Woman of Blue Blood

Yoolook Culture
I will make my own ending base on this ending.. SO READ THIS IF YOU WANT.
lingfei open the car and get out before the explosion even tho he can’t see yet. While feng and beichen are following them. Beichen save lingfei after getting out on his car and feng calm xiaoxiao while going to hospital. After several years later. Lingfei’s eyes is fine. He can see already and his illness is cured. He went back to take over there business and feng also do this business become top company and xiaoxaio become more popular actress. She solve the case regarding her older sister death and his older brother and sister get punished for killing there father and xiaoxaio retired as an actress and become a ceo while feng still chasing after her but beccause of xiaoxaio guilt over lingfei she can’t accept feng’s love. lingfei showed up for xiaoxaio and clear a Misunderstanding regarding his death and several years later. When everything is fine. Lingfei and feng still chasing xiaoxaio and THE ENDING WHENEVER SHE WILL CHOOSE LINGFEI OR FENG. Is up to xiaoxaio alone hahaha i rather let her choose who she loves most. Regardless of anything. Done. 😁
Yerremsetty Saiteja: I really expect for season 2 to be this way
Kimverahyun Mimi II: huhu season 2 please 😭😭😭
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he truly loves her and gave up his own eyes for her even if he wont be able to see anymore as in never but tbh us humans can be so ignorant and arrogant most of the time and we dont realize it till it's all late😭❤😭❤😭❤😭❤😭❤I would've truly want lingfei and xiaoxiao to be together cause they look like a great couple moreover the ML. Mr. Ye is just too sadistic and dont cares for nobody's feelings whatsoever and then I see xiaoxiao sad and lost if she's with Ye, my honest opinion guys....but also love can overpower that coldness and arrogance from the one love so yea😌🤭🤭😊

And if it's true that you guys say that lingfei will die in a bombing accident, it will be truly hard for me to read on cause it's sad and imma be full of hatred caus who would be against such a handsome-looking, nice, gentle and wealthy man like come on his gentle and loving side has truly bn revealed which proves that he's not an evil and murderous person❤😭😢❤😭😞😥❤😣😫but then again there's people that dont think this way and so commit evil and wrongful acts to gain what they want by good or bad deeds😡🤬😠🤬😡😠🤬😡😵😵😡😠🤬😡🥺
Ttannisha Bhosale: ur right dude i really want lingfie to live n be with mengxiao 😢😢
ComicLover: WAAAT? Lingfei truly loves her u must be crazy XD
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I can’t believe this is how it ended! It’s way too rushed! First, the complete mystery about who killed her older sister isn’t resolved. Second, the plot line about her getting her fathers company back and revenge on his killers isn’t completely resolved (since she didn’t get married, thus didn’t inherit the shares. So the “brother” is still in control). Third, is that really the resolution between her and Beichen? Fourth, with how she’s doggedly pursued revenge for everyone else, why on earth wouldn’t she do it for Lingfei? This makes little sense to what happened, and by no means seems to actually end anything! Too many Manhuas have been doing this lately and it’s driving me batty.
Deh Yokosawa: and more: Who is Zimo? Who's killed Lingfei? Who's Zero? This end is so badly
Chris Garcia: I got lost. what about the guy of black hair ? I knew this would happen in this manga so i decide to no read it anymore and now i came to see the end but it’s worst than i spected
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Momo Taku
Has anyone considered murder? from the scene when she was asked to come to the room to come across the contract since her "father" called for her but was not in the room. that was the first suspicion and the fact that the contract remained exposed on the table when it's supposed to be a secret only available between the contract holder and signer. whoever left it knew she would week out for help. she's then locked up because he didn't want his attempt to void the marriage to be intercepted. after meeting his father then leaving someone may have come to comfort his father's discourse on deciding on what to do but instead the 2nd person commuted homicide and pushed him off to frame his death as suicide. this way it made it seem like her father commuted suicide due to the ML. whoever did this in attempt to make it appear that

1. ML murdered her father to cause hatred

2. Make it seem like his father strongly against voiding of the marriage making it guilt the FL to commit to the marriage

