Fairy Match-Maker's Mortal Lover
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Fairy Match-Maker's Mortal Lover

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Fairy Match-Maker's Mortal Lover
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Fairy Match-Maker's Mortal Lover Comics Online. Xianxian, as a Chinese fairy match-maker, well, kinda like her Western counterpart Cupid who's in charge of love affairs of the mortals. But one day somehow she was kicked out from her cozy bed from the heaven and has to live as a ordinary human being. What a humiliation, she thought, but she ate her words the next second when she saw him, a stunning hot guy over there...

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Strong Female Lead
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The hope won’t die
Writing from the future!

The male lead will get back some of his power and they will succeed in capturing her

Later when XianXian tried to chant a spell in her she couldn’t and lost some blood

And then the girl tells them about how her master tried to kill her i think.

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im so confused . who is the young guy? is he the younger version old man? what does she means by his past relationship with her? who does she refer 'her' to? xianxian or the other girl?
kuainul14: yeah, it is
Hyuna La Folia Reinheiven
he was the past relationship of the other girl...I think
total 2 replies
Her expressions are great Manga toon you should put it in the emoji box and remember that piggy nose of hers is my favorite
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