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Thorny Love

Two things:
- Aiyoyo whats that? Never heard of it before🤔. plus it makes the b**** sound retarded even though she always been but still.
-Where did that paper come from like her hands were empty and she doesn’t have a purse... unless she got from her saggy bosoms.
-why would she put a paper who knows where it came from (but trees😭😭) it might be dirty. Oh wait she is dirty 🤔😑. More worse than mud 😊or a speck of dust. Ants are better than her and trees.

-Wait but how can she afford trees their better than her. THATS MESSED UP!!😦😲😱

-Wait trees are cheaper than the “red car”, (it’s fake she could have painted it with red and got it from Walmart or something), and the dress (could of done the something like poured a bunch of purple glitter). Anyway trees are more valuable than the two but cheaper so how come she can’t afford trees?... She did use paper.

-That leads to dying her hair and using perm and cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Why so many things was it even needed? Oh what?! I got it wrong it was needed, but she could have spent it on trees... 😬🤔.

-oh I just realized... I stated more than two things...😱 don’t kill me people if u read this cuz u had to read a lot 😨 well bye (I gotta run right now 😱😨🏃‍♀️ Uh.. i accidentally ran the wrong way 😬😵).
Joonie Madeline: comments like these are so annoying.
be my kim seokjin I'll be ur food : aiyoyo 😂😂😂
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The story is becoming more and more confusing , new characters are being introduced without any proper introduction no update on them or rather of their past/ present’s like a new plot with new characters which the audience are not aware(at least a logical introduction would have been appreciated) it takes a long time for the new update to come through so have to go 4-5 episodes behind to understand what exactly is happening but the latest update is so confusing even after going back and forth can’t connect the link... to top it of the drawing has changed drastically which is kind off going fwd it’s adieu from me....
I know they'll end up together because apparently chinese authors have a thing for weak FL and violent, hateful, rap*st ML ... That still disgusts me. Is it that hard to make a good guy the actual ML using his emotions towards the woman? But nah, they always try to do the: Saves her 1 time, she falls in love instantly despite being mistreated for days/months/years... It doesn't make sense, it's disgusting and only shows how fickle woman instead of having more traits to their personality... pathetic
Random Stuff: Ooooh shit 😂 ahhhhhh nigga screamingg
i am Jin's wifeu : L9ve it.. Best romantic manga.. I have self respect for both..
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Its funny how most of comment say that Han Mei and Fei Fei is the same person.. 😂..

1. In the start its clearly they are different person

2. Fei fei clearly have her own ex, she betrayed by his ex just b4 her marriage/engagements (forgot about it)

3. She running and got accident, in this accident Han Mei DIED and Fei Fei got AMNESIA

4. Right after the accident Lengxuan took care of Fei Fei and want to take revenge for Han Meis death, he is blaming Fei Fei for HanMeis death and want to torture her. Its obviously Fei Fei is not HanMei, bcz how can she change her face in an instan? 😅

