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Until i fall inlove again

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Laurice Ledesma Azul
Had an artistic temperament. A shrewd femme d'affaires. With a sheltered past. A broken home. Thwarted passion.

She possessed an unrivalved beauty that is envied by women and coveted by men. An exquisite woman of her youth with a vulnerable character.


With her sanity on the line, will Laurice eventually succumb to the temptation of the gorgeous stranger with a son playing as his wingman? Sid Walsh was relentless.

Another Walsh however came in play. Will there be rivalry between brothers?

An old flame returned as well. But if an ex-boyfriend's appearance wasn't chaotic enough, a tenacious fiance revealed himself claiming his rights as the future husband!

The battle among lovers is on!
Laurice was somehow caught in between.
But she still had a missing person to find and a career to foster.

Will she ever find the courage to be free from all control, abandon herself to her desires without reserve and trust wherever fate leads her to be?

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Special Mention to Mr. Meme!

Thank you very much for your generosity! I am truly grateful and blessed for your contributions. Your support only fuels my drive to continue creating and building up stories that aims to inspire people from across all regions around the globe.

And to all my dear readers, thank you very much for all your praise! I appreciate all of your inputs and shall continue to feed your hunger for art through this piece. Feel free to criticize this work as you please.

God bless us all!
Khushi Begum
now she got jerself a hansome husband and a cute kid!!!Tje only confusion is ...why did Louis call her mommy???? Have they met before???????????????
I have so many questions in mind.
I want Sid to know about her ass of an ex. Even though they only met but I felt like it had been a month between them, and I want to see their children’s already, plus I think the little one is either one of his dead friends boy or one of his brothers. Ether way I don’t mind as long as they stay together.
Angle tears : Hi guys I recently wrote a novel 'A smart crime' please go and read it you would love it---It's a short novel it won't take too much of a time to read it
beauty queen hanna: if you like it .... you may try " I hate you so much " novel . it is really good
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