Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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Unforgettable Love Of Mine

Unforgettable Love Of Mine
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Dear Readers,

Due to a recent system glitch, ep 48 instead of ep 47 was released on January 2 (Thursday EST). As a result, you may find the story jumped ahead. Now we have fixed this problem.

Since 47 is put back, 48 is pushed into the next updating window, meaning it will be released tomorrow (Friday EST). If you find the latest update on Friday is something you have read, please go back to 47 to check the skipped chapter.

For those who have already unlocked 48, rest assured, we won’t charge you twice for the same episode. If you do experienced this problem, use the feedback function (go to “mine”-“feedback”) to get reimbursed.

Yours Sincerely,
Amina Haris: Thank u I checked it still works 😊💜
Editor.MT: I just checked the systwm. You can still use points/c0upons to unlock.
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I honestly don’t like how manipulative the ML is and how he’s forcing her into these all the time. I feel so bad for her and the way she and her original boyfriend’s relationship ended was very sad and tragic.

I don’t think the ML has any respect for her or her privacy and is gonna continue to tie her by contract and force her to do whatever pleases him. Sigh I’m hoping she’ll successfully escape him but I feel like that’s not gonna happen.

Tbh guys, I know this out of topic, and I feel like most people won’t care, but I’ve been having a really bad day lately. I Just need someone to talk to, I’ve been bullied for a month by someone on this app for 3 comments that I made. I know I comment on a lot of mangas and I do get an immense amount of replies from people, mostly positive, but I feel drained, some of the hate has been getting to me recently :(
Chimi Kimari: I'm sad
Haruka Catteneo: ur name makes me giggle so sont stop commenting I read them all the time lol
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So this was the missing chapter thats uploaded today! Glad my comment was noticed and they took action immediately!

That blue-haired girl got what she deserved tho, it’s not the FL’s fault your arranged marriage went wrong and that the man you’re arranged to marry doesn’t like your dumbass.

Tbh I don’t understand why people blame the FL for wanting to leave the ML, tho. I see a lot of victim blaming in here and Bossy President as well. It doesn’t matter that he took care of her or helped her out a little bit he shouldn’t be holding her captive while forcing her to be with him. Let’s not act like we wouldn’t do the same thing if we were held captive by someone. Just bc he did a few nice things for her doesn’t mean she owes him anything, she’s locked up like a bird in a cage. Not to mention the ML clearly has zero respect for her and treats her like a possession more than his other half.
april: this is sooo wonderful i want to see the baby of themm😁
april: this story is so embrassing i love it❤
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“ look at my face poor me I can’t go outside like this” 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

with that kind of face I think he did you a FAVOR by slapping tf out of you.

It’s nobody’s fault that you and your in-law’s company went bankrupt except y’all!! You brought this upon YOURSELF, stop blaming every single one of you and your fugly ass sister’s misfortunes on my girl all the time! Yeah she loved your brother-in-law yet you and your sister’s shameless ass kept rubbing it in her face that you stole her man anyway, tf is your point? Trynna guilt-trip her into saving your family’s company when she did nothing wrong in the first place? FOH!!

