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Billionaire's Wife

Parami Jayasooriya
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"you change a lot baby"
"don't baby me if you want to be alive " she said looking directly at me.
"but baby- " before i continue my sentence she got a gun from her drawer and pointed it to me.
I smirked as i stood up in front of her. "kill me baby, if that makes you happy do it" i said as i walked closer to her. i clearly saw her trembling with my words."pull the trigger baby why are you waiting " i said sternly while wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her closer making the point of her gun touching my forehead.

Her appearance is very sexy also it carries a hint of rudeness but her personality is complete different from her appearance. She is innocent, sweet, cute and very kind also she is a very sensitive girl .
He is handsome, sexy , rude, dominative and ruthless billionaire . He was a player before he married so he was a womanizer.
She is married to him she loves him a lot. she worshiped him and admired him a lot. she trust him with her life .she believed one day he will love her the way he love him but what happened when she found out her husband on the bed with her sister, fully naked? what will she do? will she be the same naive girl or will she change ?
Can he live a good life without her or will he beg for her to comeback ? if he do can he get her love and trust again?
Let's see

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Yes love is cruel painful and beautiful if the love is the same on both ends if their is compromise and respect then yes and honestly why be with someone if they are with someone else I don’t understand that just leave the other or fight for one. It’s sad how love is a game for some. I know in my heart when I love someone I wouldn’t want to hurt them because I wouldn’t want to hurt myself. Don’t do to others what you don’t like done to you.
Hello author! The story is unique, though I suggest that proper capitalization will improve your story. I hope your narrating will improve someday. Don't get offended, if it does. Just want to give a hand. But It's all up to you. Wish you luck👍
Ohh I hate that feeling I know very well how that feels being married for 11 years with three kids to find my husband had been cheating on me while being at work and on top of that his dad would be doing the same while working together in a family business. But anyways this is a great read love it!!!!! 🥰
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