Adrianna and The Prince
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Adrianna and The Prince

Adrianna and The Prince
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Lakshita Chauhan
please update author
Gamyam Sri
please update another ep as soon as possible
i just hope her children will be a good kids
itiminan mohamud
do like 5 to 20 chapters at once
thanks for the update. and waiting for more chaps.
Cherry Hlaing
can u update more frequently plssss?
য়ঢঝ‍্যঢ মবর
could you please upload the next episode
its already been very late since we r waiting so please upload the next episode . abd you also make promises of uploading soon so complete your promises .i m eagerly waiting for the Next one
can u please update the book 2. waiting for it pleaseeeeeeee1😭😭😭😭
wait a min. Didn't he proposed helena in past, so why is he mad when he see adrianna with someone else. I thought he loved helena.
u said u'll update it ri8
finally it got updated .. thank you for your efforts .. I would like to read more of your works
رحمه على
Author I wish you all success, After your permission, If that bother you, Just comment then I will delete my comment Immediately.

Hi, Everybody there, I'm Rahma Ali

I have 7 novels on this website, If you want to read it, Just tap on the picture beside this comment, Then all my works will appear to you, I hope you enjoy it.

I wish you all happiness form the core of my heart.


Tejada Castor Elsan
i really love the story its getting more exciting but its been a week before the next update.....ilove it but plzz update more
please update the next one too ..or else I can't stop crying
Aishu7919: okay then .. I'll wait
emrie: i already gave the update on mangatoon.. idk when will they upload it here.. its still under review.. huhuhu
total 5 replies
girl you will understand it someday
Daixuye Lover
Thank you so much autor for finally updating it i've been waiting for this novel to update😊😊💕💗
Daixuye Lover: Welcome😊😊
emrie: thank you for waiting as well
total 2 replies
what's happening.... is hurting me😭
ok I knew that Lucca will be the Prince ....but what about he gonna give up! Did Adrianna say yes!?
but Adam loves her truly...I ship them and I thought that they will be together...
but wait author u didn't specified ...for which prince is she willing to take the title of I can be Lucca too...😨😱

and please update the way I am really loving the story
emrie: thsnk you. your comment made my day.
total 1 replies
Lucca is being childish......
transferring to another university...even taking the same subjects as her's....!!!!
boy you are actually destroying your future so just stop it because we all know that Adam is the Prince Charming here
Livi Pangalila
Yes of course., I already finish reading Helena and Spade.. That's a good romance story.. I love it.
i really want to update really... but my laptop just undergo a surgery last month. and still not at home. hahahha. im so sorry the files was in there.
emrie: they don't really have a fix sched.. sometimes just 1 day but i did experience 3 days under reviewed chapters.
emrie: sure..
total 2 replies
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