Thorny Love
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Thorny Love

Thorny Love
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Thorny Love Comics Online. Living under the same roof with the one you hate most, what will you do to torture her? Falling in love with the girl you are supposed to hate most, what can you do to love her? Tragedy or happiness, what will be the ending of our story?

MangaToon got authorization from Baigongyuanzhan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Thorny Love:
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Hmmmm I don’t feel sorry for whatever happens to the ML. He knew what he was doing and now that the FL found out about what his intentions are and recovered her memories, he got what he deserved. I hope she takes this as a lesson and is no longer the lost, confused, naive little girl she was! I want to see her become stronger over the next chapters :)
Mikayla Winfree: Preach!!!
Kathleen Sacluti: agree!
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Tangela Reynolds
I get it now. after going back and reading the previous chapter. this is her memory. but she replaced the actual people with the ones she remembers. maybe this is what happened leading up to the accident when she lost her memories and the former fiancee died. but because she has amnesia she doesnt remember what those people look like so they were replaced with people on her current situation. so she was getring married. then this scene happened. she ran away crying and caused that accident because she was paying attention. makes sense.
Anshika 💐: I still can't-
plz help
squishy: oh my ... makes sense
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Hina A Horani G
so she's finally remember everything and she even knows the truth about his revenge ... i feel so sad for her because it's been her in loss but let's see what ML do now and how does story go and this comic story get interesting now but author and Manga Toon please quickly update the comic episode ...!!
Hina A Horani G: yeah i know that but she didn't pay attention at that time when he told that to her but afterward his attitude changed with her and he treating her well so she forget it and falling love with him and now she knows everything so she's broken heart and she's don't know that ML actually fall for her but he actually don't realise his feelings for her...!!
Sneha Jasud: but he already told her in the beginning, that it's becoz his gf died bcoz of her she needs to pay for it..
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