Adorable Princess
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Adorable Princess

Adorable Princess
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Misty Plume
I think that Su Ranran and Ye Lingfeng are perfect together. Not only are they lovers in their past life (I'm just guessing) but they are adorable together. The way that they are both shy around each other is cute! I love Su Ranran when she is in human form with Ye Lingfeng. It's always comical and I love it! They are meant for each other in every aspect. I'm glad that the Empress Dowager died. She was annoying. And is or just me or does every villain in every comic I read have purple/pink hair? You've got Dora Sze in Bossy President, Su Ruoer in Spicy Wife's Reborn World and so on. I've grown to hate girls with purple hair. ps please try out my fanfic of Adorable Princess called (wait for it) "Adorable Princess". Click on my profile picture to access it. It's a great read and won't disappoint. I poured my heart and soul into it. Thanks~.
Claudia Vency: I like them too! They’re so cute together
BILLIONAIRE: Hello please read my novel named "MONEY SUDDENLY APPEARED" Thanks
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Actually I think the problem is that the emperor.IS a child. so naturally he is childish and self-centered which makes him dangerous because he has way too much power for someone his age. not mature.enough to.rule and way top easily is not that they cannot take.him as a child anymore, it is the opposite. He is a child with too much power and authority.
~Nishinoya's_waifu~🧡🐮: yes true
Azul: that's the truth
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Kpop's life✌️🥰
Little emperor, Let.Me.Tell.You.Something.
We all know that you are the emperor, but you still need to listen to him, cuz you are still a gotdamn child. Like, did you had any idea how solve the lightning problem?.... I don’t think so.
So stop hating on him, and do what you should do, at the moment to become the MF emperor you want to be. Okay?
lixlu: Can everyone stop selfpromoting please? I know you’ve worked hard for your stories but the notifications are pretty annoying, I thought someone said something related to the the story so I checked it out but lately it’s just self promoters
춘희: can you please check out my chat story "THE EMPRESS: FROZEN PHOENIX" and tell me how is it..
I'm sure you'll like it if you are a fan of strong women genre and ancient mangas.. support this author
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🌸Cherry Blossoms🌸
Techi Anung: Lalalala One kiisssssss Moooooooooorrrrreeeeee°=°
Anonymous: 🎶"You're gonna say more more more more more and more" 🎶
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Lingfeng and Su Ranran were destined to be together since the start. I’m assuming after they fell in love during their past life, they might have already became Husband and Wife 😍 Omg their relationship is so adorable, their past life seems really interesting, I want to know more, especially why he killed her, Lingfeng must have a reason for it!!
nina 💕aubery: yeahh your right
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⚠Spoiler allert!!⚠

Soon after that our ML restore his memories back our FL will be next! when she restore her all memories how they met and how she killed in her past life she grab the knife(i dunno where that knife came from go ask author) she will kill our ML when he was asleep but...Do you want to know how they meet?
Princess Jax's prince (lolol): let us moree!!
Cuteness overload: yes yes yes!!! I wanna know more!!!!
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Misty Plume
Try out my Adorable Princess fanfiction called Adorable Princess. Su Ranran is accidently killed by mistake and sent to be reincarnated into another world as a baby dragon? Having the ability to transform into a divine beast at will, Su Ranran tries to survive all while handsome men flock her like bees with honey. Try it out, it won't disappoint you, I promise!
Misty Plume: Then just scroll down and you'll recognise it right away.
Misty Plume: Click on my profile picture. It'll bring you there.
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I did not think that the reason she is a panda is not because it was a mistake but because she is actually a.panda spirit. Maybe those kisses restore her powers too and that is why she can stay human form? since in their past life her.original.form was a panda.and when energy was deplated she turned back into that
Crybaby no fuckìn" ch@ng☑
But in last life the demon king was a partner with king of hell and king of hell has turn him into a human and su ranran ( her name in the last life was ranran su) she is a queen of panda clan, then she met the demon king as a kid get chasing by the 2 ugly female beast, she has go save him, she was fall in love with him and him to married with her but let her take care of him until he grow up first, one day panda clan got invade by the wolf clan and their king......just wait and watch, I'm tired of typing 😌
Tamara Milojkovic
God, how funny she is. I can't stop laughing.AUTHOR YOU ARE DEFINITELY THE BEST!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!❤️❤️❤️MORE MORE MORE CHAPTERS!!!❤️❤️❤️CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY UPDATE!!!❤️❤️❤️ But as far as it is clear that he loved her and did not want to return to his world. But that must happen. I want him to appear in her world, it would be so beautiful.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Now I am somehow sad because of them, but also happy. Mostly a changeable mood.
“Because I have more important things to do”
awww Ye Lingfeng seriously loves Su Ranran so much. He cares a lot for her. Also thank goodness the little emperor is finally realized how much his uncle cares for him and LMAO naughty kiddo thinking of something kid not suppose to know 🤣
The killing intent of Fluffy is so funny....

