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Caution! Love Around the Corner

Caution! Love Around the Corner
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Meenakshi Srivastava
I am more intelligent than him because I know in the starting that she is a criminal . I noted the same thing but all earlier.
I know you guys also know that's things earlier and the behaviour of the girl. but it's ok. the fl and ml is made for each other . anda story is getting interesting . because this story have a romance, drama, mystery .
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Lhearen Manumpay
i think his brother killed the husband accidentally because i think his brother saw his sister being harrased by the husband so he got mad then defended her sister but then the worker saw it so he the brother killed him too then when the brother realize what he did, they escaped using the husband's car. i came with the logic that why does the brother knows thaf his sister was being harrased by the husband in that location, i think his wife did inform him then the brother urgently find his sister but then it happened to be on the street that is mentioned then the crime scene happened!

She is unaware of how much she affects him and he is aware of how much she loves him. How long will they wait for each other? How can will they be able to control themselves? Their FORBIDDEN love?What will happen when he finally decides he had enough ?
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From the answers theft makes the most sense since they are cops and would solve the mystery and stuff
But I thought it might be murder again because there was someone lying on the bathroom floor (the water with long black hair) like no one would lie down to hide, especially not if the hair is so long it would be visible outside the cabinet. Hmmmm anyway it’s definitely not haunted but a mystery out little cuties will solve
Aishiya: obviously ,it is theft that makes sense!!🤔
hi_akirra: Her wig was snatched
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If she did kill her husband I support it 100%, he beat her, he cheated her n her father was hurt badly or if the other girl kill him I also support her, he treated her terrible bc she turn down his feeling n I wouldn't assume that me did something to her on that so call business trip.
I don't care if it makes me sound heartless, I support both of the girls all the way.
But the law is the law
Lyssa💖💋😍💋💖🤘: Demon slayer
i_love_anime_ships: Tanjiro
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I'm writing this the day before it is said to be released. I just wanna say that I honestly love their backstory more than their story now. Don't get me wrong, the one now is full of mystery and romance but I just love seeing young love and their backstories are super adorable
I 💜 Taehyung
I feel like that case is about her parents who were brutally murdered and the killer hasn't been found yet therefore our fl became a detective in order to catch the culprit
Army Sanju: Hi Guys! Sorry to disturb you but I'm writing my first chat novel "BTS and Foreign Army" I hope you will visit it and give me your support and reviews..💜💜💜
Army Sanju: Hi Guys! Sorry to disturb you but I'm writing my first chat novel "BTS and Foreign Army" I hope you will visit it and give me your support and reviews..💜💜💜
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No one
I don't think it's a ghost or anything 🤔
i think it's either just a thief or someone trying to scare people away for some reason.........tho the hair in the changing room is pretty weird and creepy😨......ahhhh I feel like an detective😎🧐🕵️‍♀️
💖🥺EDMUND ft. LUCY🥺💖: super creepy!😣 I’m slowly scrolling down ‘cause I have trust issue HAHAHAHHA I thought there might be a jumpscare HAHAHA
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Stella Solaria
All girls in one room and all boys in one room. No need to get too intimate before marriage. Girls ca share their feelings with each other and feel comfortable, as for boys, let them go in a war.
Stella Solaria: Ok I will
🌸 Shar 🌸: that's great!!!!!
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Nyaaa little Cen acting naughtily and tricked Yi!!! Such a sly and playful boy!!! I think Cen’s love started long time ago when they were schoolmates!!! Well Well Cen and Yi is definitely a couple in near future!!! So I wanna ship those 2 doctors so badly!!! In my imagination those 2 doctors suited each other very well 🤔🥰🤔

Scorpio Lòng
even their expressions can prove what they are hiding.... more sweat anexeity and while asking the questions the culprit got angry these are the perfect signs they are denying after they did what they shouldn't
Scorpio Lòng: then good
Scorpio Lòng: can we be friends???? and if u wanna be please come one private chat it's okay if u don't want to I am not forcing you to but I will follow ya
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Jasmin Blaise E. Bontilao
Yijia's so cuuuute. gosh, she kept calling the doctor talkative 😂 cold yet she looked like an emotionlessly cute chibi. I ship her with the doctor who gets speechless after getting attacked by her innocently savage words 😂
No one: I'm confused too
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Nina sze
this comic is the one of the unique stories on mangatoon. otherwise, most of the mangas have same story like "rich boy and poor girl" I like this story very much which has the positions of FL & ML at the same
they both are in same career and have equal level of intelligence
Nina sze: very nice
Sumaya: Please can you ready my novel, only you can do it
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Iris chan
Non of the following options I think she'll just go back to sleep...... Ohe wait maybe the following options can happen after this and shiyu doesn't seem to be the kind of person that will declare war so it is most likely rui will do it
Iris chan: ......... Wut do u mean only I can do it? There r many ppl out there that can do too just find someone else I don't like reading without pictures for me art is life
🌺Śçärłēt Ìvÿ Røśê🌺(Angel Sect Eldest Elder): Follow me for a follow back 😁😁😇😇
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"Thank you for taking care of Yi"like good boyfriend😉
"My pleasure,I'll continue to take care of her in future"like caring and nice future husband.........Rui wrong move😅😅😅

Hot spring,water ghost,mystery and kind of lover triangle😅
Lmfao_144: He is still paying for it believe me😂
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Zoie Stone
it always goes that way, the one who was SUPPOSED to be the inoccint one ends up being the killer, I now this becase I come from a bloodline of copes and detectives, the killer always say,YOU CAN'T PROVE It, OR Way'D IT HAVE To END LIKE This.
Leyan Issam
that reminds me of two classmates of mines they fight all the time share same personality but different thoughts and the girl likes him but sometimes he is so stupid to realize her feelings
Gaile Erhmariez P. Rabusa
Age 16 having a 6'1 height is so depressing... because when I always talk to my friends I always bend my neck down. aish, I really do envy small people sometimes. and thw worse is... I'm a girl and can't even find a right guy with a right height 😂
Karma is on the way: Short people also suffer Because they always have to look up to people while talking
bruh: dont worry, you’ll be ohkay, you don’t know how many people will kill to have a height like you, embrace it!
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Doctor X Doctor and Police X Police

such a nice couples😍😍😍
Army Sanju: Hi Guys! Sorry to disturb you but I'm writing my first chat novel "BTS and Foreign Army" I hope you will visit it and give me your support and reviews..💜💜💜
Army Sanju: Hi Guys! Sorry to disturb you but I'm writing my first chat novel "BTS and Foreign Army" I hope you will visit it and give me your support and reviews..💜💜💜
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I think the builder was killed by Jin Ming. He assaulted Jingwei and the builder must have seen it. As said before, the killer who killed builder was a first timer. He attacked from behind to avoid something. May be to not show his face. So, after the death of the builder Jing Ming was at peace. Later, I believe he was killed by his wife may be. Because, she already wanted him to be arrested for the assault, also, after his father fell down the stairs. There can be another possibility, that Jing Ming's wife and Jingwei's brother worked together.
🆆 🄾 🅻 🄵 🅸 🄴: makes sense
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Am I the only one who always make screenshots?And am I the only German Girl here?
queen_doro16: Coool
queen_doro16: Cool😎😎
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