And people stop blaming it on the victim all the time. It’s not the FL’s fault she wants her freedom and to get away from him. Just bc he saved her doesn’t mean she owes him anything. Nobody told him to hold her captive on his own private island. It’s not her fault that she wants her freedom okay? He shouldn’t even be forcing her around all day 😷
Mary Joy Cuizon: well, isn't that Evil woman's Line? they always blames the FL. i'm not surprise, but when she said she can't go out with her face like that, i really laugh and said "Your face is already ruined 😂. (but because this is manga she looks pretty but if she is a real person, with a bad attitude and bad...... i don't want to be rude.)
🏁ღ♡ღ🏁: 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
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Hobby Unique
in my honest opinion,author if you wanted to make a story i advice you to make the male lead leave a good impression not the supporter character,then what?,chengyu would give up despite ignoring he's family's command just for fei fei?, this is the first time that i'v like the main character very much cause a lot of other stories have stupid female lead,i think it wasn't silliness/innocent anymore,its more like a morron/too ignorance,
and that guy was so arrogant ,who do he think he is to imprison fei fei?,fei fei isn't his property,yes she doesn't have a wealthy family but it doesn't mean she already can't sue rich people!,it is obviously considered as a kidnaping!,almost all of the authors think that it would be exiting if the female&male lead character is stupid&arrogant but they are wrong cause in us reader's view its really horrible and also a lot of author put some male supporter character that leaves a very good impressions and since he wasn't the male lead he'll end up getting dump and left over which makes us readers feel guilty,so whatever you do we still wan't chengyu for fei fei ,i'v already read a "LOT" of stories so im very familiar with this scense,if you made this story to entertain your readers then you should know what readers want,but if you made this story for your self then you should expect for bashes and opposite opinions.
Ariana C: Everyone has the right to their opinions but I think it’s a bit arrogant to tell author how to write their stories. Suggestions are cool but to flat out say write this way or that way is not right . This is just my opinion but I would never tell someone what to do.
Pecinta cowo 2D 😂: yups... stupid fl
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“Relax, I don’t hit women.” Of course man, that’s not a woman, that’s a b**ch! Thank u for slapping her 🙏🏻 I was about to jump into that comic and beat their fugly asses myself! 😤

💀💀💀💀 when his assistant handed over a napkin to wipe his hands after slapping her, what a savage 😂😂🤣!

And girl, why are you surprised that your husband-to-be still has feelings for her? Did you not forget he’s been forced into this arranged marriage with you even tho he loved someone else? Not surprised why they would arrange him to marry you, though, who would wanna marry your fugly ass anyway 😴 can’t be helped if they don’t have a choice!
Mary Joy Cuizon: hella right 😂😂
😇Rap-monsters wife😇bts,and army: You got me when you said fugly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Writing from the future

Yesterday I wrote until Murong family’s business and family were completely shattered by President Ouyang Rui Chen. Murong Xue wanted to take revenge against Shen Fei Fei. What will she do?

Ranting time: before I post further, let me rant a bit about the author of this story. Author!!! Why did you kill off Lu Cheng Yu’s character?? You may make him finally gave up on Fei Fei and gave his blessing with the president or something. You don’t have to kill him off!! 😭😭 I am crying!!!

Anyway, click to expand (ep 47)
SpoilerBean : I will update when this comic updated next. Rest assured, she is fine. Haha!
Ruthy Morales: please give us an uodate!! what happens does the pres save her !??
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Why does mangatoon keep messing up the order of the chapters recently? It happened so often on “Spoil you every Night” and now this one. Come on man, it’s not cheap having to pay coins for temporary chapters all the time. It’s kinda frustrating when even the coins you buy temporarily unlock the chapters, at least be consistent without errors :/

And tbh, I felt extra satisfied seeing that blue haired girl in a mess. She’s so freaking annoying, I don’t feel bad for her. She wasn’t gonna leave her alone even tho she pleaded the ML to let them go, so she deserves it. She Should’ve stopped trying to harm her when she had the chance 🤷🏻‍♀️
ZJ#: Why all of you don't use the points 😂
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Ok, just when I thought he somehow changed for the better after helping her when those two families were bullying her, he tried to turn her into his mistress!? 🤢

That contract was SO disgusting to read!!! She’s not a toy or s*x box, as if it wasn’t bad enough that he held her captive on his private island! This kinda reminds me of Aubrey Kung from Bossy President

Like he owns her now?! I personally would’ve NEVER agreed to sign the stupid contract that the narcissistic prick made to please his desires. Like LET THOSE TWO FAMILIES SUFFER THEY AINT YOUR PROBLEM NO MO! 😤 too bad our girl is way too sympathetic towards other people, a bit too sympathize.
Fer RR: almost the same form*
Fer RR: almost*
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This ML is quickly rising on my top list of horrible MLs. He’s so disgusting and narcissistic, I don’t think his feelings for her are even love, sounds more like an obsession. He has no respect for her, and treats her as a possession more than his other half, which I hate about his behaviors

