Thorny Love

Two things:
- Aiyoyo whats that? Never heard of it before🤔. plus it makes the b**** sound retarded even though she always been but still.
-Where did that paper come from like her hands were empty and she doesn’t have a purse... unless she got from her saggy bosoms.
-why would she put a paper who knows where it came from (but trees😭😭) it might be dirty. Oh wait she is dirty 🤔😑. More worse than mud 😊or a speck of dust. Ants are better than her and trees.

-Wait but how can she afford trees their better than her. THATS MESSED UP!!😦😲😱

-Wait trees are cheaper than the “red car”, (it’s fake she could have painted it with red and got it from Walmart or something), and the dress (could of done the something like poured a bunch of purple glitter). Anyway trees are more valuable than the two but cheaper so how come she can’t afford trees?... She did use paper.

-That leads to dying her hair and using perm and cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Why so many things was it even needed? Oh what?! I got it wrong it was needed, but she could have spent it on trees... 😬🤔.

-oh I just realized... I stated more than two things...😱 don’t kill me people if u read this cuz u had to read a lot 😨 well bye (I gotta run right now 😱😨🏃‍♀️ Uh.. i accidentally ran the wrong way 😬😵).
What?!: Thx Dreke Cai uhh I love u depression not actual despression😅of course.... I forgot to add that but it’s already noticeable😂 and uhhh
Ndoyedieynabak(etc.) it’s so long... I died laughing too even though I was laughing practically at my self we’ll laughing at what I was writing...Or however that may go 🤔😐I was just laughing ... okay I’ll stop

Rem kanji it’s sad iron man died captain America turns old and Black widow dies 😭😭😭😭
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I know they'll end up together because apparently chinese authors have a thing for weak FL and violent, hateful, rap*st ML ... That still disgusts me. Is it that hard to make a good guy the actual ML using his emotions towards the woman? But nah, they always try to do the: Saves her 1 time, she falls in love instantly despite being mistreated for days/months/years... It doesn't make sense, it's disgusting and only shows how fickle woman instead of having more traits to their personality... pathetic
Manga hoes needs to shut the fuck up periodt!: I want to cry right (anger crying) now because I never read something so true like this. Like can’t the female leads be strong or sum or perhaps both the FL and MC are ceo’s from a company this would be interesting right just think about it
Cele Garcia: I’m not going to be long because you said everything, you are right! I need to say it. I think it will be interesting have others types of romantic stories.
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shes a mute and idiot. bad combination..
th@tg!rl🎊ov€rth€rr: Storytime, fk you .. Now if any b*** report me, only thing it does is stop me from making comments.😆😆😆😆
yxng gxth💔😔: @Storytimez go off sis ig ✊😩
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I feel like there needs to be a whole series of public service announcements aimed at teaching young girls the dangers of accepting drinks at parties, on cruise ships and in bars, restaurants, hotels, and offices. Heck, it's probably never safe to accept them anywhere. Personally, I wouldn't accept a sippy cup full of apple juice from a four year old at a public park--after all, the kid just might be the son of one of these sleazy drink drugging opportunists, blithely following in dad's footsteps.
Superman: Well said.......I agree
Elmy Tabassum: Yea you are right 😒😒.always😒😒.I'm fed up with this.
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Eunice Valdellon
ooh maybe lin an is the man who is going to marry fei fei then lin an mistook han mei(jiangs person who loves the most) for fei fei (cause they look alike)then fei fei saw them thinking that hes cheating on her....after that an incident happen and fei fei and han mei is in that place so jiang mistook fei fei for han mei and saved fei fei not han mei so han mei died in that place and jiang is torturing fei fei because,beacause he mistook fei fei for han mei so han mei is dead now....

