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Fairy Match-Maker's Mortal Lover

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Xianxian, as a Chinese fairy match-maker, well, kinda like her Western counterpart Cupid who's in charge of love affairs of the mortals. But one day somehow she was kicked out from her cozy bed from the heaven and has to live as a ordinary human being. What a humiliation, she thought, but she ate her words the next second when she saw him, a stunning hot guy over there...

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the point of the story is like this.
this is senjing and xianxian in previous life. this explains the reason why senjing always pursues xianxian in the present (after reincarnation). in his previous life, senjing reneged on his promise to always be with xianxian, because for the sake of the throne, senjing was willing to kill xianxian. after xianxian died, senjing was sorry and hoped that in the next life he could make amends. that's why senjing is so obsessed with xianxian in the present.

so too later after this will be explained about two other men in a previous life (red hair and yellow hair), both of whom have tragic love stories before reincarnation. and for lan yunguang, the person who is always being chased by xianxian, yunguang is actually a loved one of xianxian since she was born until now (xianxian in the present). but xianxian can't remember it because when he dies, he erases xiaxian's memory of him so that xianxian's life can be happier without regret. yunguang is the reincarnation of the xianxian savior angel since she was born, which always cared for and loved xianxian until the end of his life
suzytann: of course yuanguang and xianxian!!😭
I will tell you about yuanguang before reincarnation.
in his previous life, yuanguang was a powerful and respected deity. at that time, yuanguang was already an adult. since xianxian was born (more precisely called appear), yuanguang always took care of xianxian with all his heart. he always relents and grants everything for the happiness of xianxian. he loved xianxian more than his life, even he died for the sake of protecting xianxian who was still a child. xianxian became a goddess like this too because of yuanguang. xianxian can live happily until now, it's also because of yuanguang who has erased her memory😭
just look at the continuation of the story when it's updated. I guarantee you'll be very touched by the sincerity of yuanguang sacrifice in order to protect xianxian😭😭😭
Sindhuja Datta: hmm,whom do u ship the most?? can I know plz🙂.

BTW thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.😊
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so are this memories from the previous life of xianxian and sen jing? i guess, sen jing can't keep his promise to xianxian. sen jing violates his promise, and xianxian can't accept it and then xianxian may condemn retaliation for sen jing in the next life.
then their destiny is tied back to their present life, because both of them could be reincarnations from their previous lives. but because they have been reincarnated, they can't remember the events of their previous lives. maybe the reason for him always chasing xianxian is to make amends in his previous life. in the past he ignored xianxian, and in this life it was xianxian's turn to ignore him
suzytann: not two same comic. this is the memory of the two of them in their previous lives before reincarnation
suzytann: sorry but you're wrong. senjing is the prince and the female general is xianxian. they both reincarnated again in the present. after returning to the original body, senjing will recall all memories of the past and apologize to xianxian for killing her in the past. I have read this comic until the end
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a mistake ╮(╯▽╰)╭
ok i think that in their previous life xianxian (whateveer her name is ) was the general and the prince was the surgeon ( whatever his name is ?) . and first the prince ( surgeon ) falled in love with the general ( immortal girl )
but somehow ( due to unvalid and valid reasons maybe ....she was being bullied and the prince (surgeon ) want to save his lifee ) so he stoped loving her then later on when he came to another life ( i think somehow he remembers his previous life ) and he feel guilt so he began to love her and protect her with his life

my suggestions , it took me a long time and my hand and brain is hurting

so it is just my suggestion , don't take it seriously
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