Biting the Tiger
Biting the Tiger
Biting the Tiger
Romance / Boys’ Love / Fantasy / Completed / K-Art / LGBT+
Author Name: Ecomix

Yunho is a vocalist of a rock band with a painful past of losing all of his family in a car accident when he was just a little boy. One day, Yunho came to hear that his beloved Kyung-hoon, who has always consoled him in his dark days, had fallen in love with another man. Yunho runs out from shock and bumps into a mythical tiger, Hanwool. At that very moment, Hanwool smells a sweet scent though he has no interest in any human and intrigued by Yunho. This is a sweet love story between Yunho and Hanwool, overcoming each other's wounds. MangaToon got authorization from Ecomix to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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 Updated to Chapter 0 
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I can't stop reading this manga
iu 💓jk: like I comment if I reply the way that you don't like lam sory but I being honest even the bl fell for me to be honest. and the ex of the boy even beat me. I am girl. the boy ex was jelous like

I say iam sorry if I repy so much. thank you for asking me and sory
Jhoridea Bravo: same!
total 171 replies
E -Realm
I held my breathe in threw most of the chapter now I’m light headed! If I had taken a breathe I feel like I was going to scream!!!💟💟💟💗💗💗💞💞💞💓💝💝
Mb: people been getting love bites
MADISON SCARBOROUGH: Yes I’m about to die
total 22 replies
I've fallen 3 times while reading
I blushed
I ran (still running)
I'm screaming
I'm having a heart attack
I'm crying and laughing at the same time
Thank you author you're really amazing!!!
can't wait for the next episode but I understand it's hard to draw and these stuff so take your time💕
Bokuto's Waifuu~~: me too but o have to restrain it my Mom is in front of me hahahaha
Pedro Dela Rama Jr.: Its so beautiful but they need a coin??? Idkkkk!!! A reall moneyy??!!! I dont have money??!!
total 39 replies
I'm a girl and all I can say is that I totally lost interest with a relationship between man and women . I'm now interested with man and man relationship.
darksideofyouuu: Same and I am lesbian haha
suman singh: same girl
total 214 replies
hey creator... pls change the updates....
I really cannot wait for 7days....
we will do anything u want .. pls we need at least 3 ups per week...
ok it's hard bt...
wt can we do.. ur story is so so interested and with full of emotions...
we readers cannot wait to know wt will happen next....
◕✧LÊØ✧◕😗: if we wanna read
then we have to wait for 10 Fridays
cuz after that we can read the chapter's which is unlocked
Lainey B: yeah the story is completed already and we can't even read it now because it's coin only now. So they may as well remove it from this app because almost nobody buys coins on this particular app.
total 70 replies
when I watch/read/play BL
My face when my family looks at me: 😐
when I am alone:🤤🤩☺😳🤯
Desamours V. Elissen: This is exactly what happened to me now.
YourFujoshiSister🏳️‍🌈: like screaming deep in heart💓💓💗💖💝🤎💝💚🤎💚
total 61 replies
Giordan Blanton
omg gay people are the best bro
purple~😎🍵: totally ✨✨
peyton long: yassss they are
total 42 replies
_Lil Alexis
I love that there is not even a single female character here
Kayden Jayla: and there is no Spoiled Brat 😎but fantasies
total 19 replies
A Tiger who loves a butterfly, is friend with a tree, and has a Fox for a best friend. My kind of people ☺️
Raven{MTDC}💜: probably, there would be more to come as well
ARSHIA SHARMA: Ugh.....hate to admit but that's soo true😂🤦🏻‍♀️
total 3 replies
for first time in my life i m crying for a butterfly who loved ml so much😭😭😭😭😭
pearl sunshine: I am crying in the middle of night
Mamamo Panot: why i am crying so baaaaaad!
total 18 replies
Ayeih 5
when I saw him in white shirt I started screaming lol
Gillie Andria Enclona: Me too
Paredes, Norelie P.: Same hereee.!!!
total 29 replies
Krystal Stark
Dear Author,
Your Art is no joke. Fighting!!!
kamoteng_kahoy: I agree with you, human
_darkbeauty09_: True af bro
total 2 replies
Why I find boy's love better than the love between two opposite sex?😌🙄🙄🙄 I am girl bdw..not a gay here😁
Hansi kumar: hehe ur not the only one
flurry art: same here I even like it to
total 59 replies
☮️💟♊️Mama E♊️💟☮️
anyone else watch like 40 ads, pull an all nighter on a school night, and didnt pee just to read this if so give it a like 👉👈
꧁༒ℤ𝕚𝕩𝕠꧂: Yessir 😂
bokutosgrayhair: yesss my parents are wondering why I dont wake up in the morning for school...😅😅 but its worth it
total 48 replies
Ronald Astacio
where is my boyfriend....... oh I don't have 😭😭
Luna-sama: where are we gonna find them
Desamours V. Elissen: Come on single gang, We're going to find some boyfriends.
total 35 replies
his parent's last wish was so touching
Kirsten Jamie I. Peren: same😭
pxuff !: hiks hiks truee
total 4 replies
I really like how true the graphics, the face, the draws - - the everything. I mean I dnt know arts that much but I really love it esp when I'm there watching how its done so magically! 🤗☺️ If on if, I'll be given a chance to have and earn it. I'll be more than happier and do my very best and hates the haters till' they die hahahahaha

7 days kinda ouch but just take ur time
Its hard to draw while 💭 what should be draw to meet the standards and likes of readers. But just take it slow pal hahah and I'm taking this in more calmer eventhough it kills me to see '7 days later' 😢
👑yOuRbAbY👑: omg so sad me too i dont know how to draw kainggit lng eh marunong mag drawing kapatid ko *sob*
Nami Saed: 😿😿😭😭 me too I just can’t wait that long
total 2 replies
Berty Ngamlai
more than a girl and boys romance i am into bl😍😍😘😘😘😘 even thought i am a girl
Chitra Mandal: I am also the same😅🤣🤣
Dwayne Marie: Same...I've read alot of bl now I'm questioning my sexuality...YES, I KNOW IT'S WEIRD AND I THINK SO TOO
total 57 replies
"is everything about him big?"
Mahailiah Hodge France: I'm going to church anyone coming with me
aki migumi: hey have mercy remmember the goblin is watching hahaha
total 47 replies
Beautiful nightmare
aw man
he's not a fox he's a bunny!
they're both bunnies
i can't handle this cuteness
Seaformlizzime: I know soooooooooo cutttteeeeeeee wahhhhhhhhg
Shorty😑✌️: Yup im actually crying cuz of all the cuteness i can't handle it and that comes from a girl that has 4 big sisters and two big step bros 😑✌️
total 4 replies
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