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Man of Probabilities

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In a middle of a cold winter, who would have thought that somebody predicted the probability of having an out of the blue rainfall in the middle of a busy city.

What if this somebody is someone who can see all the probabilities of things that may happen? Did he also know the probability of how much he will fall in love to a person he never imagined to meet?

Can probabilities still remain accurate in times of unpredictable love affair?

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Boys’ Love
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Mary Geguira
I got a feeling that it could be possible kazuya also has a probabilty?? Please keep up the gud work and i really like the twist of the story... I would always look forward into it 😘😘😘
Mary Geguira: I will look forward into it... Thank u
RaiNiichi: Well based on the latest chapter... something is coming.... so.... well it's a secret for now 😉
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Deepika Tomar
is there any possibility for Hisashi to meet someone (boyfriend), since kazuya and Yuki are together..???
your inspiration for the yuki's character????
Deepika Tomar: ok... thanks
RaiNiichi: As for Hisashi's story, there will be a development in his own love life soon... so stay tuned.
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In this episode, I am the FIRSTS again! Yay! thank you author for updating....and please don't let them break up
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