Only candidates to make these rash actions could be

1. Mother
2. Sister
3. Mu Family
4. Brother since he has no real relations to tie himself to the family.

All speculations though...if you read this far you wasted so much time when you could of been reading on lul
💞LOVE TRIANGLE💞: @Jane Whyte and the reason why they did it might be because they somehow found out that the dad was cancelling the engagement which would ruin the sister's chance of marrying feng ye and we already saw that they sister is capable of erasing mengxiao's memories which tore them apart before
Lynn quay trở lại... mẹ bắt hk rồi: Is anyone free to follow me?😳😳😳
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xiao shen
THIS! This is one of the reasons why im hesistant to start reading ongoing manhuas. i dont like having my heart broken in the end. It kinda makes me feel cheated. I hate this feeling, that i wasted precious time and energy, invested my feelings on characters just to be given a horrible ending. Books and comics are my "escape" from real life. If my books and comics are as tragic and sad as real life, then what would i need books and cokics for. It will take time before i get over this. So disappointing.
kajal mahansaria: Y do all these comics end abruptly we get so attached to them n they just end them BHAM!! Just like that with everything loose in the end seriously so much of time waste...
Lessugar less: yeah there already too many manhua like this in this this app
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I have never read such heartbreaking manga. Since now, I will ask readers to tell me if the ending is good or not and than decide to read. This story... It is just a tragedy. The characters are psychologically mixed, unreal and unreasonable. Truly sad. Such a story, so big potential and... and such an ending. I am sad and I don't know if I am more sad because of how badly the plot was created or because I feel sorry for Lingfei. I liked him since the beginning. As somebody said before me, when I start reading manga I want to move to another world. World which is different than my life. I don't want to read about so much tragedy. I want to let my imagination travel in the country or happiness or at least happy endings.
The one that knows
Hang on a second I just thought of something... XiaoXiao’s (white hair) dad saw XiaoXiao (whit hair) as a kid with white hair...and im pretty sure he’s supposed to know that XiaoXiao (white hair) is his daughter so... and the step mother should know too! So why don’t they know that? Also the dad is supposed to be confused cuz his white haired daughter is gone but is replaced by a brown short haired girl so... shouldn’t he think something is up? She could have kept her white hair as her real hair and the brown hair as her wig. But I’m just so confused.. it’s either she died her hair and cut it then waited till it grow again then put a wig but why do people make such confusing stuff and I’m supposed to be The One That Knows!
(I’m sorry if you don’t understand what I mean)
The one that knows : Thank you guys for reading it!! I know that most people would just be like “ugh another long comment! I won’t read all of it!”
Eu Alpt: I did read it whole. Haha I agree with A person.. that's what I think so too!
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What happen? Why the ending is like this ? There’s many unsolved case. Why kill lingfei ? There’s no one want to hurt him. Why they didn’t look for donor around the world for xiaoxiao eyes? They’re wealthy and why lingfei choose not to cure his illness when it’s curable so he can spend his life for xiaoxiao if ever. Why you make xiaoxiao so miserable until the end ? It will make her kill herself because of guilt and and she gonna blame herself for everything. What about feng? What did he do ? I feel like you rush the ending and can’t continue anymore that’s why the ending is like this💔. It’s too good from the start into the middle but the ending is not acceptable. It’s better if the story is unfinish than end it like this. Lol this is 707 opinion. Yow.
ι αм gяσσт!: I guess author wanted to give a sad ending. I didn't read this comic but came here to see the last chapter. Its such a tragic end. I had not expected this.
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👑S E R E N I T Y👑
i REALLY dont get it now if you guys look back at the first episode xiao xiao was wearing her white hair and when she reached in the car she removed it and her brown hair was under it and if you look back to the other episode where she was kidnapped she is wearing the brown hair and then when the male lead arrived the blue girl( i dont know her name😅) pulled her brown hair and the white hair is under your telling me that she is bald that wears 2 wigs at a time😂
Alicia Freire: Maybe her hair is white and she can dye it any color. She uses dyes that don’t last long so she can change colors. In the beginning her hair was dyed brown but then the dye was washed so she had to use the wig. (Actually the creator is doing whatever it wants with the hair and we have to roll with it, but that is my explanation)
~Celya~: Np , it’s me who was tired so I didn’t focus and then didn’t understand 😅 sorry ^^
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Eww my best friends horny as brother did that to me once, he was like can you open this box (aka I was helping him unpack and my BFF left me) then he took a shower I pulled the con- I'm mean thing out and he came out of the shower with his shirt off and a towel wrapped around his waist and my dumbass froze and he said the same exact thing expect it was like this. "oh sorry I left that in their, why are you looking at it like that? Do you wanna use it on me" and I gapped it I tapped out I left and slammed the door. And told my BFF I'm never coming over again 😂
Celestia Ananda: if it's happens to me I'm gonna say no you thing to small and i go out like nothing happend 😂
Mandira Rai: omg like really hahahahahaha 😅
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Ikki Kurugane
Till friday, i was in a relationship for almost 3years, our anniversary is at nov.. But suddenly that day she said something that blow off my mind..that was :"Im losing feelings for you, i can't be in a relationship at this moment at least not now" After hearing it.. I lost guys.. She was my first /true love.. And yet..yet she left me out of nowhere, i dont even know what to do.. Not even now.. But in my heart i still have a feeling that one day.... One day she will be back for me. What should i do? It hurts
Let_me...: Ohh...that's good! congratulations! sometimes, people...ahem, especially girls think of worrying things on their own. causing complications and misunderstandings. you sounded so heartbroken last time, and i thought you already lost contact completely. it's great you're able to mend things. somerimes, when you love a person, you overthink about small things huh? oh well, i myself lost count of how many times i broke up with my last boyfriend before(about more than 15 times?) lol. it doesn't mean i didn't love him tho. and we're still together. i wish you both seem to love her very very much! good luck!
Ikki Kurugane: well to be honest, she will come back 😊 our relationship just needed sometime to get know ourselves better and can spend some time discovering each other feeling 😊 she hasn't left me 😆 she still loves me
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so im writing one for is short but atleast calming of heart a bit..
So here it goes..

