horrendous things he did to her until recently, so I think we can call it even on that part lol
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Hey i just wanna rant ahaha
So basically we filipinos already have a case of the corona virus and we are currently in lockdown😭 i wish some people who doesn’t have a place to stay in may someone have a good heart and take them in
Nandini Iyer: I’m in 8th grade and schools have closed down in LA (including mine) I’m really sad since we might not be able to graduate and do all those fun things
fairyxlightz : california too, but i dont think all schools are closed yet
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cheshire cat 1S
So this is random but I love crossover ships even if there just Disney ships there good but I really love the anime crossover ships but I can’t find many so I’m asking you what is your favorite crossover ship ( anime or Disney I prefer anime because I already have a lot of Disney ship but hey as long as you got a ship I’m fine ) tell me if you want to reply I’ll start us off
Deku x Akko

Deku : my hero academia

Akko : little witch academia
zesta: fairy tail x rave
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White Lotus
hhmm... she is stupid to begin with because she choos to escape instead of looking at the kind attitude that Ruichen show her. From the beginning Ruichen save her many times, defend her, and save her dignity. it's true that his way to approach feifei is wrong but it's because feifei's attitude is a switch on to begin with. She wants to revenge for her ex without realizing that her ex is already someone else's husband. wtf where's your brain feifei? Don't cling on married man even when he is trying to get you back!! so strupid of FL I ever see. she know that she is pregnant but trying to escape without consent for her unborn baby. Is she so clueless that her involvement in others people's misfortune will not do her any harm?! ckckck...
Wiji 🖤
i felt tearyyy reading her diary and recalling what she went through..😢😢😠😠 he was soo wrong and always jump to conclusions without taking in consideration what really happened ..
but smh i pity him cuz he looks like he was raised with no affection or family's warmth and his love to her shouldnt be harmful to her he needs to know how be express it either learn from his younger bro hh
Hope she finds happiness though we know what gonna happen ofc
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