Solmi Solfa, My Song
Romance / Korean Artist

Solmi Solfa, My Song

KidariStudio, Inc.
Solmi Solfa, My Song
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Solmi Solfa, My Song Comics Online. "You are my sunshine... ..." You are my song~ New comic about love and romance between musicians and music lovers.
Sometimes people say music can express one's feelings and emotions, it's true or not?

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아기 토끼agi tokki
Oppa... not Bro! Oppa~ is respectful title given to older brother or another older male who looks out for your wellbeing and cares for you - Oppa can be flirty name to address an older male and Oppa is often used in romantic relationship. Bro does not have this same meaning. Oppa is the proper word to use and it should not be literally translated into brother or especially "bro" because the significant meaning and endearment is lost in translation - Almost everyone understands Oppa meaning, so please change it back. Brother should be used but only if he is her brother - not cousin. Bro is way too informal and casual and in English it is used very casually by both male and female to address a friend or stranger.
JUNE^-^: online.. is heaven!
Gary Lisa: ,a!#!22•☆•☆ws#@a
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plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
Actually now I'm confused.. does the male lead knows or not that she is not the biological daughter of her mother..I think he definitely knows otherwise he wouldn't be so cautious around her..or feel jealous when she is with another guy😩😩AHH!! why 5 days?? I saw from previous comments that someone said the actual Korean version has so many chapters😪😪I know translators will take time but plz do it fast😬😬now I'm so into in this story..❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️
I don't know korean comics or Korean dramas are always best..they show so much depth into the characters that actually u get in love with them at first sight..I thought in k-dramas we get so much feels..but k-comics too❤️❣️😍I have watched many c-dramas,,J-dramas,,then Thai lakorns..I genuinely feel k dramas and Thai lakorns always show a lot depth than others🤓🙊🙊 and this comic is sure love 😍❣️❤️
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And yeah if u r not interested then ignore my comment and don't bad mouth me. Have a good day ♡♡♡♡♡♡
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xiao shen
No Solmi, you didnt hear it wrong. He's so into you, he keeps forgetting himself around you, this thoughtful, intellectual, brilliant businessman (who just turns into a complete mush when it comes to you hehe)

You two look so cute together, just start dating already! hahahahahaha
cookie: I would love to read your novels
googirl: please read my chat Story nation of love
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