It almost feels like he thinks she’s inferior to him, seeing how he’s threatening her with her ex’s life like that. That’s such a horrible thing to do to someone you supposedly love so much. such a low blow 😑

And that evil girl looks like bitter psycho b!tch. She can’t do jack sh!t to the ML when he’s the one that did this to her, so she takes it out on the girl, of course 😖
BT-we us-BANGTAN💜: And now I know why these comics do these types of things!! Actually the society always keeps us, women, at the bottom of men and thinks that we are just playtools but indeed it’s a fact that if a woman decides to kill someone or revenge no one can do anything to her!!
You know how he’s controlling her is illegal!! The author may think like what society thinks or he’s just going with the flow like all the comics are going! I’ve never liked girls like those drawn by the authors of so called comics like this type!! Where the ml always humiliate and abuses the ml, treats her like a sextoy and when everything is okay, they just realise they were wrong, tells the FL to hit them with their weak hands!!!!! That’s too much and I am a woman so I am not so into those comics even though I like comics of romance genre
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yeah and the FL forgives the ML too easily. They make women look really stupid and pathetic in these comics, I see the pattern :/
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Momo Taku
For all that don’t know how these type of comics go down here’s the general consensus

Female lead and previous childhood sweetheart is separated due to complicated situations -> FL is forced into a corner after meeting the new ML -> ML is extremely a influential figure with lots of resources that gets what he desires -> FL wants to leave him but is forced into a contract to become the ML’s property -> FL eventually
Confronts or is confronted by the previous ML -> Causes misunderstandings towards the current and previous ML -> Yields drama, plot, and tensions to maintain interests of the readers.

In summary this manga are for sadists and masochist that enjoy endless variations of a nearly identical plot
Gloria Ambrose: @ Grey Morgan true, its so sad how they romantize rapist,kidnapping, emotional and physical abuse by narcissistic mls as a good thing, it makes people believe that the victims asked for it😨😞
Gloria Ambrose: I agree with you on this one, I already hated the ml for imprisoning and repeatedly raping the Fl when he knows she has someone that loves her already but since he's rich its romantic
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I am a angel that ship people
ML is disgusting jerk , just because of little things he kill people like blood is like water to him like a vampire . I feel bad for Chen Yu and actually a little bad for that blue hair girl , her life is currently worse then death .

I just hate how ML try to control everything and think FL has a toy . I don't know if he is hero or villain most of his works are of villain like kidnapping , killing people on small things or other word more like psycho .

Remember the boy who was tricked by FL for that and he didn't even know feifei was under ML , he punished that boy to get thrown in water and get eaten by sharks . That was totally horibble . That man and this blue hair girl deserve to be punished but not in this way of course.
I’m at least glad she’s okay! Those crazy b!tches need a taste of their own medicine, I hope they’ll never be able to come back and hurt her again once he deals with them.

Boy you said you’d promise anything for her then give her the respect and freedom she deserves already! He’s sweet one day and then turns into a crazy possessive jerk the other. I hope he doesn’t force her around anymore but I highly doubt he’s gonna let her go 😔
BDean2: Yep, that just proves how psycho he is! He’s definitely a runner-up for the “Worst ML Ever” award! 🥇
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Funny how whenever he messes up big time, she has to forgive him, but god forbid she does anything to piss him off, or he’ll lock her up and abuse her 🙄
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Writing from the future

