Christmas Miracles

Christmas Miracles

KidariStudio, Inc.
Christmas Miracles
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Christmas Miracles Comics Online. Seven years ago:
“You are sure to be an actor, and I will be a script writer for you. I know you the best, and I can write stories just for you!”
“Let’s break up.”

Seven years later:
“Why are you here again? I don’t know if you can’t read the air or you just simply do not have any pride…”
“Miss writer, I like your work!”

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Hottest Comments
Yujun is making her feel miserable and good for nothing. He is 'helping'(in his words)her but making her feel bad and also feel like that he is doubting her capability and he told director about their past,doesn't Yujun knows what kind of person that director is.

I know it is bad but I enjoyed Yujun's reaction (shocked) when Kwon said "I was happy before I met you again".

IF Kwon takes up this offer(HOPE SHE DOESN'T TAKES THE OFFER AND GET GOOD SCRIPT TO WRITING LATER ON)........then director will do her level best to trouble Kwon (like appear in front of Kwon with Yujun like they are very close)........and Kwon would feel sad😢
Hope that,if Kwon takes up this offer(Please Don't)of writing script then she delivers such an awesome script that Yujun and director would surprised [as right now they feel she need help to get big opportunity(I think)] and hope then Yujun would know than he underestimated her (as I think he will not realise it right now) and regret his decision of break up with her😢😡
Amparito Orozco
What ever it was that Park wants or wanted for her I don’t care, he was an asshole before and him “doing things for her own growth and good” won’t change the way I think about him, he is still an ass today and will continue to be so. And I hope and know (I think) she won’t end up with him at the end. No matter the reason he had to hurt her was, doesn’t and won’t make him look good later in the story.
He may have broken up with her because he wanted to sleep ( y’all understand) his way up the ladder and not hurt her by staying with her. That still doesn’t make him or their breakup any better and then making friends stop taking to each other, even worst.
I went all over the place but to make it shorter now... he’s a jerk, I don’t like him and by the looks of it many others don’t either.
No hate for the author just the jerk. Did the author create a jerk, yes. Does that mean the story is terrible ABSOLUTELY NOT. It just means we have someone to hate and someone to love and protect.
International Playboy
aww i actually feel bad for yujun but he needs to understand that what hes doing isnt helping naeun and even making her feel worse but atleast that shows that hes trying and still cares for her and idk if its in a sister, friend or more than a friend way but i really dont think his intentions are to harm her and u could tell from his facial expressions from when she said she was happy before he came really hurt him deeply. And also that other girl is really i dont even know how to say it but its bad and i have a feeling that all shes saying is just bull shit and trying to start misunderstandings because shes a jealous hoe.
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