its already been told so clear in the start.. Why still have an opinion they are the same person.. 😂😂
KT91: Yep.. I think it just bcz his guilt, he always remember HanMei cz well he love her, but in fact he actually have a feeling grown for FeiFei and yet still have hatred toward her bcz he blame her about HanMei's death... Ahahah.. He have a difficult live... Ckck..
Yuko: Yeh and also if they were the same person how come Han Mei’s brother did not recognise fei fei When him and lengxaun got in to a fight cause u should recognise your sister. I think is just his guilt that makes comparison between them cause no one else thinks she looks like Han Mei
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Aesop Carls
Is all manga start from something like this and this just wtf.......... Well~ ya know..... Start from affair, start from cheat stealing, start from being drug, start from bar, ahhh so many better place you can't go why you have to go a place you that will make you broken....... Also sometimes start running away from marriage ugh manga my head spinning...... To daramatic
Aesop Carls: yup you right.......also keep it with your comic
dapyoung: Read my comic, it's not that beautifully drawn, (such as this) but it does not start in bed. I also noticed that most of writers do the same plot.
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wait guys guys if I am saying if han mi didn't die i mean they look like twins Maybe she didn't die but she forgot her memory and become mute I mean there can NEVER BE two people in the whole world looks alike and they are not twins or sisters hmmmm ? I am not sure after so much of thinking this is the idea that got in my head
K-pop ☺: Mee too l think she forget her memory
Hania Ul Ain: I think the same case too
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It’s honestly pissing me off comics like this. Yes I love them. But I just realized that most stories have abusive real action ships. But then they come through. That can be a very bad way of inspiring the thought of an abused woman. By reading this it can put the thought “he fall for me soon” in young girls head..not ok.
Iris chan: Ur over thinking u don't need to be our worried mom and also these r imaginary so no one will actually b convinced they might happen irl unless she was stupid and if she's stupid then she deserves it 😑 😑 😑
emopand07443131: *relationships
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Iris chan
K now can somebody explain how can a mute person shut like does it make sense and also she can say names in the sign language now well nvm I mean what I know never used sign language b4 oh btw considering the hair that everyone is complaining about how abt u go a do the author's work instead of him no offense of crs it's just that I like that hair style it looks kinda cool just like lion yk
K-pop ☺
Anyone is here who else knows BTS^_^
Fi Zha Wang: yes...we are best friend (that's what they said). uugh "My Love Story : Friend Zone" . However i still love them with my "Unconditional Love" 💜💜💜💜
MaestroEdison 3: Jhope
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Miki Niki
She is likely to be mute. Hearing people sometimes loose their voice to whatever has happened. Sign language may occur to the hearing/mute. Some people talks with their mouth closed. Deaf people either live with sign language, speak or hear with(or without)Cochlear Implants like me.
Miki Niki
She is likely to be mute. Hearing people sometimes loose their voice to whatever has happened. Sign language may occur to the hearing/mute. Some people talks with their mouth closed. Deaf people either live with sign language, speak or hear with(or without)Cochlear Implants like me. Shes now doing sign language in this episode! :)
This guy is crazy why does he still treat her so if i were her i would write down to him that if he can't get over his late girl friend who made his head sprout a lush field of grass under his nose them let me go my own way and never cross paths again , buut that is too much to ask . the write part is because she can't speak yet
Iris chan: Um how can i explain this to you look first of all she can't do that cuz she's in love with him I think I mean like look at her face when he does smth nice to her she's all like "ah he's gd at heart and pretty gentle too he's such a handsome gentleman" and stuff and Second if she did that he'll get angry af and she'll get her ass whooped like an animal🙄🙄🙄
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she draws sooo beautiful besides guuuys someone is falling in love lallalla we can start our ship soon but not now we have to make sure that he loves her then we can start I will think of some names for the ship when time comes Bec this names comes from my heart
Aybel Takerei
can U guys shut up about the art style U guys can't draw it any better so if U don't like it U can stop reading the comic or U can make one yourself tell me when it comes out I'll be laughing
jungkook is the reason i burn my underwear
and the Most important role play goes to
Heirness “laye “for life: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexa Lee: OMG 😂 your name lmao yas
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i want my mom to say the exact same thing
: Pack all the clothes she's tried on. 😭😭😭

but she never will
Nath Gal Rajada: Hahaha samd
Galaxy Stars: #SadLifeForYou Lol😂😂😂
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Sydney and Dylan Love Dragoncorn's
Haha I'm dieing about the part where the bag hit her head😂😂😁😁😂😂But the guy who looks like he was going to drug he has a really round head.🔴 (ps. I have never read this magna before it's just that it's very clear he is going to drug her
Kairylle Mina
im kinda being impatient. i wanna skip to the part where both of our leads will soon know they were both set up. our FL being framed. and the one the ML "loves" was a sham. and that they are just being used because of some revenge seeking person somewhere in between.
Softspoken Charliebo
I'm so lost trying to keep up with this and 15 other stories...
let me try to recollect my thoughts
so they were at a party.....dancing.... then something happened and someone took a video or picture of an incident?? so the female with long hair is the one who "cropped the video or picture" to make it scandalous.... then the brother of FL came to visit and FL asked who he was and MC got mad, then they went to office and is eating now?
Vang Doua: I though I was the only one with 20+ mangas gotta keep up with lol 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 us manga lovers lol!!!
bayan alawa: Try keeping up with 37 other stories like I do 🤦🏼‍♀️ Man that's so hard to keep up without mixing the stories together 🙂
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mukti akter
I think both are same girl.. Maybe she did not died.. I think she had an accident that's why she forget everything and became mute maybe☺☺☺And he torture her because she looks like his girlfriend 😖😖
< animae _ Lov3r >: I think true same girl and he's girl friend and this girl it's only one person but she doesn't remember anything
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