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In the Ancient Rome, where social classes have more strength in society, a queen gives birth to twins which everyone knows what it means. One will be alpha, and the other son will be omega. Because otherwise it would not be possible for two children to be born the same day from the same mother. One would have been born to be king while the other would become a sacrifice. So while Kain and Lucier grew up, they were treated the same way and with the same respect until they knew who the king would be.

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Sorry author but i don't like this story because i think you painted so badly and the story made me not understand . Sorry if it sounds rude .
Angel: Ok . I am so sorry , author .
Abdrual Garcia Duran: My painting will remain the same. Because I love my painting and it's all what matters. On other hand, I respect your opinion. However, it's all that is, an opinion. Thank you for reading.
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Kayli Patterson
I really like this comic so please continue making this. Like a request for a fan if you will
Angelica 🌸: only 2 chapters ??
Jasmine 's. ^~^: Thank you author but honestly it's not really needed it's already so beutiful and original it doesn't have to change. But if it's your choice I hope you like that style better and not because someone was hating (but that prob won't be the why cause it's gorgeous). 😊 Love you author. 😘
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The art is so beautiful! I love it! I'm so interested in what happens next!!
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