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Thorny Love

This pyschoic male lead! I hate him so very much! I've always been a supporter of every arrogant and BOSSY CEOs in every manhuas.. But this ML I hate him so much!
1. He already loved a person so much but now he is in love with another women so easily
2. He don't even know what she did is right or not but still tortures her!
3. He is so much inhumane doing all these stuff to a physically challenged person !
Though he changes in the upcoming episodes I don't want the FL to end up with him
Coco Cookiss
The Story Gets More & More Strange..
Who is kissed by Qiqi??
Who is The one That Beat Qiqi?
Who is The one Watching Qiqi Get Beat on The Phone??
Why is it all appear to be ML??
Is it all Done by The ML?? 🤔🤔🤔
Why did The ML Done all that Strange Things??
Getting kissed and didn't pushed Qiqi away, and Did The ML Beat Qiqi cause He Think, Qiqi is the cause of The FL Car Accident??
So Many Confusing Things..
Karl Dave Balio
am i the only one who notice all romance in mangatoon have the same scene imagine having a piece of shit husband to be, and a poor girl who easily mistreated he keep torturing her by his words or game that may hurt her plus even if she is mistreated by that guy she keep her anger against that guy cause she love him what a bullshit. i wish someone would put a nice manga romace in mangatoon that have a nice story and an interesting twist not this kind of story.
Dumb ships : You should read "Love like cherry blossoms" It is so gooood! It's like the romance you want!!
Ely GZ: Not everyone is like that, but most are.
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I have only one thing say Here we go round the mulberry bush
The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush
Here we go round the mulberry bush
So early in the morning those who get it well & good and those who don't be happy because this not who wants to be a millionaire ☺☺☺☺☺☺
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Everytime I read this story, I hope the art went back to the cuteness it used to be at... Then I'm like, nope... Still looks like DBZ mixed with Card Captors or something gone horribly wrong. I don't usually complain about the art changes, but it's just so weird and unattractive to me. 🤷‍♀️
Erza Scarlet
Everyone I can very well understand that when you all started reading you all found the art work great and now that the art doesn't look much good, but don't complain, its the hard work of a person who has drawn the chapters, as for the previous artwork it may be that the drawer got sick or is personally busy, but still the authors are providing us with chapters, so plz don't complain. I for one, am very grateful and thankful to the author for presenting us the story.
Jellal Fernandes: it's not just about bad artwork ,the biggest problem right now is we can't differentiate people now..Every male character looks the same..
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Kay Khine Tun
Having long hairs for all characters look like they all are psychos. I feel like I wanna quit reading this one by seeing those characters
Took too long to update, it became the storyline messed up also
all of them need haircut 😭
sakuraUME Ina: 😂😂😂😂😂
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okay...something is not normal....he's telling her to shut up....but dude....SHE'S MUTE HOW CAN SHE SHUT UP EVEN MORE THAN THIS SHE'S NOT TALKING OKAY
so this comic still exist? I don't knew it and their hairS are still a mess. Good,very good
Inyne-Yuri&Lewis💟4life: Didn't***
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Oh God I didn't think the anger level could get more ridiculous... I'm sorry, I can't take this seriously anymore. 🤦‍♀️
Coco Cookiss
What?? Han Mei Betrayed the ML and Have A Child With Another Man, Why is The ML still Love Her?? 💢💢💢
Damn.. Stupid Story~ 😠😠😠
Coco Cookiss: Oh yea, You Guys Can Find Han Mei Have A Daughter with Another Man on Chapter 20!!
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comic lover
i should be revising right now cz tomorrow is my paper but instead of that i am waiting for my episode to be unlocked
comic lover
every man in comic when sees her woman with another man he always do something like this
its so typical of them
I really miss the art that was at the beginning chapter honestly. Why do authors change up the artwork out of nowhere it literally kills the mood to read it :/ that’s why I couldn’t even finish reading Concubine of Wealth and many other comics. Id rather see an average artwork that looks the same consistently with slow updates than a beautiful artwork that’s later turned drastically ugly in the later chapters.
I can't even remember what's this story about 😥
Thea sky: same here 😂
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no need to v so julios I was born for thiz😏😏
ahhhh sucks change the art pLzzzzz
Ida Perfetto: Yeah, it was so much better at the beginning
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Mohideen Jaman
what kind of asshole he is!
Han Mei betrayed him and poor fei fei doesn't even know what is going on..
he is so fickle like I wanna kick his ass out of the comic
Coco Cookiss
Why is the FL looks so Similar to Han Mei??
If You say it was The Same Person, I Would Believe it.. 🤨🤨🤨
please change the art cause when they get angry it looks like a horror film
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