The Supreme System
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The Supreme System

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The Supreme System
I don't get it, is the purple guy a good guy or a bad guy? I mean, I think he's like sorta good, I mean, obviously he knows that the MC should be really strong but he just seems like a person who would stab the MC in the back any second now
Tin Cañeta Marilla: Imao I know right
SunReiAzzy Dreemurr: Well, he’s just like that mentalist in Dr. Stone
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Umar Yuusuf
Why does it always end like this

I mean they don’t finish the fight before the chapter ends it felt like very short

I just can’t wait 😊 plz do Crazy update
Lelouch Lamperouge
well thing's escelated quickly than i have imagined. And is that a kick or a punch im confused what i saw first is that he kicked his balls XD.
Capt. Nemo
hahahahahahahaa he can use the gossip to blackmail the concubine or report it to rhe elder and demand a life lengthening pill
All that training for nothing !?
All that exciting for nothing?!
FIGHT0ERS: Ok bro that was good Well I like that but I wish he done that on the first time
DamjanPlayz: I'm not forcing my opinion on you you will see when the mc starts to fight him in the duel.
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Markgabriel Escobedo
just let other kill this useless maid for the mc character development. need ruthless mc..
not some shitty weak and he still have a useless companion. .kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kills kill kill
1WhatsMyName: agreed
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im glad the guy with mole ia good now and i hope our young master will help him
7th Heaven: tho our MC still haven't told mole guy that his concubine was cheating on him with dead big guy yet. xD
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Jayz Lopez
crazy update or we will uninstall this manga toon apps! hahahahahahahayyy
Kurosu: only u dont include us .
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Capt. Nemo
this idiot of an MC why not report him and the concubine to gain the favor of the elder😑
Mitch Apin
super awesome! , I thought he'd let himself be bullied again , I guessed , I'm wrong!
flexible rhyme30
im over here wondering whats up with the pop up of "student adicted to xxx and teacher who is afraid of males" or something like that
devante knight: been getting that almost every chapter
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Hunter Hunter
Capt. Nemo
so the king is a Sadistic and the disciple will be Masochist
the small fish took the bait... I guess that the big fish will soon come out..
Lu Anran
surprise? don't be it's better if he kill you slowly!!
Amir Ghalley
Very nice but I find the mc kind of annoying. Over all good
Both cheaters at a stalemate
John Carlo Halog Landingin: mo fan is permanent and genuine but his opponent is just a fake. the outcome is expected
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Mrai Kelly
Just revenge all what he did to you 😒
mayday: let's castrate him
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Markgabriel Escobedo
this trash kind of cliches doesn't make me excited anymore.
I just hope the mc grow up faster and not easy going personality. more cunning,ruthless not trash like this
Yanthungbeni Hum
umm did that guy who betrayed him once actually helped him out?
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