My previous writing was until Fei Fei was being introduced to Rui Chen’s younger brother, Jue. What will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 51 to 53)
Dizzy: pls take time to rest Spoily. I didn't catch this spoilers right away. I am happy that you are spoiling us back agin. 🥰🥰
Dizzy: ......
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Princess Hinata
Stupid contract!!!!...😑😑😑😑.. What pisses me of that the girl agrees to sign this stupid contract.. If I were in her place, I never would agree to sign this contract.. What the situation of these two families were not her business. Why will she have to think about this two families who made her life completely miserable.....😠😠😠😠😠😠?????
And this ML is f**king stupid.. Is he a psycho??? FL has never done anything wrong to him so why is the ML playing sick games toward FL??? Is he so extremly insane?? He is actually a b@stard.. 😫😫😫😫... He can't take a human's life as s*x game.. So annoying ML!!!!!
Boeing Perdana: lol, prove me then what disadvandtages she got if she didnt sign?
Inyne___love you forever Hemingson♥: bruhh... It's you who's not logical cz you Want to insist on the fact he didn't coerned her and bla bla bla but the truth is that this ML is an asshole,a fucking bastard,a sh*tty guy and i can continue. Hope hé dies a horible death but too it's not gonna happen.
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Jody Jonas
girl you look pitiful but u know the guy looks more pitiful because he loves u so much that he can do everything just for you he can give anything without any hesitation just to make u happy but your hurting him you may not know but that's the truth he cares for you he just can't show what he feels because it his first time to fall for a girl but what u do is ran away from him hurt him 💔😢 and Maud him feel that you really not love him that u don't need him but one day I swear your gonna regret what u doing now.
-this comment that s just what I think so don't get mad at me I'm just stating the fact or I'm just saying what I think is best that it I just wanna sail my ship 😁😁😁❤😘
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: You’re blaming her for wanting her freedom when he’s the one that shouldn’t even be holding her captive in the first place? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
miss giggly 😁😆😃: hmm
no offense
do u think that arressing someone lock like
prison do r*pe things
and even take didnity..

do u think any woman in the world want ..
I am saying he forcing her
to live with him..
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I feel so bad for the FL honestly. I don’t get how some people are saying she’s being ungrateful for wanting to escape the ML and leave that place, even saying she needs to be punished by the ML for what she did.

I think the ML should stop forcing her and woo her the fair way to win her over. It’s wrong of him to hold her captive in his house and she’s not wrong for wanting her freedom. I don’t get why some blame her when she’s literally a victim in this situation. It doesn’t matter how well he treats her right now still doesn’t give him the right to trap her in his house :/
BDean2: I totally agree! 💯😼 It’s not like she is with the ML by choice, rather he’s forcing her to be with him and to have s€xual relations with him! She fainted and then ended up in his home, that’s all. Imprisonment is NOT romantic and NOT how to win a woman’s heart ❤️ and love 💗!

I constantly say of the readers: “HOW SOON WE FORGET!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦‍♀️
X: Exactly. & the worst part about all this is we all know she's going to end up with him.
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Writing from the future

Merry Christmas!!

My previous writing was until Fei Fei was putting up an act as if she doesn’t love and care about Cheng Yu anymore in hope that the president will let him off alive. What will happen to Cheng Yu? WIll the president really let him off alive?

Click to expand (ep 46)
Daisy4861: when you place for her did you believe because he is capable that I remember that guy fei feis left the hotel room he throw him in sharps and the room for the torture and the butler said no one isnt leave this room alive and he also said when I said I keep promise he dig his own grave simply he did give her this clue its like the shepherd story when you told the truth no one is believing you and I dont think she is fallen in love him soon because I dont know how kind of deveploment makes that I have no idea😑
semony3: No why did he die 😭😭😭
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Ariana Masaki
Do treat her better.. please as women as lover as partner as wife as soulmate whatever you wanna call it do please respect her as women you will call as wife..
Sometimes "friendship" is bullshit.. they only friend with us for they benefit but when they already had someone whom more benefit than us they left us like a shit , like seriously i hate those people 😒
So i on ML side they should to be treat like that.. an a**hole like them should be rotten in hell together.
for those can't wait ...
well next the families will have trouble and this ex majnu Miya will try to persue FL it will go round for a few episodes till FL is framed and ml torture her but realized his mistake as Butler guy bring evidence that they are framed by white haired guy ........
FL gets pregnant but ml hides it from her.......
after a few episodes FL is unwell and takes test and finds out she is with his baby and confronts him .......
he ignores.....
she cries that she doesn't want the baby to e experience what she had experienced 😥😥😥 ......
ml is frustrated on himself and her .......
that's up till ep 56 ...... latest chapter
bazooka: btw I forget to mention how he roasts the Blondie 🤣🤣 he says FL: wife will u marry me😂😂 and Blondie is like 😲😲😲
bazooka: u go and change language in this app to change u will get it
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