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La Tinta

Smiley Mars
Jasmine 's. ^~^
For the people who haven't read Kayli Patterson's comment the author replied that she will remove this comic soon Smiley Mars also works on another project called "Dark Heroes" so be sure to support if you see this title. She also said that she will redraw the comic and the other project called "Dark Heroes" wasn't the reason for it to stop updating.
If you see this comment please like so that other people don't need to ask the author and pressure her more 😊
Jasmine 's. ^~^: No probs I love your story hope you can realize the story soon. 😊😘
Smiley Mars: Thank you!
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Misaki Scarlet
I like Kain more
lar krit soe
I like lucier he's kind of a carefree guy and a fun character Kain is good to he's the smart type it's difficult to decide but anyway I'll go with lucier 😋😋😎😍😘😉😆
interesting story line I like it 😎😎😍
Smiley Mars
Hi there! I'm the author just to say that the new version will be uploaded on December 30. thanks for supporting me! I hope you like the new version and support it as well.
the one in your dreams : I kinda like your work...
can you draw my novel too...?? 😁
lovelesslife😉: thanks for the story it's really fun I like it a lot just please don't make us wait for to long I really want to see more episodes 😆😆😊😎😍
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Inori Yukki
Please I want to see more!! Pretty please!! Its so good!!
I support the bad guy
🌻sunny💗🍨💗🍨: hello, may i know from where you got that dp🤗🤗? just curious cause i see lots of them here.
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Tajay Spicey Whyte
Szymon Szynka
Suzy Omari
when will you upload the next chapter's🛀👿
Anime + Manga = LIFE
please make more this is KILLING ME😥😥
Anime + Manga = LIFE
please make more this is KILLING ME😥😥
Anime + Manga = LIFE
please make more this is KILLING ME😥😥
I never read a aob manga , interesting!( ^ω^ )
minime: e saw a waa a
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The art is so beautiful! I love it! I'm so interested in what happens next!!
Kayli Patterson
I really like this comic so please continue making this. Like a request for a fan if you will
Angelica 🌸: only 2 chapters ??
Jasmine 's. ^~^: Thank you author but honestly it's not really needed it's already so beutiful and original it doesn't have to change. But if it's your choice I hope you like that style better and not because someone was hating (but that prob won't be the why cause it's gorgeous). 😊 Love you author. 😘
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Ren Ashiabell
I want to read this omegaverse so please update it everyday.I want to finish it reading. thank you ....very much.sorry for being demanding. hehehehhhhhhhhhhh
Diamond Aries
This is quite cute. Please continue 😊
Jasmine 's. ^~^
What the hell is omega versa? Everyone keeps talking about it and I don't even know what it means. 😑
Jasmine 's. ^~^: Thanks for the explanation y'all, now it's my fav genre!
mariosama: the actual meaning of Alpha is leader, Beta is team mate/member and omega is a loner . Like an wolf pack, there's a leader, rest of the pack and a lone-wolf.
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