Christmas Miracles
Romance / K-Art

Christmas Miracles

KidariStudio, Inc.
Christmas Miracles
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Christmas Miracles Comics Online. Seven years ago:
“You are sure to be an actor, and I will be a script writer for you. I know you the best, and I can write stories just for you!”
“Let’s break up.”

Seven years later:
“Why are you here again? I don’t know if you can’t read the air or you just simply do not have any pride…”
“Miss writer, I like your work!”

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I'm truly sorry Yujun, but in my opinion you're still the one that guilty. When Nameun was still with you, that was only her who did and gave everything for you. That was ONLY her who always beside you. ONLY her who always give, give, give, and give. But you? You were too arogant/your pride were too high + too coward to show your love for her. No, in my opinion your action towards her were not shyness, but arogant and coward.

You're too cold towards her, even you seldomly say "thank you" or express your gratitude to her, you seldomly give something or anything to her, you seldomly or maybe almost never search any information about her when you were still with her, what her needs, what her likes, what her problems, what her difficulties, what her feelings or her story everyday/what she's been through everyday. You just take, take, take, and take. Too much take, but less give. So, I think you deserve this. Sorry Yujun, really sorry. And sorry for my bad English 🙏😅
blackrose0403: yes yes true. To be honest I still curious about Seongyun's (the ML) reason to fell in love with Nameun. Was it because Nameun gave him her boots when she was drunk? Or because of another reason? I don't know yet, but still I ship Seongyun and Nameun so much 😍😍😍
Seven: right.... its not good to just take in a relationship... it should be give and take relationship for both to feel loved and happy... I'm happy for namuen that someone treasures her the most even at the worst situation... who fell in love at first sight with a drunk woman? 😂 😍
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well, who wants to make friend to a Filipina?
you can dm 👉👈 because I don't have many friends and most of them are toxic so can you?
cooky: dont worry! my friends are toxic too...not only yours
coffee.cake bun: i am indian too
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Yes Nameun never cry for someone who hurts you just smile and say :thank you for giving me a chance to find someone better than you
And yeah Seongyun is that better person for you
Fiona Francesca: thanks
小EnZi🎶: Yeah sure ❤️
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