please dont hate me im just saying whats on my mind just now and im not a spoiler cuz what i write is just in my mind......
Gsandy😘: Wait .....this is what I was exactly thinking....bro you read my mind😁
sushi uchiha: your thoughts are creative. maybe u should try writing your own manga.
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Everybody Say No
Wth they just let the doc to see her naked in the bathroom?
Superman: That’s so embarrassing 😠😠😠
Mary Liz: there is no gender when in comes to medical needs
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Mrs. Jeon
look at the female serving at the lobby reaction 🤣 when she saw his angry face 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀😀
Superman: That’s what I was gonna say
She looked hilarious 🤪🤪🤪
Jalob Huff: xD that's amazing
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Mu Ya
He ate it all?? Why does this kinda remind me of Aubery... xDDD
Superman: But Aubrey is suffering from a decease called hillusiaa something like that I forgot 😁😁
He is so dominant that his dominance suffocat Nina a lot
Superman: I came up with the idea of Aubrey at once when I saw the empty dishes 😅😅😅😅😅😅
I love that manga
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Idiot. If he wants revenge, maybe he should look at himself. If he had married his true love sooner maybe they would have been far away on their honeymoon the day that accident happened--so maybe its all HIS fault. Or the fault of the inventor of the automobile. Or the fault of the urban planners who decided where the roads would go. Truth is...he chose HER for his own sick gratification and he's deluding himself as to the real reason.
Batol Jomrd
So boring all the mangas are like this 😴😧😒
Superman: Yeah the male lead puts her girl into trouble then he rushes to save her
Grow up man
Learn how to take care of ur women
ILoveCookies: @Batol Jomrd.............. I don‘t know either🤷‍♀️😂😂
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Ok so... at the end it’s a betrayal.. I thought it’s true love.. and hai mei is not dead I thought she is the mute girl.. I thought after the accident han mei had a surgery and she was mute and forgot everything and end up being with him as mute and don’t remember anything

Wow it’s a interesting story
June Christina: Did anyone forget that the mute girl was on her way to her wedding during the accident. She was supposed to get married. if you ask me the accident was stage to get rid of the mute girl, since her best friend end up running away with her fiance
marya.miel: people cant change thier voice with the surgery
and he heard her voice😑but if she is han mei why didnt he find out???🤔🤔🤔🤔its driving me crazy🤯🤯🤯
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this guy has girl hands😂
Ašhîe: such seductive hands yet still a crappy person
Demongirl😈😈😈: so u cam recognize differences between hand of a man and a women oh sorry of a girl ...
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Geee.. I wonder why she’s scared of you
Hmm let me see 🤔
Meryann Suri: yeah he is on asshole and jerk
71000384662552265388252: Anyway no one at all deserves that apart from people who hurt little kids serial killers and all gangsters
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She thinks: why is there such a jerk

She does: "say" it's her husband? doesn't accept a nice guy's help? comes back with the said jerk?

Jesus, she deserves being mistreated, it's the same as if a ra*e victim just saw her rap*st, came back home with him despite an officer asking her if everything was alright and OH HOW SHOCKING she'd end up getting rap*d... as if it could happen if the girl had more than 50 IQ
Manga hoes needs to shut the fuck up periodt!: Thank you
Everybody Say No: She forgot everything And the next thing she knew that guy saved her. She has nowhere to ho neither she has any memories. Now suddenly she can’t just go to a nice guy and abandon him. It takes time. If she gets to know that nice guy more then it’s okay
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💜Himeragi Yuki💜ARMY💜
so han mei died then who is this woman..😕😕i'm confuse
💜Himeragi Yuki💜ARMY💜: what's up😄
Shivaani Ramanikaran: What’s up Army?🥰💜
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Is he really serious to push my ray of sunshine down because his godamn picture frame broke!?! LIKE YOUR RICH YOU CAN FRICKING BY ANOTHER FRAME😒
Superman: Point☝️
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When all members of a household behave as callously as these maids do and as coldly as he does, it just sucks all the air out of the room. No wonder our poor girl fainted dead away--she couldn't breathe.
Well even though Fei Fei should have fought back she did lose her memories causing her to become whatever she is now unless her character never changed. Also because she lost her memory and even though she a sweet girl with pure stupidity 😂 that caused her to not wanting to fight back with a person who was her “friend “ and might have known of her past and happened. (Hopefully this doesn’t sound like gibberish to u😂).
What?!: Thank u I needed that 😂😊
TaeTae&HisBandana😍: (Don't worry, it doesn't.)
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Falentina MK
please fix the drawings... it's not terribly ugly, it's just the way you draw the legs and the way you draw the clothes is terrible..... also the proportion of things (????), i mean like soffa, car seat compare to the human characters are not really proportional... if know what i mean 🤨🤔🙄.... sorry for being so critical... 😹🤷‍♀️👯‍♀️✌
Denver King: its hard to draw like that
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Mister, a decent, honorable, self respecting girl will treat you better than you treat her because it is part of HER good character. It is who she is. If the two of you were being measured on character alone, you wouldn't even be in her league. She's better than you, dude.
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