Love at First Sight
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Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight
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Vanessa Ray
Ji Eorin is a precious cinnamon roll! Oh, and Han Hanjeong, get away from that purple haired girl! She’s a psycho!!!!
Josh gray: lll l l lllll llllloooloollollolllllllooolollllllloooooooollolöööööööpöööööööööööööööööpöööööööööäööööööööpööööööööööööööpöööpööööpöööö l b b b bb b. l b ll. bb l obb. t tt tt t t. t l ñ. bbb. b. b LL b. b. b. b l l. blbb
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Ji Eorin should tell her about the photo of her mother.......and Hanjeong shouldn't have accepted other guys proposal(well she regrets later on)
Donggyrong is so true friend he told her the truth even though he like Hanjeong......hope he also finds someone😢
Jagyeong😅"you touched me so much,you bad girl"she is best, she is helping them get back together😄
Lee Juling should realise that Ji Eorin will never come into relationship with her, she stoop low by stealing Ji Eorin's phone and made him follow her even though he was sick😡

Really hope these two get back together(quickly) and Lee Juling stop following Ji Eorin😡 also stop causing trouble😫
I don’t like the other guy he’s to mysterious and is always looking hurt so she will be sympathetic towards him. But the fl is dense af so she doesn’t even notice (I like that about her). The ml hasn’t really done anything wrong it’s just that black haired girl is coming onto him and he’s literally in bed so like she can just go in there and everyone will misunderstand it. Like did he ask the black haired girl to come, no, he didn’t. So why get mad at him.
Stephanie Cristy
Even though he likes her. He still ask Hanjeong to stay with Ji Eorin. My heart ache for him
Kaleah_01: The tears 😭 of a real man right there
No one: maybe bcz he knows it's for the best
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Author, please do crazy update!!! we your loyal fans have been reading your manga regardless of the amount of coins requested. Your manga does not even allow us to use points like other mangas and we still faithfully use our coins and read each ch. please, please do a crazy update.
Thank you very much... sincerely, a fan of your manga ☺
#Nayeon 22
He's saying those words for ji eorin but deep inside it really hurts....I can say that many people expirienced the same thing....But donggyeong im really proud of you even though you know that she is the ugly duckling that you love very much,you can push her away and let her be with your friend ji eorin.....And this problem is a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING!plsss let the ml and fl be together...But for sure donggyeong will find another good and best girl for him...DONGGYEONG IM SO PROUD OF YOU.If i can time travel and go to this comic i will marry you!!but it cant really happen😢😭
Petula Clark
I think he hasn’t talked or done anything because he is still sick .... I hope ..... and yeah, the story is starting to disappoint, the chapters are so short and one has to wait a lot,
Ali Rezan
If your gonna make me spend money to unlock your shitty manga episodes better be coming tick and fast
Ni Vi: oh my.. you just read my mind
putri elliza: I AGREE

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I know I shouldn't laugh at him saying "then, d*e" but I couldn't help it 🙈 Also, maybe I'm just used to these friends turning out to be snakes, but there's just something off about her friend, like the way she just started throwing these accusations around & then even was happy when fl said they had broken up 🤔
☆彡★彡: True ...
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school love stories are always better the arrogant CEO love stories,am I right frds
cutting onions makes me cry 😭: yeah I totally agree 💯 😊
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Kirito Pierre
I really like the FL she's a girl who's experiencing everything and we get to see her decisions, but the way she's treated by the assumed ML is just poor. it isnt with the coins or ads to so such little progress, the only progress there is is a little smirk not even a full smile. I really would like to see a change in either his attitude or a change in MLs. This story has so much potential but yet it isnt going anywhere yet. and its too short
Ji Eorin has problem in expressing himself........when would these two get back together but hope this time they get back because of their feeling for each other.
Hanjeong's friend found really good time to interrupt them😒😒😒 seriously I wanted to know the reason.
Vanessa Ray
I see a lot of hate for Ji Eorin. Just to give you a heads up - the long haired girl stole his phone that contains the only photo of his mother (so he had to get it). He’s a tsundere who has problems expressing himself. Trust me, his sweet moments later on make up for it.
Kaleah_01: Y are y’all asking where can I read it when your reading the story rn?
the demon saves the world : she's mentioned it in the comments section, I mean check the whole comments section u will find it
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Vanessa Igori
Idk i don't really trust her "friend". seems like a two-faced, jealous snake to me. I feel like she's up to something or involved in the misunderstanding with that other girl somehow...looked to me like she was tryna distract from her hearing the truth by changing the subject, idk she just doesn't move like a true friend🤷🏾‍♀️
bea: who is the purple hair friend???? anyway it need coins in bomtoon:<<
Vanessa Ray: You can read up to chapter 59 on Bomtoon (it’s in Korean though).
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Why did her friend have to open her mouth at that moment??? 😩 Anyways, I'm not surprised that he's innocent or that he tried explaining himself, since he's not the best at communication. I just hope fl doesn't show up to nurse him or whatever & see that girl there.
X: Ah, yeah, I meant I wasn't doubting him & knew there was a reason for it.
Vanessa Ray: So, the long haired girl stole his phone that contains the only photo of his mother (so he had to get it). He’s a tsundere who has problems expressing himself. Trust me, his sweet moments later on make up for it.
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Xia YangYang
if he think he is innocent, why he can't properly explain to his gf? why need to put his ego in the number 1? see? when she want to talk with him but he just listen and then walked awayy.. that's not how you can improve ur relationship between both of you and solve ur guys problem...
xXaliciabirthXx: but... thats his fault too.. he the first one who tell her that she can date others too... hmm.. <(_ _)>
whatever: He was trying to explain when he tried to stop her but she ran away instead
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suman sharma
KayB: I think he’s going to his moms grave Bc he has flowers
Strange Mirror: He’s also on the cover if you look
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Lin Lu
FL's friend Ho Gyong (purple hair girl) is really really bad & cruel. Later she slandered FL in their school so that FL was ostracized by his friends, & worse she asked her brother's friends to beat Nan Donggyong & FL.
Oh yeah Gim Jagyong (yellow haired girl) & Song Jinnam (green haired guy) will be dating.
bea: privileged HHAHAHA like wtf u get this
Lin Lu: Falling for you
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u know maybe if I were in her place I would have tell him all the story about jingshu and how I bought meds for him and found him dating with other girl and would blame him.....via text through mobile and then I would have block him and then I would also give him cold shoulder.....alas only if I were in her would be fun 😂😂😜
Sativa La Galaxy
I would never talk to him again. I would block his number, delete his contacts and tell his friends we broke up. I'll be damned if I spent all day finding a store open on foot trying to get medicine for him and catch him dressed up hanging out with some other girl that confessed to him.
Kaleah_01: Facts ‼️ don’t come to me with this bs 🖕🏽 caught his as lackin he don’t even look sick like 🤦🏽‍♀️
springyou: same gurl
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