Caution! Love Around the Corner
Romance / Mystery / Strong Female Lead

Caution! Love Around the Corner

Caution! Love Around the Corner
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Caution! Love Around the Corner Comics Online. After her life took a U turn, she buried her past and became a tough police woman. However, years into her career in uniform, she reencounters the man from her bitter-sweet memory.

Now a sharp-tongued detective, he meets the girl that he used to share cherished moments with. Together, they will seek justice and rekindle what was once between them.

A story of crime investigation, a Manga about how they become each other’s salvation.

MangaToon got authorization from FANFAN to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Caution! Love Around the Corner:
Strong Female Lead
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Meenakshi Srivastava
I am more intelligent than him because I know in the starting that she is a criminal . I noted the same thing but all earlier.
I know you guys also know that's things earlier and the behaviour of the girl. but it's ok. the fl and ml is made for each other . anda story is getting interesting . because this story have a romance, drama, mystery .
Stephano: You’re not special. And it’s manga you 10 year old
Catherine Li: don't assume that normal people don't do that
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Manga Artist 💓💗
let me think... I guess that her boyfriend had fight with her because of her best friend! They both liked the same men and her best friend killed her and went for shopping! After some time her boyfriend visited the entrance of the building and saw her dead body and got panic! So he came back and was sweating all over because of what he saw! ( Idk I'm just making predictions) 😂
Isabelle Ogo: am pretty sure I was her because she is wearing a blood stained version of the cloth found in the victim's wardrobe
Tata 💜: I thought the same
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If he cut the victim's eye then choked him I'd say he wanted to make it look like a suicide but he cut it after the death so it was indeed unnecessary so maybe it's like a gang leaving it's symbol or a serial killer who kills his victims the same way and make it obvious to say he's not afraid and thinks he's smarter than the police mostly its a challenge
Kawaii Unicorns: Did you read the next chapter?🤨😂
🌼🙊🖤Naive Mr. Lu🖤🙊🌼: but I don't agree with what you said when you said he wanted to look suicidal, because if he was going to commit it when would of hanged himself seeing that it was only around the face part of the neck that can't happen because it's not around his neck- ~
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