Christmas Miracles
Romance / K-Art

Christmas Miracles

KidariStudio, Inc.
Christmas Miracles
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Christmas Miracles Comics Online. Seven years ago:
“You are sure to be an actor, and I will be a script writer for you. I know you the best, and I can write stories just for you!”
“Let’s break up.”

Seven years later:
“Why are you here again? I don’t know if you can’t read the air or you just simply do not have any pride…”
“Miss writer, I like your work!”

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thank you so much author, for making a happy, cheerful guy to be the ml, bcz usually it's always (not all) ml that is an ex with fl, and that happy, cheerful guy is always (not all) is second I want THANK YOU again for making this, and make fl eventually move on bcz I know on the first few chapters it's normal when she couldn't move on yet, thank you for not making her love him anymore unlike other fls😒(not all) bcz other fls always(not all) fall in love with ml(that are not support/protect her at all) and every time I feel pity for 2nd ml 😢 bcz he doesn't deserve it he helped fl from her miserable live, make her cheerful bcz she has depression and protect her but as always fl won't feel any love for him, but only as a FRIEND also I start thinking I have second male lead disease bcz I couldn't get over them and many of them have a bad ending....... thank you thank you thank you moreeeeee thank you and love from me I'm so happy I found this sweet, masterpiece, so much love in this comic and so beautiful art 😍😍😍
sometimes stories like this hurt a lot. I mean both loved each other but the path he chose was not she intended. I may have been able to understand a part of Yujin. Like FL continue to give her since his childhood, he may have felt burdened to repay her somehow. But I thin this wasn't the solution. He would have had faith and continue to be persistent. This path may have been difficult but he would have become famous by her side. For what she gave everything up.
What I hated was the fact that he humiliated her when meeting again. He would have kept quiet or if he wanted to get back apologetic. But I think the apology of cheating is rare.
I don't like Yujin but I don't support FL either. This is why you should not forget yourself in a relationship. It leaves you hurt only in the end and bitter. But I like the ML he understands the FL and put effort to balance in due time.
Lis Turner: I’m so confused FL got dumped by that Persone because he cheated on her to be famous
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he is selling him self...i dont feel sad for him, how can someone be so ungrateful to someone that help him, consoled him on the difficult days? i dont feel sad. But the FL, she is the real victim here, she was used and when he didnt need her anymore, he drove her away like if she was an object. The ML, is a little strange the reason of why he fall in love with her but it doesnt metter, if he choose her, he choose well, the other one choose the fame so he cant come back for her, he had a choice and he didnt take it so he cant do nothing now that she is more happy. THAT BLONDE GIRL...she is a sugar mommy, i think she knows that and i do not have a problem with that but you cant just manipulate someone like that, she knew what she was doing, and thats inhuman. I hope that the FL end up with the ML and the other guy end up happy alone but with a lot of money and fame, because that’s what he choose.
Tami♡♡: but still
Tami♡♡: yeah i know
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