Also, I'm confused everytime they call her su ranran, I prefer calling her fluffy... Cuz everytime I hear it I don't remember a panda but a cat instead, cuz one of my most favorite manga has su ranran in there who's a cat
schinchan: hi please read my chat story MEANT FOR EACH OTHER thank you 😊
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👉iT's rEalLy hUrtZ👈
Maybe the 3 kiss is not related to bring her back home it's a lie maybe the 3 kiss was for her to BRING HER MEMORY BACK just my opinion free to roast me or judge👌
raela: ya. because even if she goes back home, she doesn't exist anymore there, she died.
schinchan: thank u 😊
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Did you see my bag
look I'm saying again IM INDIAN and in India Susu means pee so every time I read her name ran' SUSU' it makes me lmaoo😂😂😂
comics 😉😉 I'm coming: can you please check out my first work THE OTHER WOMAN....I really need your support...hope you like it... sorry for the disturbance
Ms.chanandler Bong ❤: perfect comment 🤣🤣🤣
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love life to the fullest
ok .
i understand why author had used doraemon.
just like doraemon helps nobita by giving him advice and gagets same way king of hell has also helping the deity to revive his energy and power by advising him. gd .
btw i loved the episode..
and the art is awesome...
keep good work author .🥰🥰🥰
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: He did also use a lot of other costumes for him tho
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haha Ye Lingfeng doesn’t want to let her go damn man just tell her you love her 😏 anyways in a few more episodes, the truths about his past life will revive. He’s one of the most powerful man. Lingfeng gonna get his past memories back after he finally decided to kiss her but lol she still can’t go home since it’s her destiny to stay with him. ML and FL are past lovers..
Sakura2206: I like you telling spoilers but be careful, there are people who don't like spoilers and will criticise you...I have suffered it. Anyway, thank you for your info
deadlyfandomtrash22: ooooo so are you saying it's like kamisama hajimemashita, that he was in love with her and only her since the beginning
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Luma Ray
Do boys read these kind of manga's
im the king,im the boss: LoL omg BWAHAHA................why do find this funny?
Ellina: are you really a boy?
btw im a girl and im 14 years old
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Suparna Ghosh
I was thinking.... he doesn't have any heart beat so then how did he get his heart skip a beat and get stabbed by arrow... but then again I realized that he may have a heart which is frozen by the bitterness of some just that he needs love to make it beat again.... 😍😍😘😘🥰😋🥰😋😍😘😍
Miko meow: Yeah if there's no heart beat why not try to make him fall to you so you will know if he have a heart
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priya BTS ARMY
ahwwwwws!! the pandas are so cute and I want to be a panda like them and join in their ckan

And I want more crazy updates if you don't mind's upto you author and thank you for working hard for this comic,love the author and I love everything
⚠Little Spoiler About her past⚠

I think in next chapter you will know how did she died. When she woke up she don't want to disturb by the ML nor she doesn't want to see the ML.

|It just happen I read it raw so don't expect to much that's the next chapter i mixed it| hehe~~
deja vu: I am dying of anxiety and imaginating horrible things
クリスタル: I think it's going to be ruin so that's why our FL have a fight against our ML and our FL will die then our ML will go to her(i mean what the FL die he will go after her) Opps! I think I talk to much
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