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Thorny Love

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Living under the same roof with the one you hate most, what will you do to torture her? Falling in love with the girl you are supposed to hate most, what can you do to love her? Tragedy or happiness, what will be the ending of our story?

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Coco Cookiss
The Story Gets More & More Strange..
Who is kissed by Qiqi??
Who is The one That Beat Qiqi?
Who is The one Watching Qiqi Get Beat on The Phone??
Why is it all appear to be ML??
Is it all Done by The ML?? 🤔🤔🤔
Why did The ML Done all that Strange Things??
Getting kissed and didn't pushed Qiqi away, and Did The ML Beat Qiqi cause He Think, Qiqi is the cause of The FL Car Accident??
So Many Confusing Things..
This pyschoic male lead! I hate him so very much! I've always been a supporter of every arrogant and BOSSY CEOs in every manhuas.. But this ML I hate him so much!
1. He already loved a person so much but now he is in love with another women so easily
2. He don't even know what she did is right or not but still tortures her!
3. He is so much inhumane doing all these stuff to a physically challenged person !
Though he changes in the upcoming episodes I don't want the FL to end up with him
Karl Dave Balio
am i the only one who notice all romance in mangatoon have the same scene imagine having a piece of shit husband to be, and a poor girl who easily mistreated he keep torturing her by his words or game that may hurt her plus even if she is mistreated by that guy she keep her anger against that guy cause she love him what a bullshit. i wish someone would put a nice manga romace in mangatoon that have a nice story and an interesting twist not this kind of story.
Elizabeth Dunaway: I read that one! I loved that story so much!
Dumb ships : You should read "Love like cherry blossoms" It is so gooood! It's like the romance you want!!
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