After Lingfei's death..Xiaoxiao was really sad and depressed. It's been 2 years for his death, now Xiaoxiao is not that much depressed..
she flew to another city and met a guy ..after 3 months she got to know that Lingfei was reborn into that guy's body..After 1 month they got married and started a happy family..

They story is brief as im not a writer..but hope u all will understand..
KimJane: pls like if it relaxed ur heart even a tiny bit..
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xiao shen
Mangatoon, could you please ask Yoolook Culture why they chose to end the comic on this part when this clearly happened on the 1st half of the book? This comic just made followers think that Mu Lingfei is the real ML and that the original story ended tragically.
It's a good thing i was able to finish today the OG novel. This comic hurt my soul so badly i had to finish the c-novel in two days! Now i can sleep better.

I like most of Youlook Culture's comics, but i dont think i can forgive them for what they did on this one. I demand season 2! And please finish the story how it ended in the book! 😝
Miss Ann Ma: yes I'm absolutely agree with you!! what kind of ending
ι αм gяσσт!: Where did you read the book and what happens there?
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CieL Crown
This ending is still acceptable although not the best way.. At least not like My Dear Vampire Lord.. No closure, sudden change of plot, slow update.. Very bad.

This one is sad but it has closure in the end. At least Lingfei managed to express his love..

But if the author have time, maybe the author should explain about Mengxiao's sister's death (although we already know who would likely be the culprit). Also, what Mengxiao does with her life.. Probably resign and be a full time mom, or naming the baby Lingfei or something.. Or continue to be the best star ever.. Yeah, whatever.. I'm not a fanatic of happy ending, but every story needs closure for the audience.
Rawan Sameh
Am I the only one afraid that the wig might fall!!😂💔
stravberry: Her hair is actually the same colour as her wig but she dyed it lol
Heather Donnelly: i think that it is awesome. . . we just need more funny lovey scenes lol
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so heart touching. my soul is weeping deeply😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I felt so sad 💔 . I read lots of manga and but now most of thier ending is totally unreasonable. 😠😠😠😠with so many outcomes they can easily end it with happiness without let him died. did manga have lack of fiction s or something else. I already suspected about their ending but I hope that it would not end up like that...... it really pissed me off.. manga do something for ur followers otherwise u will end up like ur comics.... .... WORST😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
❤im xi's wife❤
hahahaha guys i suddenly remember my cousin hahaha so guys this is the story
we have an family vacation then when we are in the pool and my cousin was so hot and cool then there something happen when my cousin get up in swimmingpool we are all shocked we see his bird😂then hes not already realize it that his swimming trunks was gone so he get up in pool and act like a cool guy without swimming trunks then he suddenly realize that his swimmingtrunks were gone when her mother throw the towel to him😂😂
jennnnn: that's so epic hahaha
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Heyneana Zhinsi'e Viensfragrance
for so many years xiao xiao cant get heart for any man, and feng hes js let her be, but his heart still for xiaoxiao, after somany yeasr xiao xiao became and actres and been start some busnise florist in some other country which full of peacefull, and there a year where she see lingfeng, and encounting between them started.. hes got the memories back and the bomb happen js when hes still can get safe by some old man, and do the operation. and they married again, after 1 year they got 2 twin boy and girland the 2 year of their married they got one son again.. and feng hes get an traffic accident which is cause his death .. fin

bromiztah: where did you read the continuation of this manga?
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I honestly stopped reading this after I felt it was taking too many twists and turns, so I kinda jumped ahead to the last few episodes and OMG WHY DID YOU MAKE ME CRY?! I mean, sure at first he was a jerk, but I think we all grew to care for Lingfei. For me it was to the point where I liked him more than the ML, because he cared for xiaoxiao so much and you could see how passionate he was about her his love was pure. With Feng, I felt it was more desire, lust and infatuation vs love. I was really rooting for Lingfei and just to have him killed off like that 💔
I hate it, it made me cry.. Things lyk dis makes love scary for me 😭.. U stay happy, carefree till u find d person u love.. N dis shit life is too long dat its never a happy ending.. Ur life becomes a mess after someone touches ur heart.. Even if u r single or hav someone, enjoying.. U would still be crying under ur blanket.. No one should fall in.. Its a curse.. 😭.. Heart touching story 💕.. I cry alot.. I sleep to pass my time so i don't hav to think much.. I keep myself busy with reading stuff.. Its a escape for me from d reality.. Dat ppl r too cruel n there is no one who knows love..jst its never d happy ending
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