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Thorny Love

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Living under the same roof with the one you hate most, what will you do to torture her? Falling in love with the girl you are supposed to hate most, what can you do to love her? Tragedy or happiness, what will be the ending of our story?

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Two things:
- Aiyoyo whats that? Never heard of it before🤔. plus it makes the b**** sound retarded even though she always been but still.
-Where did that paper come from like her hands were empty and she doesn’t have a purse... unless she got from her saggy bosoms.
-why would she put a paper who knows where it came from (but trees😭😭) it might be dirty. Oh wait she is dirty 🤔😑. More worse than mud 😊or a speck of dust. Ants are better than her and trees.

-Wait but how can she afford trees their better than her. THATS MESSED UP!!😦😲😱

-Wait trees are cheaper than the “red car”, (it’s fake she could have painted it with red and got it from Walmart or something), and the dress (could of done the something like poured a bunch of purple glitter). Anyway trees are more valuable than the two but cheaper so how come she can’t afford trees?... She did use paper.

-That leads to dying her hair and using perm and cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Why so many things was it even needed? Oh what?! I got it wrong it was needed, but she could have spent it on trees... 😬🤔.

-oh I just realized... I stated more than two things...😱 don’t kill me people if u read this cuz u had to read a lot 😨 well bye (I gotta run right now 😱😨🏃‍♀️ Uh.. i accidentally ran the wrong way 😬😵).
Joonie Madeline: comments like these are so annoying.
be my kim seokjin I'll be ur food : aiyoyo 😂😂😂
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The story is becoming more and more confusing , new characters are being introduced without any proper introduction no update on them or rather of their past/ present’s like a new plot with new characters which the audience are not aware(at least a logical introduction would have been appreciated) it takes a long time for the new update to come through so have to go 4-5 episodes behind to understand what exactly is happening but the latest update is so confusing even after going back and forth can’t connect the link... to top it of the drawing has changed drastically which is kind off going fwd it’s adieu from me....
I know they'll end up together because apparently chinese authors have a thing for weak FL and violent, hateful, rap*st ML ... That still disgusts me. Is it that hard to make a good guy the actual ML using his emotions towards the woman? But nah, they always try to do the: Saves her 1 time, she falls in love instantly despite being mistreated for days/months/years... It doesn't make sense, it's disgusting and only shows how fickle woman instead of having more traits to their personality... pathetic
Random Stuff: Ooooh shit 😂 ahhhhhh nigga screamingg
i am Jin's wifeu : L9ve it.. Best romantic manga.. I have self respect for both..
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