Biting the Tiger
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Biting the Tiger

Biting the Tiger
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Biting the Tiger Comics Online. Yunho is a vocalist of a rock band with a painful past of losing all of his family in a car accident when he was just a little boy.
One day, Yunho came to hear that his beloved Kyung-hoon, who has always consoled him in his dark days, had fallen in love with another man.
Yunho runs out from shock and bumps into a mythical tiger, Hanwool.
At that very moment, Hanwool smells a sweet scent though he has no interest in any human and intrigued by Yunho.
This is a sweet love story between Yunho and Hanwool, overcoming each other's wounds.

MangaToon got authorization from Ecomix to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
Boys’ Love
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hey creator... pls change the updates....
I really cannot wait for 7days....
we will do anything u want .. pls we need at least 3 ups per week...
ok it's hard bt...
wt can we do.. ur story is so so interested and with full of emotions...
we readers cannot wait to know wt will happen next....
creepyforest5678: buy with real money
V Somsomia: please tell me how to get coins
total 59 replies
I've fallen 3 times while reading
I blushed
I ran (still running)
I'm screaming
I'm having a heart attack
I'm crying and laughing at the same time
Thank you author you're really amazing!!!
can't wait for the next episode but I understand it's hard to draw and these stuff so take your time💕
Hinata-kun UwU: so cute loved this chapter
MQ & ML (LAN CHI) 😉: today i feel how A heart can be garden garden.
total 9 replies
I really like how true the graphics, the face, the draws - - the everything. I mean I dnt know arts that much but I really love it esp when I'm there watching how its done so magically! 🤗☺️ If on if, I'll be given a chance to have and earn it. I'll be more than happier and do my very best and hates the haters till' they die hahahahaha

7 days kinda ouch but just take ur time
Its hard to draw while 💭 what should be draw to meet the standards and likes of readers. But just take it slow pal hahah and I'm taking this in more calmer eventhough it kills me to see '7 days later' 😢
Nami Saed: 😿😿😭😭 me too I just can’t wait that long
total 1 replies
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