The Maid and the Vampire

The Maid and the Vampire

The Maid and the Vampire
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The Maid and the Vampire Comics Online. Areum has fallen into a strange world called 'Soltera' after a car accident.
She is mistaken for a vampire because of her hair color, and she is sold to a Duke’s house by a slave trader.
The identity of Millard Travis the master of the Duke’s house that bought her is the one and only vampire in the world!
Desperate to survive in any way, Areum becomes Millard's direct servant, vowing to serve him as her master.
Areum tries to belly up on Millard day by day and his attitude starts to change.

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I read the whole story from part 1 to part 40 at once. This story really captivates me. It's nice to see the change in character from the ML who gradually improves and becoming more humane little by little for very amazing reason: he wants to please the woman he loves. It's also fun to follow the change in the heart of a FL who learns to open her heart slowly before finally realizing that she likes the ML.

They are both a pure couple, with a braid of love that warms the heart, makes my lips smile for three hours when I finished 40 episodes at once.

The flow of their love story is very different from the comic storyline in Mangatoon before. Thank God, FL character is always honest and doesn't hide anything from the ML, so its avoids unnecessary misunderstanding, the ML's love is also so deep, avoiding a cliché plot such as the arrival of evil and cunning women who use drama fake to make the main ML hate the FL.

please continue the story like this, the story that reconciles the heart, as if they were created as a couple who complement each other.

but it seems like my hopes won't come true considering he is planning to turn his female lead into a vampire without her permission. I just hope that it doesn't endanger her and it dont destroy the strong trust between the two.

This is a story worth reading, whoever you are in this chapter and read my comment, I just want to say, you guys have done the right thing!
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Anira: I like it as the story goes by. The story doesnt make sense at the beginning. I guess the author's imagination went wild and s/he worked very hard to drag Aruem, the main actress on the story, from modern world to a world called Sol. But I really love how the story goes in the end. It's pure love where they could manage to build understanding and respect between two main actors and calmly accepts so many differences and challenges. I love it. Thank you, Author.
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meow the 3 cat
Dear Author, I am writing again because I wanted to tell you that this series makes my day and I really think that this would actually make a great anime. If an anime is ever made I would watch it every day. This is such a cute series and it's very wholesome and different. The other manga on this app are always about a harsh man having interests in a girl and forcing a relationship on her. But this is a casual evolution of both there love and how it developed together. He is so kind to her and doesn't force anything on her unlike the other males in certain manga. And she is so innocent and it's so funny to see her love get stronger towards him and how she develops jealousy. My only request and I know you need time for beautiful pieces of art but, I think me as well as all the readers would enjoy if the publishing date was faster. Another thing that'd be nice is if you posted a wallpaper on here for us to get. Thank you again for all of this. It really is great.
Abigela M: the best manga everrrr
Abigela M: Author name?????
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Mea Gheera
I'm very much enjoying this story and would recommend it to everyone. For me, although there are many stories on MT that I have loved reading or still love reading, this one by far outweighs the rest. The story itself is very original, even for a vampire story; this is definitely new and refreshing. The heroine from the beginning wasn't like others on MT. And although at first, I thought the hero was just the same cookie-cutter version of many other male leads on MT, it became apparent very quickly that he wasn't that way.

This is the first heroine I have read where she didn't roll over and play dead or, worse, play victim to his behavior repeatedly. I was happy that she reprimanded about their first meeting and that she later forgave him. I also liked that he felt guilty about what he did when she said: "do you remember our first meeting?" In many stories on here, the hero never feels wrong about anything up until his love is gone and entirely out of his reach because he drove them away or the love close to the grave. Also, the pacing of this story is perfect. Both of the characters experience character growth and maturity. They are frank with each other, which doesn't happen a lot on MT till it's almost too late.

I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to read this story!
I love ron fan: i also love it...and what u say about it its truely right...its lovable. ..happy to know ...same thoughts here...
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