Caution! Love Around the Corner
Romance / Mystery / Strong Female Lead

Caution! Love Around the Corner

Caution! Love Around the Corner
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Caution! Love Around the Corner Comics Online. After her life took a U turn, she buried her past and became a tough police woman. However, years into her career in uniform, she reencounters the man from her bitter-sweet memory.

Now a sharp-tongued detective, he meets the girl that he used to share cherished moments with. Together, they will seek justice and rekindle what was once between them.

A story of crime investigation, a Manga about how they become each other’s salvation.

MangaToon got authorization from FANFAN to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Caution! Love Around the Corner:
Strong Female Lead
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Meenakshi Srivastava
I am more intelligent than him because I know in the starting that she is a criminal . I noted the same thing but all earlier.
I know you guys also know that's things earlier and the behaviour of the girl. but it's ok. the fl and ml is made for each other . anda story is getting interesting . because this story have a romance, drama, mystery .
Airah AC Corpuz: Until
Jungkook 's yeodonsaeng | 13 years only : it's true
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Lhearen Manumpay
i think his brother killed the husband accidentally because i think his brother saw his sister being harrased by the husband so he got mad then defended her sister but then the worker saw it so he the brother killed him too then when the brother realize what he did, they escaped using the husband's car. i came with the logic that why does the brother knows thaf his sister was being harrased by the husband in that location, i think his wife did inform him then the brother urgently find his sister but then it happened to be on the street that is mentioned then the crime scene happened!
Vïłłįñíøūş_Rébőřň: I need some favour from you!
I am a newbie writer I am currently working on my first chat story called "YANDERE DIARY" please read it, subscribe it and of course if you like it press like button to support me!
Ida Ziegler Rasmussen: But again why would the wife lie about not knowing her and what about the wife’s dad? There is something that doesn’t add upp but good theory
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From the answers theft makes the most sense since they are cops and would solve the mystery and stuff
But I thought it might be murder again because there was someone lying on the bathroom floor (the water with long black hair) like no one would lie down to hide, especially not if the hair is so long it would be visible outside the cabinet. Hmmmm anyway it’s definitely not haunted but a mystery out little cuties will solve
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