Christmas Miracles

Christmas Miracles

KidariStudio, Inc.
Christmas Miracles
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Christmas Miracles Comics Online. Seven years ago:
“You are sure to be an actor, and I will be a script writer for you. I know you the best, and I can write stories just for you!”
“Let’s break up.”

Seven years later:
“Why are you here again? I don’t know if you can’t read the air or you just simply do not have any pride…”
“Miss writer, I like your work!”

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Hottest Comments
gannie me
i feel like he broke up with her so she can stop staying with him and work on her own dreams and he said that because he thought she would have been better as a writer than an assistant
Obeng Rhoda: I also disagree is very hard to understand him
Conie Chew: Al8a8assm
total 6 replies
I just read it.....till this chapter in one go and found that two people suffered due to their relationship.One FL....had bad break up....but she still is in the became a writer😊 and somewhat is happy.....Second currently ML(brown hair)......being nagged by his girlfriend(maybe his girlfriend) who is shouting at him😶..still he is happy in presence of FL😊
It is good story...make me wanna know more about FL and ML future relationship also about FL's ex(don't know why)
Is she a normal human being? How did is she in love with a sycophant and doesn't even see the cutie pie beside her? If she doesn't end up with him, I will idc 😂😂😂
scarlet: 😂😂😂same here man
JavaChare: exactly
total 3 replies
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