Love at First Sight
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Love at First Sight

KidariStudio, Inc.
Love at First Sight
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Love at First Sight Comics Online. "You want your phone back? Be my girlfriend!"
"Because I want it!"
"Then for how long?"
"Till the day before my birthday~"
But which birthday? Nobody knows.

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Girl Power
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I really want her with Eroin. I hope her friend is okay. and I hope the two purple haired get expelled or something
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$___$: week 68e668 78ee8wey7erythematosus eyes yrer78ree76778e7er
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Vanessa Ray
Ji Eorin is a precious cinnamon roll! Oh, and Han Hanjeong, get away from that purple haired girl! She’s a psycho!!!!
JeonJungkook: not all manhwas have purple hair
Fei Sparks: Here's a marvellous Novel for you, 《Memoirs of Love》, Check it out now.
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Ji Eorin should tell her about the photo of her mother.......and Hanjeong shouldn't have accepted other guys proposal(well she regrets later on)
Donggyrong is so true friend he told her the truth even though he like Hanjeong......hope he also finds someone😢
Jagyeong😅"you touched me so much,you bad girl"she is best, she is helping them get back together😄
Lee Juling should realise that Ji Eorin will never come into relationship with her, she stoop low by stealing Ji Eorin's phone and made him follow her even though he was sick😡

Really hope these two get back together(quickly) and Lee Juling stop following Ji Eorin😡 also stop causing trouble😫
$: Your name? That anime one?
$: type the title in ggl
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